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ScrapeBox : E-Commerce website tool to increase organic traffic and awareness

The very first stage of any sales funnel is awareness about your website or brand in the online world.  Without any doubt, search engine optimization has turned out to be widely appreciated for doing the same, thanks to its effectiveness and various E-Commerce website tool. Over the past few years, the landscape of digital marketing has transformed tremendously.

However, the outcome possibilities that one can procure through SEO still remain the same. While there are people, who have heard about this technique and are even convinced that it works adequately for bringing a large number of people in their sales funnel, but not many people can comprehend the power that search engine optimization beholds for increasing sales on an e-commerce website.

If that is where you stand as well, it might become a tad bit tedious for you to execute appropriate SEO tactics. But, don’t worry. This post will make you familiar with the advantages of SEO and a powerful tool – Scrapebox – that is being considered one of the best tools for this task.

Why Should You Execute SEO on an E-Commerce website?

Surely, there are thousands of reasons to conduct SEO on your website. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • It redirects quality traffic to your website
  • SEO traffic is highly convertible
  • It is meant to increase leads and sales
  • It can decrease the cost per acquisition
  • SEO helps build credibility and trust among users
  • It increases brand equity and awareness
  • Results acquired from SEO can be measured
  • It can help improve the market return on investment
  • It can enhance the click-through-rate of your website
  • SEO can rank your website higher on search engines

And, that is really not the end. The list of benefits is quite long. So, now that you have got the brief, let’s understand more about the easiest way of conducting SEO, which is by using a tool called ScrapeBox. Here is the detailed review of this tool for your reference.

What is ScrapeBox?

Scrapebox--300x56ScrapeBox is one of the most appreciated tools for black hat SEO. However, even the white hat SEO experts are finding it useful, thanks to its advanced features that save a lot of time when it comes to link analysis, on-page SEO, and link building.

Beneficial Features of ScrapeBox:

  • Proxy Harvester:


If you wish to discover and test proxies, ScrapeBox is the tool that comes with an inbuilt proxy harvester for you. This tool uses multiple proxies to perform different tasks, including the creation of backlinks, harvesting URLs from search engines, scraping email addresses, and much more.

Considering how testing proxies manually can take a lot of time, this feature of ScrapeBox can simplify the entire procedure for you. It already comes with 22 inbuilt proxy sources; however, if you wish to add more of them, you can do so by adding the website’s URL.

And then, whenever you will run the Proxy Harvester, this feature will extract proxies from all the web pages by visiting each website individually. In this way, just with a single click, you can take out thousands of proxies from innumerable websites.
Below mentioned are the steps you can use to find & test Google proxies:

  • Copy & paste proxies into the Proxy Tab of ScrapeBox
  • Click Manage & begin the test
  • The number of Google passed proxies will be displayed at the end

Once the test is finished, you can filter proxies

  • Click on Filter at the right end corner
  • Select Keep Google Proxies

Now, you will get only Google proxies on the list. You can save them and begin scraping.

  • Expired Domain Finder:


This is probably one of the primary reasons why most of the marketers use ScrapeBox. To put it in simple words, expired domains are those that have been expired, or the owners didn’t find it useful to renew them again. Talking about why you should take such domains, there are several advantages of it from the SEO perception.

  • They may have a long existence
  • Authority sites might have been linked to them
  • They might also have acquired authority in search engines

To find expired domains in ScrapeBox, first list out the authority websites from where you want the domain to have backlinks. And then, scrape out the older posts of these authority websites through this tool.

The older posts will make you familiar with the outbound links. Once done, you can then find out about the domain availability through ScrapeBox and purchase them whenever necessary.

  • Manual Blog Poster:


Those who know about this tool would also be familiar with the fact that ScrapeBox is competent enough to execute mass blog commenting. However, what a lot of them don’t know is that it can also build high quality and relevant backlinks.

After harvesting URLs, which is its another feature, this tool filters them out on the basis of several quality measurements, such as Domain Authority, MozRank, Page Authority, and many other aspects.

In fact, the list is pretty long, which includes factors like:

  • Alexa Rank
  • Page Authority
  • Facebook Likes
  • Twitter Mentions
  • Google +1 Count
  • Malware Filter
  • LinkedIn Shares
  • Page Alive or Dead
  • By IP server’s country
  • Google Last Cache Date

And, there is still more to go. So, depending on these and a whole lot more factors, this feature of ScrapeBox posts comments only on reliable and credible blogs on your behalf.

  • Name & Email Generator:


Creating a new email account is a hassle that very fewer people conquer seamlessly. With population increasing, all the cool and even the simple names have been taken. You must have borne the brunt of it as well, right?

Say no more. This feature of ScrapeBox lets you generate a unique name combination along with email addresses. It offers a comprehensive list of female and male first and last names. Since this feature is built on the basis of USA Census data, you can, very easily, obtain half a billion combinations of first and last names.

And moreover, if you wish to create fake email IDs, this feature can do that for you as well. However, just keep in mind that this feature gives you ideas and don’t create actual email IDs. If that could happen, it would have been another relief, isn’t it?

  • Search Engine Scraper:


With the release of ScrapeBox v2.0, this feature has been transformed into more powerful and fastest one. This Search Engine Scraper, surprisingly, is the fastest one that has the potential of scraping more than a million URLs in a minute.

This feature is a custom search engine scraper, and you can tweak it according to your requirements when it comes to harvesting URLs from any kind of website that supports a search feature. This scraper comes ready with 30 search engines, such as:

  • Lycos
  • Rambler
  • Mojeek
  • Excite
  • IXQuick
  • Blingo
  • Charter
  • Comcast
  • AltaVista
  • Blekko
  • HotBot
  • DogPile
  • Verizon

And, much more. Apart from simple URLs, you can harvest highest traffic domains from Alexa and video URLs from YouTube.

Why Should You Buy ScrapeBox?

Undoubtedly, there are several reasons to invest your time, money, and trust in this tool. Some of them are:

  • Fast multi-threaded option
  • Tried and tested software for better output
  • Comes with several customizing options to match your standards
  • There is a 24/7 prompt and reliable support from customer care personnel
  • Comprises hundreds of features to improve your brand’s value
  • More than 30 free add-ons available to expand the presence of your business online

How Can You Buy ScrapeBox?

When you wish to purchase this amazing SEO tool, you will not have to pay every month or every year. This one supports one-time payment. So, once you have paid, you can use this tool for a lifetime without paying any other buck from your pocket.
There are also different ways of making the payment.

You can do so from PayPal, eCheck (which should be cleared before the license is activated), credit cards like Visa & Mastercard. You can even use BitCoins to make the payment. Once you have made the payment, you will then receive an email with a link to download this software and specific instructions to activate it.

Basically, ScrapeBox comes with a single PC license. Hence, you cannot run it on multiple computers at a time. Also, this tool provides one transfer each month, in case you change your PC or reformat your system, you will not face any hassles.

Final Thoughts: ScrapeBox E-Commerce website tool

Although every amazing thing comes with a certain number of cons, in this case, the downside can be overlooked by absolutely beneficial features that ScrapeBox offers. This tool will surely offer you an upper hand over your competitors.

It will not just help you grow your business but will also enable to offer standardized work to your customers. The best thing is that it can decrease your workload tremendously. Just with a click or two, you can execute almost every task.
So, without further time waste, go and grab your share of license today and make the best out of your business with ScrapeBox.

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ScrapeBox : E-Commerce website tool to increase organic traffic and awareness


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