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With the world’s population constantly on the rise are we playing a game of bingo with the planet?

If the mice and rat Population experiment performed back in 1972 by animal behaviorist John Calhoun is a true reflection on population growth then its only a matter of time before we see the complete polarisation of our current utopia. The current population of the world is 7.6 billion people with around a 1.12% growth each year which is around 83 million people.

As the experiment goes John Calhoun set up a large circle living area which was divided evenly into 8 separate sections, with all being exactly the same as each other. In these sections the animals were provided with enough food and water as they never had to worry about finding food or water they always had it available in abundance. Each section started with 8 subjects 4 males and 4 females.  By day 560 with the population of 2,200 which was its peak before it steadily declined back down to unrecoverable extinction. So is there such thing as over population?

If there is what is the number? Should more countries follow in China’s footsteps and have some sort of child tax limiting the number of children people can afford to have? But with China’s 1 baby policy also comes with the grimness of people abandoning their babies leaving them in places like parks which most end up dying over night or what is referred to as “baby hatch’’ which is a like building that you can open a hatch and leave you baby in it to be cared for, these places do not have cameras set up so it can be completely anonymous. So are the child policies actually more counter intuitive than it seems if with the polices we also have to implement such places to just drop our babies off in the middle of the night because we can’t afford to have them? That is surely setting up a future generation to be riddled with psychological side effects from growing up in such a way, then to find out you where just dropped off in some hatch. The negative connotations of knowing that you where one of these babies would be devastating to ones self-worth and/or so many other aspects of ones life.

Should overpopulation be a conversation that we need to start taking more seriously and coming up with some way to meditate the unforeseen consequences that come with it? We already have things like Factory Farming that seems to be hugely inhuman way of treating living animals yet it seems to be an answer for overpopulation and demand on food. Although it’s not the right answer it must be the best one they have at this current time to the problem. I think overpopulation should most definitely be something that we are not only starting to talk about but a problem to be taking very seriously. Because the thought of factory farming becoming a necessary thing for supply is not only scary but dangerous for the future and the way we see and treat animals.

There are many questions that we need to find the answers too before it’s too late and our paradise spirals out of control turning into a world-wide dystopia.

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