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The Force Of Pull And Push - Traveling In The Speed Of Light By Newage Abundance

The Force Of Pull And Push; Traveling In The Speed Of Light

So all we've been doing so far as human is use a push force in all our kind of accelerations, we use it in our cars, in our planes, in our jets, in our ships and in our space rockets. Now while that is a good thing, its only one sided, meaning we're missing out on the other kind of force known as the pull force. Also called the magnetic force, what we need to learn is how to lock into this force that beats acceleration, beats gravity, this is a force that defies all the limitations we've been facing a humans, this is a force that revolutionize our transport system, space travel, multidimensional colonization. Now imagine a flat plate sitting on a table, let's also assume that you're a magician, and you were to use your magical powers to lift the plate from the table to the air, now you will notice in your demonstration your hand or fingers have to move up for the plate to move up, that's a clear magnetic pull, the plate is responding to the invincible magnetic pull from your hands, this is just a example assuming you're a magician or physic of some kind. But it shows beyond all reasonable doubt, that the force of pull is greater than the force of push. Look at the difference between fission and fusion, fission operates with the law of push, while fusion operates with the law of pull. Every planet has a magnetic field and even the atmosphere here on earth has magnetic fields, now if we can create a space vehicle that can lock into the pulling force of the magnetic field in our atmosphere and in space, all we will need is enough power to generate the locking of the magnetic field and the spaceship will instantly be pulled into space in the speed of light by the magnetic field in our atmosphere or those outside it. Now while in space, lets say we wanted to travel to mars, all we have to do is generate a lock into the magnetic field in mars, and boom! the magnetic field in mars pulls the spaceship in the speed of light to mars, all we need to do now is create that magnetic field locking device and also power devices capable of generating the energy need by the locking device to create a lock and it needs to be a very smart locking device, capable of locking all directions, up, down, front, back, right, left and all that there is e.t.c ... And we also need to create materials capable of withstanding the speed of light without going inflames as both the interiors and exteriors of these space ships... Now we have the technology to do almost everything we ever dreamt of, Now its time we travel in the speed of light...

I'm not driven by gains, i just want this world to be a better place and attain the highest of all height in civilization and i also want my name to be remembered and i want history to tell my story. This is all my heart desires... My name is Newage Abundance...!


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The Force Of Pull And Push - Traveling In The Speed Of Light By Newage Abundance


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