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Yacht Charters in Dubai: An experience worth living!

Yachting is one of the peaceful yet adventurous recreational activities one can embark on to separate themselves from the hustle and bustle of their chaotic lives in the urban jungle. Nothing compares than to be in the middle of the ocean whilst exotic marine life swims beneath you and the blue ocean surface and sky present to you views we seldom get to witness. From the turquoise waters of Thailand and the party cruises of Ibiza to seaside party towns such as Goa and water sports havens like Cape Town. However, one yachting location stands on a level of its own because it combines all these attributes, making it truly the best location for taking a Yacht tour. Dubai, the crowning jewel of the Middle East, is not only the best place to travel to in UAE but it is also the best place to book a cruise. From water sports and DJ parties to peaceful trips and formal events, Dhow cruise Dubai yachts scene is too lit! Here is what makes Dubai a truly unique and splendid place for yacht charters:

Dhow Cruise Dubai

Whilst there are several diverse and attractive places in Dubai there is nothing quite like being on a yacht here. But how do you improve upon the already incredible yacht scene in Dubai? The ultimate fusion of western innovation with old Eastern culture can be seen in old town areas of the city and also now in their yachts. The Dhow is a traditional Arabic boat which was used by merchants hundreds of years ago to roam the seas, looking for trade opportunities. Today, the Dhow cruise offers you the rich heritage of the Arabian Peninsula packaged in the form of a modern and sleek yacht. This fusion of local culture and western technological innovation is truly something to marvel! From all of Dubai points of interest, many tourists believe that the Dhow cruise is the true depiction of Dubai’s spirit and provides an excellent opportunity for you to witness the city in all of its glory.

Dubai Dhow cruise deals and why you should choose their yacht experience

Dubai is all about lavishness and money. From rich hustlers to corporate businessmen and successful artists, there is no shortage of extraordinary people in this great city and sometimes these people like to party or have a peaceful time. This is why Dubai’s yachts are just as great as this city.

1)      The personification of luxury

From stylish interiors and wooden flooring to leather seating and neon and strobe lighting, absolutely no expense is spared when it comes to pimping out these yachts and ensuring that the yacht tour is one of ultimate luxury. The yachts are designed with immaculate workmanship by some of the very best in the business! Experts and professionals from the hospitality industry serve you and ensure that the best services are delivered with intimately thought out execution. You can look at the picturesque views of the gorgeous Arabian Sea around whilst indulging in world-class cuisine prepared by the leading chefs in the Emirates. Privacy, comfort, and convenience make visitors who experience yacht cruises in Dubai keep begging for more and coming back on an annual basis just to have it all over again!

2)      Life at sea

Yacht charters recognize the fact that you are there to have a good time in the water. The ocean is a giver of life, a vast habitat which is home to millions of fishes, and humankind has been fascinated by the sea since the dawn of time. Whether it be deep dives to discover what lies beneath the deep blue or surfers owning the waves against all odds, we love to make the sea our playground. Many water activities come along with yacht charters and when it comes to Dubai, there is no shortage of unique things you can do. From fishing and water sports to snorkeling and jet skiing, adventure enthusiasts are well catered to in the UAE. Dubai is the world capital of sailfish where you can hunt for some of the most exotic, largest and fastest warm water fishes in the planet. The exciting and thrilling yacht charter of Dubai awaits you!

3)      The Perfect getaway

If you want to let go of the stresses of daily life, strict schedules, complicated assignments with tough deadlines and taunts from your boss, there is no escape as divine as a yacht tour in Dubai. Be one with nature in the middle of the silent sea as the only sounds are those of waves crashing on the shore and the whistling winds which brushes across your hair. Meditate and lose yourself or party hard with live DJ sets and neon lights, you have full control of the entertainment you prefer. Whilst some may seek quite time on a boat others like to forget about the pressures of life with a drink in their hand and rocking it hard on the dance floor to some funky beats! Whatever your preference may be, floating in Dubai’s waters and witnessing the serene views offer the perfect getaway for everyone!

4)      Gorgeous sights

When it comes to some breathtaking views that truly deserved to be captured within a camera frame, Dubai overwhelms everyone else.  Whilst seeing Dubai from its wide roads and helicopter rides is an amazing experience on its own, these sights just look that much prettier and grand from a yacht in the middle of the sea, giving you memorable panoramic views. Downtown Dubai stuns and poses like a model with its amazing skyscrapers such as the famous Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world and the Burj Ul Arab. As amazing as these locations are at day time, yacht charters at night make the city glow up even more. Most yacht packages recommend those who like to party, witness exclusive fireworks and stay up late to book night packages and those who want a peaceful getaway or a family function to book day packages where they can relax along some of the best natural views of Dubai’s waters and coastline.

How you can celebrate at best dhow cruise Dubai

One of a kind fishing trips and formal functions. Rave dances and corporate dinner. There are many ways to celebrate on yachts in Dubai.

1)      Birthday Parties

Dubai is the party capital of the Middle East and being a coastal city means that most of these parties are either on shore or at cruises. It gets crazy down in Dubai when you celebrate your birthday in style and luxury along with the best serviced being offered in the hospitality industry today.

2)      Company events

From brand launches and meetings to dinners and promotion celebrations, Dubai caters to its corporate sector in the shape of memorable yacht events. Dining on five-star delicious cuisine whilst you celebrate company milestones and achievements is one of the best feelings one can have in their professional careers. Set the stage for retirement speeches or set a permanent impression on potential investors and business partners through a luxurious yacht getaway and remarkable services.

3)      Family gatherings

There is nothing quite as special as reuniting with your loved ones, seeing them after years. To commemorate this special occasion a yacht charter is perfect! Not only reunions but casual dinners, farewell functions, or simply trying to catch up with your relatives, on a yacht cruise all of these thing are not just possible but convenient and you get to do all of it in a lavish style!

Dhow cruise dubai 55 aed and other yacht types

The yacht scene and cruise industry in Dubai are enormous, diverse and thrive thanks to the city’s well maintained tourism market and constant growth in the tertiary sector. This is why there are a variety of yachts available for you to choose from according to your preferences and budget. Here are some of the most famous ones:

1)      Dhow cruise for only 55 AED

2)      Azimut 58 Evolution

3)      Al Boom yacht 85

4)      Hi Boat 40

5)      Silver Craft 36

6)      Gulf Craft Touring 36

7)      Ocean Waves

The yacht business of Dubai opens up all kinds of options which let you experience the spirit of Dubai unlike you have ever experienced it before. It does not matter what you want to celebrate or how you want to celebrate it, there is something for everyone in this city. One thing is constant though, luxurious yachts, professional services and a damn good time. See you on the other side, floating atop the deep blue scenic water of the Arabian Sea, feasting on tasty food and witnessing the glorious views of Dubai. Bon Voyage and I will leave you with one question. When are you booking your yacht charter in Dubai?

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Yacht Charters in Dubai: An experience worth living!


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