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Alcohol- Its abuse is harmful.

Hello everyone and welcome,
I usually write mainly on health issues and today I have
picked up alcohol abuse and its effects.
If you are a heavy drinker or consume alcohol regularly or frequently, you should know about the harmful effects of alcohol or how alcohol gets absorbed into your blood and gets distributed all over your body. Alcohol
consumption may cause several physical and emotional
changes, which can cause great harm to the body. There
are many long term effects of alcohol abuse, which may
put your health at great risk.

Here are some ways in which alcohol affects the dfferent
parts of your body.

1. Excretory system:Excessive consumption of alcohol
     may cause the pancreas to produce toxic substances
    that interfare with its functioning. As a result,
    Pancreatitis or inflammation of the pancreas is likely.
    This is a serious problem, capable of destroying the
    pancreas. Alcohol affects the liver severely. Excessive
    intake of alcohol may cause alcoholic hepatitis and
    lead to jaundice development. Chronic liver inflamm-
    ation may cause severe scarring or cirrhosis. The
    formation  of  scar tissues may destroy your liver.
    When the liver and pancreas do not work properly,
    there is a risk of hypoglycemia. The damaged pancreas
    may cause unbalanced blood sugar levels, which is
    also a serious concern.
2. Central nervous system:Change in behaviour is one of
    primary signs of alcohol being inthe system. Alohol
    travels through the body and quickly reaches your
    brain and other parts of the nervous system or CNS.
    This may lead slurred speech and it becomes harder
     for you to talk. Your overall body co-ordination is
     affected alongwith your balance and ability to walk
     properly. Overdrinking negatively affects tour ability
    to think clearly,impulse control and ability to form
    opinion. Long term drinking shrinks the frontal lobes
    of the brain. Damage to the nervous system because
    of alcohol may cause pain, abnormal sensations in
    your limbs and numbness.
3. Digestive system: Alcohol also affects your digestive
    system in several ways. Alcohol can affact the entire
    digestive system, starting from the mouth to the
    colon and a single incidence of excessive drinking can
    wreck parts of the digestive tract.
4. Organ damage: Alcohol abuse damages your salivary
    glands, which cause irritation in the tounge and
    mouth. This may result in gum disease and tooth
    decay. Ulcers in the oesophagus or food pipe, acid
    reflux and heartburn are other impacts. Excessive
    drinking , may also lead to stomach ulcers and
    inflammation of stomach lining.
    Inflammation of pancreas disrupts its ability to help
    the process of digestion and regulate effective

I have to end here for today with the hope of coming
back before you with another post and till such time
bye from me.
Thanks and regards for you all,
Kalyan ghosh.

Ref:Dr. Satish kumar.

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Alcohol- Its abuse is harmful.


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