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Best Electric Smoker Under 300 in 2019- Buyer’s Guide

If you are here, it is most likely because you have heard about Electric smokers and are interested in making smoked veggies, meats, cheese and the other good stuff at home, but are not sure if you want all the fuss and muss of a charcoal or gas Smoker. Or maybe you are just in love with the smoked delicacies or maybe you are just planning to throw the best backyard party ever to make your guest simply go WOW. No matter what you’re outlining you need to know that the classic smoked delicacies are an important part in outdoor parties, and without this, a backyard party would literally be nothing but an afternoon lunch and that’s no joke.

The use of charcoal and wood to fire up a smoker is gone. The electric smokers need a few wood pieces to create the smoke and give the smoky flavor to your food and leave the rest of the task to the electric heaters. So, when you are shopping for the ideal deal on electric smokers don’t forget to check what kind of fuel it uses. Don’t go for the ones that uses extra wood or requires extra charcoals which are available in the market.

Forthrightly speaking who does not like the smoky fragrance of a delicious, juicy, BBQ that truly vibrates each and every sensor of your nostrils and taste buds again and again? But to achieve that you need to buy the best smoker available in the market. And as now a days people are more into buying convenient electric smokers as they are cost effective and has less problems and danger then any ordinary classic smoker.

Despite not having the advantage of not going through wood and charcoal, an electric smoker has more advantages then it’s counter options. But as modern and convenient as it seems purchasing a smoker especially an electric smoker has become tough than ever. They are not simply made of rods or charcoal holders which you can check by just looking in to them. Thus, spending too much money on a low quality electric smoker or spending less money to get less is not and should not be an option at all. We listed and reviewed best electric smokers for the money so, you can spend less and get more.

An electric smoker is the best alternative for the standard and quality smokers, which needs a lot of attention while you are cooking food in them. A common smoker needs constant temperature control and fuel, it is a bit hard to maintain one fixed temperature, especially for the newbies. On the other hand, an electric smoker is super convenient and easy to use device that lets off a lot of mistakes, which makes it an amazing choice for those who are not extremely close to real BBQ. Of course, it’s also a remarkable option for advanced or lazy users who simply don’t feel like continuously monitoring the fuel, the temperature, etc. in any standard smoker. All you have to do in these types of smokers is to set the temperature, time and it’s done, just leave the rest to it, no worries.

You will find a lot of electric smokers on the market, and they stands out with different gadgets and features. The prices don’t differ that much in electric smokers compared to other types of smokers. Smaller models with lesser features usually costs about $200 or even $100 and are a great choice for those with a limited budget or for those who don’t plan on using it very often, but if you want something better, then be prepared to spend about $300 for a mid-tier electric smoker and even some little more for a model with a vast cooking area and other gadgets for instance, a remote, meat probes, drip or grease pan, front access to wood chip tray etc.

An Electric Smoker is extremely convenient device that has lots of upsides, but also has one downside compared to other kinds of smokers, which makes it the most glitch-prone type of smoker, because it has enough of electronics inside. The charcoal smoker is free of any type of electronics which makes it clear that it will work without any problem until the whole construction of the smoker gets whittles away by rust, which may take a lot of time. And gas smokers only have the settings to connect propane tank to the smoker. But on the other hand, when it comes to the electric smoker, in the event of some failure you will most likely not be able to cook food. Electronics don’t really like humidity which is why you will need to clean the inside of the smoker too and also keep it in a dry place. Great electric smokers can serve you for up to 10 years. It’s advised to check out the warranty, as it would be better to have it for a long time in the event of any failure before you make a purchase. In different circumstances, one upside is easy accessibility of spare parts, it should not be an issue to get new parts if the any part of the smoker stopped working, instead of buying the entire smoker again.

On the whole, don’t just buy with your eyes or go for the one which is pleasing to your eyes, the appearance and style is the last thing you should probably pay attention to. The most necessary thing is to compare various competitive electric smokers offering similar prices and take a decision which often comes with more practical and interesting aspects and other important features. Buying with only eyes mostly ends with regret and disappointment, it is advised that before choosing a new smoker, take into consideration what you really need.

Best Electric Smokers Under 300 (Comparison)

Electric Smoker Cooking space
Masterbuilt 20077515 Front Controller Electric Smoker- Editors Choice 730 sq inches Check Price" data-order="Check Price">Check Price
Smoke Hollow 3616DEWS 720 sq inches Check Price" data-order="Check Price">Check Price
Char-Broil Vertical Electric Smoker 725 sq inches Check Price" data-order="Check Price">Check Price


Masterbuilt 20077515 Front Controller Electric Smoker- Editors Choice

best electric smoker under 300

Check Price

There is nothing like mastering something. The path to mastery is the path to our best selves, whether it’s filleting a fish, frying a turkey, flying a plane, or rebuilding an engine. Tinkering, experimentation, messing it up or getting it just right. If you are given the right tools, anything can be mastered. That is why we compiled best products to make it easy for you, and this one is probably one of its own.

This Masterbuilt 30 inches Digital Electric Smoker is ideal for beginners or the Pro. You will get competition ready results in your own backyard or even inside, without the struggle of propane or charcoal. Just plug this smoker in, set those digital controls, and it does the rest of the work, this smoker makes smoking easy and simple.

It has 730 square inches of cooking space along with the 4 chrome coated racks and 800 watt of heating element with a full foam insulation. It provides Blue led display which is super convenient to read temperatures and cooking time in direct sunlight extra convenient. This smoker also comes with Rf remote which controls and monitors the time, temperature, internal light, on or off and even meat temperature. It’s redesigned and has a front access to the grease or drip pan, a smoother operating wood chip loading system and side or top air damper. It’s handles and rear wheels makes moving easier, which should be highly preferred if you don’t plan on using your smoker at only one place.

With its upgraded digital control panel and the RF remote, set the time and temperature, and leave the rest of the work to the smoker, just sit back, enjoy, relax and have fun and use the remote to control your smoker’s cook time, temperature and an internal meat temperature. You can enjoy the delicious and juicy taste of slow smoked food all year with this Master built.

Following are some of the pros and cons of this 30 inch Masterbuilt electric smoker.

Pros Cons
Wheels helps to move this smoker easily. None really.
It's well insulated.
A glass window to help you keep an eye on your food.
Temperature gauge is reading accurately and easily.
Blue LED light helps to see temperature in direct sunlight.



This Masterbuillt Electric smoker is an amazing choice if you want a well build smoker which will give you amazing results. It’s super convenient as it provides a remote to control the temperature and also has a glass window to keep an eye on your food providing you another chance to avoid burning your food. It has lots of amazing features which you might not find in many other smokers.

Smoke Hollow 3616DEWS 36 inches Digital Electric Smoker with Window

electric smoker by Smoke Hollow

Check Price

This new Smoke Hollow 36 inches sized cabinet smoker comes with 3 cubic feet of cooking capacity which will probably make you a backyard professional by yielding the delicious, and smoke flavored food results you are looking for in your next picnics. It comes with new and enhanced features like an easy-to-clean, large viewing window with the heat indicator, and an external large loading smoke flavor wood chip tray, your friends and family will beg for more BBQ with their every bite. A fully adjustable, chrome plated cooking grids lets you add smoky flavor to variety of foods including pork, meats, poultry, fish, wild game, and even the vegetables.

This digital display controls make this electric smoker super easy to operate.

The tempered glass viewing window makes it convenient to see the results without even opening the door. It has a large capacity of 3.0 cubic foot or 720 square inches of Cooking capacity, the external loading wood chip tray permits you to conveniently add wood chips. It has 4 chrome plated cooking grids with various adjustment levels.

Following are some of the pros and cons of this Smoke Hollow 30 inches smoker.

Pros Cons
Assembling part is literally effortless. It might be a little hard to slide the rack in
Extremely easy to use.
Stylish and durable.
The window makes it convenient to check on the food without even opening the door to let heat out.


This is literally a must have smoker. It’s easy to assemble and super easy to use. You won’t worry about running out of propane or dealing with the mess of charcoal smoker, it is particularly easy to add wood chips. The digital control makes it convenient to get the right temperature setting and the heat distribution is just spot on. It’s super stylish and very well thought out. The window makes it helpful to check on the food without having to open the door to let heat out. A very nice, well made and stylish electric smoker highly recommend this one.

Char-Broil Vertical Electric Smoker

Char broil electric smoker review

Check Price

Char Broil has been in business since 1948 and are now considered to be the one of the best brands in grills and smokers. They make amazing, durable and practical designed products to provide you a better experience.

This Char Broil Electric Vertical Smoker is an amazing way to smoke all types of foods with a vast smoking chamber and comes with three adjustable cast iron cooking grates making it total of 505 Square Inches. The insulated doubled walled construction is perfect for maintaining consistent temperature. This electric smoker allows a 1,500 watt variable temperature heating element to easily heat wood chips and water for great smoking, a front mounted temperature gauge which is very helpful to maintain temperature, wood and water chip pan, super convenient porcelain grease cup and ash pan. A lid-mounted temperature gauge with bezel.

Pros Cons
Infinitely adjustable thermostat. Lack of proper door latch; It's door at the bottom needs a little push for it to close tightly.
Adjustable grills.
A drain hole for easy cleanup.
Convenient to use.



The fact that you can effortlessly get to the food and check easily the water and chips with this design, the smoker is well insulated and is made of good quality, the operation of the unit is very simple, it maintains the selected temperature very well, the thermostat control is superb, the temp dial in the door seems to be accurate. overall, it’s great as it’s easy to use, creates great quality smoked food, and comes with a nice price, would totally recommend to anyone.


You should consider following things when you go for shopping of best electric smoker under 300.


The price is fairly the top deciding factor while shopping for most of the people and it also should be. Think about your budget and decide how much can you spend on an electric smoker based on how frequently you will use that smoker. In this article, we compiled electric smokers at various prices and all under $300 so that everyone can find a smoker for themselves, for their needs. The price impacts how big your smoker will be and what kind of features it will have. The bigger the smoker, the more features it has, the higher it’s price will be. When you have a limited budget, you can’t obviously afford a model with lots of advanced features, but keep in mind that you can still buy a great product at a lower price.


The best way to win anyone’s heart is to serve them a delicacy that they will remember for a long time. But if you don’t have enough to serve your guests then it has a negative impression on people. Many people complains and are disappointed after buying too large or too small smokers. As buying the small one has disadvantages, buying the large one has disadvantages too. The small ones definitely won’t be able to make enough food fora large group of people while the large one will result in having uncooked food, if you plan to smoke a small number of fish or ribs. So while you are buying a smoker do check it’s capacity to be approximately clear about how much food, a smoker can cook in one batch. This particular decision could make or even break your fame as a superb cook.


Few of the electric smokers will have grills like trays while some others will have hollow trays just like racks. Doesn’t matter if you are planning to do a smoked Sardine or a meat BBQ always opt for the grills as they allows perfect cooking and also leaves an original smoke ring on the food which is always presentable and great to look at.

Another feature to check is the proper foiling above the grills. If your smoker have an open top grill than in most cases, chances are that you will find your fish seasoning or meat fat have poured down on the grills and the smoke disappears before you even know it. Which of course leads to devastation and no one wants this. So do look out for the electric smoker’s grill before buying it.


Both of these aspects are very closely related to each other, think about how much food and for how many people you normally prepare. Most of the electric smokers are big and offers about 700 square inches of cooking area but if your expectations are bigger than this and you want more space then, it is advised to consider models that offer about one thousand square inches. The main point here is actually to consider how much meat you cook and for approximately how many people.


An electronic smoker is equipped with electronics and also electric heaters which makes great food within a short period of time. So, for very obvious reason, electronics are worth knowing things to look out while making the decision about which smoker to go for.

For instance, the best quality smokers uses thermostats while the low quality ones uses Rheostats. Thermostat obviously provides the most exact temperature reading while Rheostats performs normal, and if you are an intelligent buyer you should always intend to pay for the best not for the ordinary one. So before buying the smoker always check out the brands and the type of the electronics to make sure that you are getting the best smoker you can afford in your budget.


A digital control panel with the ability to set temperature, time and turn on or off the burner and the light are most certainly among the common features of an electric smoker. Important elements are also the water tank, the wood chips container, and the drip tray.


Expensive models offers more interesting solutions, some electric smokers provides the ability to refill wood chips without opening the front door (which prevents heat loss and results in even cooking). On the other hand, few offers an interesting feature; the remote control which allows features as, digital control panel. Don’t forget that such accessories or gadgets significantly increases the price which means it’s not a good option for those with a tight budget.

Wrapping it up

There is nothing better than the smoky flavored delicious food and this too when you make it yourself. However, learning to make smoked food like a pro is a long journey, but it’s all good, since the journey is just as fun as getting close to your goal and a new obstacle cleared is a new story to tell. The rich and smoky flavor of slow cooked food has been a staple of outdoor picnics. The smokers we mentioned above delivers smokehouse flavor super easily as it’s electric. There is no doubt in saying that these smokers have amazing and unique features which makes them stand out among other ordinary ones. You should definitely consider buying these and we hope this article was of some help for you guys.

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Best Electric Smoker Under 300 in 2019- Buyer’s Guide


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