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Ways To Build Audience For Your Blog in 2018

If you are reading this post I assume that you either have just started blogging or you are finding out ways to build Audience for your blog that you created some time ago.

There are some creepy questions that are always lurking in the minds of aspiring bloggers.

“I have been blogging for some time but there is no traffic on my blog.”

“How long will it take to start getting traffic on my blog?”

Such questions ring a bell, don’t they? Yeah! I know how you can relate such questions to yourself. You must have often been told that writing great and engaging content is the key to success. However, is great content everything to become a successful blogger? Read through this post to find out how you can complement your writing efforts to get a substantial amount of traffic on your blog.

Before you continue reading, take off a bloggers shoes and wear a marketer’s shoes. Yes, you heard it right, you must start thinking like a marketer. Having said that, just to make you comfortable I must tell you that marketing does not always mean spending money. So, let’s get started.

10 Ways To Build Audience For Your Blog

Here are the 10 most useful ways that will help you get traffic flocking to your blog. You must, however, use these tactics religiously. Stopping and taking rest is not allowed if you want to pave your way to success.

Create Quality Content Regularly

Huh! Sounds like something from Pandora’s box. I know there is nothing new in this but the importance of great blog content cannot be ignored. After all, this is what the readers come looking for. Great content does not mean mere great blog Topic. The goodness of the content is defined by the fact whether it adds any value to the reader or not. Before publishing your content read it yourself or may be read aloud to a friend to find out if it sounds exciting or not. If it does not ring the bells for you, probably it won’t for anyone else. Revision is the way to go from there.

Interact with Audience

I hate robots and so do readers. A very professional blog post sounds so institutional and written by a robot. If I ask you whether you would like to read such a post, the answer will be “no”. Your readers echo the same sentiments. If you do not like reading such posts, there is no reason why your readers would like to do so.

While writing, a blog post you must make sure that you that engage an interact with your audience. Asking questions to them, asking them to ask themselves a question and asking them to create metaphors are some of the ways to keep your audience engaged. You can think of other ways as well that suit your style of writing.

Content Flow

The content flows another important factor to consider if you are finding ways to build audience for your blog. A house of cards can never be created without a proper structure. Similarly, your content needs to be structured in a proper way. Unless you have subheadings in your post, make sure that the next paragraph has some connection with the other paragraph. Don’t jump to a topic suddenly, it puts off the user. Try to storify all your blog posts.

To complement the body of your blog always use a proper introduction and conclusion. Be careful with the introduction though. Keep the introduction short and crisp as lengthy introductions will make the reader feel that the post is off-topic.

Attract Users with Strategy – Off Page SEO

Your blog post is not an animal in the zoo which people will come to see. Your blog post is an animal in the forest and people will have to search for it. Focusing on driving visibility of your blog is one of the key ways to build an audience for your blog. There are many techniques that you can use to increase the visibility of your blog on search engines. Off Page, SEO is the way to go if you want to rank higher in the SERPs. Off Page, SEO refers to the activities that you perform outside of your blog to rank higher on search engines. We had written a post on various Off-page SEO factors. I recommend reading the post for a detailed understanding of Off-page SEO factors.

Ultimate SEO Guide  – Off-Page SEO

Stick To Topic

Devils of distraction will always try to take writers and bloggers off topic. If you fight them out, you will well be on a path to successful implementation of the ways to build audience for your blog.  It is imperative for a blogger to stay on topic with a post and on the entire website as well. Do not explain something in micro details unless the situation demands so. If you think explaining something in detail is required, then leave a reference for a post to be written later and write a separate post on that topic.

Going off topic on your website is as epidemic as going off-topic on a post. The frustration of not getting substantial traffic may sway you to try different topics on your website. Stop, think and open up your mind. No one likes to read a health post on a dating site. Stick to your topic and avoid any pitfalls.

Subscription Options

Your blog will die soon or never pick up unless you have subscribers. It’s not possible for me to describe its importance in words. Subscribers are the ones who will contribute to the main source of traffic until the time your blog is popular. You must include different options for subscription on your website. Use the following techniques to increase subscriptions.

  • Include a subscription checkbox for readers who submit a comment.
  • Include a widget on the right to enable easy subscription via emails.
  • Throw a pop up to people who are spending time on your website.
  • Don’t forget to include a subscription to browser notifications.

Never Say Die

This is not tactics but an attitude. Never say die is the religion which every blogger must adopt. There will be days and months when you will feel like just giving it up. Don’t forget that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Be patient, your efforts will pay off someday. Take a break from writing for a couple of days and spend some time on your hobbies, but just don’t give it up. Come back when you are refreshed and you will find that the efforts that you have put in exploring ways to build audience for your blog have started working for you.

Social Sharing

We are in an era where faces are books and the hummingbird sings a soothing song. Yeah! Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites like Stumbleupon, Tumblr etc. are built to empower you. If you are not using them then you are missing a lot. Social sharing does not only spread the word but it also helps in off page SEO.

You can embrace the off-beat social networking websites as well which bring bloggers together and help them by sharing each others post. These sites are not meant for greedy people though. It’s a give and takes relationship. You get what you give.  I like using Triberr and Viralcontentbee, you can try them out as well.


Plucking a flower with a couple of leaves will make it look more beautiful. Make sure that you get the best out of social networks. Don’t just post, rather talk to people and build a relationship. Consistent efforts will help to connect with like-minded people and you will eventually get opportunities for guest blogging. You may also find people who are willing to add a link to your post or blog in their articles. Grab every opportunity to build a relationship while you are loitering on the social media sites.

Keyword Research

Invest time in keyword research as it is going to be a major traffic driver for your blog. Having the right keywords whether short or long tail is essential to the success of a blog post.  It’s hard to speculate a keyword so it’s  prudent to use keyword research tools. The keyword research tool from Google and Ubersuggest are some good tools available.

There are other ways to build audience for your blog as well, but those are more tactical in nature. Start with these basic steps and I will be compiling the others for you as well.

Even the greatest of blogs had to spend about 2 years before they could get near to anything that could be called success. Thus, keep a cool head on your shoulders and keep digging for gold. I wish all of you Good Luck in your endeavors.

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Ways To Build Audience For Your Blog in 2018


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