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Sanju- The rebranding of Sanjay Dutt

The truth behind the movie Sanju.

Hey, guys recently Raj Kumar Hirani’s Movie Sanju has been released and it has created a lot of buzzes. This biopic movie is based on none another than the man who loves controversies and media – Sanjay Dutt. While you might have enjoyed this entertaining movie there is still a lot which we as an audience aren’t aware of. Is the movie Sanju -Rebranding of Sanjay Dutt. Is the movie a big fat lie?

There are a lot of views which are channeling on social. Everyone has their own views about Sanjay Dutt. But it seems like the movie is nothing but Sanju -Rebranding of Sanjay Dutt.

One thing is for sure you can hate him and love him but the one thing that you can’t do is ignore him.

The truth behind may obviously remain hidden or it may come out one day but here are some of my views about this actor.

  • Playboy

While there are Bollywood actors and actresses who constantly whine about the struggle of women in today’s society. Hundreds of debates and speeches are given on how we should respect women and stuff. But in the movie when the Sanjay reveals that he has slept with around 308 women. The face of actress Anushka Sharma lit up as if Sanjay had just solved special relativity theory or discovered the black hole. This is the same actress who went on to bash some random stranger for littering the road and creating the scene on the social media. Don’t get me wrong, your intentions might be correct but if you can create so bigger scene for just littering the road, what about the man who has literally littered the society. What type of hypocrisy is this?.

Sanju- The rebranding of Sanjay Dutt

  • Ammunition and hunting

In the movie, it has been shown that the Sanjay was accused of possessing Ak47 guns for the protection of his family. In reality, Sanjay himself admitted the fact on media that he possessed Ak47 for hunting of animals. Now we all are emotional fools. When the point comes of protecting the family we blindly trust them. Sorry, I can’t provide with the link. Although I am quite sure you can get the actual video of Sanjay admitting the possession of AK47 for his love of hunting on Youtube.

  • Relations with Underworld.

The road to power is filled with hypocrisy and casualties”

This quote by Frank Underworld in House of Cards seems to be really happening in Bollywood. The Bollywood industry has for so long went on to portray underworld terrorist and criminals as heroes. Even in the movie, Sanjay was portrayed has a victim of the situation rather than someone with bad choices.

The movie beautifully portrays Sanjay has a victim of the situation. Again Mumbai police released call recording of Sanjay Dutt having a hearty conversation with some high level terrorist rather than some local mob boss.

Sanju- The rebranding of Sanjay Dutt

  • Drugs                                                                                                                                                                                                           Oops, the love-story between rich, successful people and drugs is no new to us. While it is a shameful act but fame always comes at a price.

Yes, I agree people sometimes force you to do drugs but continuing it is your choice. You should stand up for your choices. Everyone has their reasons for the things they do but accepting it and moving on is important.

  • Media

I am going to devote a special post to this topic. Let us see what movie Sanju has to say about media. Yes, I agree our media is one of the highly corrupted media in the world and somewhat useless. But you can’t go on blaming media for every crime you have done. Just remember this the same media through which movie Sanju- Rebranding of Sanjay Dutt is been advertised.

Sanju- The rebranding of Sanjay Dutt

I think the movie Sanju was a perfect masterpiece of rebranding a lost, druggist, playboy, terrorist, celebrity. Honestly, speaking I myself have enjoyed the movie but after doing a few research, I can surely say it was Hirani’s art and Ranbir Kapoor’s incredible acting that is been used to rebrand Sanjay Dutt. While Bollywood industry has become nothing but a house of hypocrisy, greed and selfish we should be aware of what actually we are trusting.

Please let me know what you think about Sanjay Dutt and movie Sanju.

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Sanju- The rebranding of Sanjay Dutt


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