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How to prevent Malaria

🐜🐜 Mosquito is an Enemy to man in the real sense, the sound it makes while hanging around you even annoys you and probably you have slapped your ear a lot of time aiming to kill the tiny Creature but still to no avail they just seem like FLASH very fast, and hard to catch. Even after the struggle you wake up the next morning and see a bump in your hand..... Ah a mosquito bit you 😓🙁😒 You want to take revenge right? Seriously speaking I hate mosquitoes they infect us with a dangerous Illness known as MALARIA

This post will help us see ways we can avoid Malaria and also how to redress issues that may lead to it

1. Identity The cause of Malaria
You read that right the cause, it seem simple but it can help big time. What causes Malaria is the
Injected fluid into Man's blood during the feeding process on a Female Anopheles Mosquito. That's what causes Malaria.

2.Clear out Stagnant Water and Gutters
To reduce malaria we need to reduce Mosquito right? And how do we reduce the population of these tiny creatures? You'll prevent them from Breeding. Mosquito breed on water stagnant one as a matter of fact so clearing out these stagnant water could help right? Yeah it would  help as this reduces their population as well as MALARIA

3. Participate in Sanitation
Keeping your environment clean drives Mosquito away from your area mosquito aren't comfortable in neat places so keeping your environment clean through sanitation could help too.

4.Dispose Sewage and Garbage properly
Another suitable site for the breeding of mosquito is the sewage and Garbage dump site they like these places and since they are closer to you they would have an edge over your effort there so take these waste far away from you. If disposed publicly the disposal site should be isolated from the environment where people leave.

5. Recycle waste even Sewage
Sewage can be treated, recycled and used again so why not do that rather than indirectly providing site for mosquito breeding. Bet me these mosquito will run away from you after doing this 😂😂

6.Spray insecticide
Noticed mosquito is in your house? don't worry spray insecticide to kill mosquito you can purchase one from close by outlets around you or even a super market. These mosquito shall die after this.

7. Use Mosquito Nets
Use nets around your bed of roses😃 its just like a fence around you protecting you from the mosquito patrol during the night, you'll sleep safe without worry of malaria

8. Identity their breeding period
Mosquito breed more during the raining season In Africa so when you notice its getting near apply suggestion 2,4 and 5. Apply them at all time but increase your resistance at this time of the year.

Mosquito is never friend to man and will never be we care about your health and that's why we are posting this we know you care about others too so why not you share this blog post to Family and friend to prevent Malaria

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How to prevent Malaria


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