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Becoming A Trusted Resource on Pinterest

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How do some bloggers seem to do so well on Pinterest while others do not? Do you see those bloggers that have thousands of followers and wonder what they are doing so right that you are not? The main difference in those that make it and those that don’t is trust.

Just like any other social media network, you have to build the trust of your followers on Pinterest.   So, what does it take to become a trusted resource on Pinterest?  In addition to being honest and helpful, I have a few other tips to help you gain those followers’ trust.

Your Pinterest Account

Everything starts with your Pinterest profile.  When setting up your Pinterest account you need to do the following:

  1. Set up a Pinterest business account. A business account is free and gives you more tools for running analytics and you can link it back to your blog.
  2. Your “about me” on your profile needs to include the name of your website and what you do in it.
  3. Develop excellent boards.  Sometimes this can be difficult but the more closed your boards are the better for your followers because they will know exactly what to expect when they click on the board.
  4. Board covers.  Not everyone uses board covers but I do.  I think they are clean and help your Pinterest to appear more professional.  They are very easy to create in Canva or Picmonkey.


If you are anything like me, I love Pinterest.  I can spend hours on the site just pinning items and looking at everything.  Be careful not to get carried away and throw up 100 pins in one day.  Pinterest is kind of like a “slow burn”.  You need to pin at a steady pass.  People will get frustrated if you are pinning large amounts at one time.  But what if you only have a small amount of time to sit down and pin?  This is where a scheduling tool comes in handy (actually it is more like a lifesaver, lol).

I use two schedulers:

  1. Boardbooster-I use Boardbooster for their looping and campaign tools. Boardbooster recently added tribes.  They don’t work as well as tribes in Tailwind but I do still use them.
  2. Tailwind-I love Tailwind for joining tribes.  Tribes can really help get your pageviews up.  I also do all of my scheduling through Tailwind.

If you are not sure how to use Tailwind or how to create those pins I would suggest that you take Christina Roots’ course on Tailwind.  It is very informative and helpful.  It is also free, can’t beat that.


Using keywords appropriately is very important on Pinterest.  Your keywords need to be a part of your titles and descriptions. I also make sure I am using the right keywords in my Board descriptions. Don’t lie or pump up what’s inside any board or single pin. Instead be accurate in your descriptions to develop trust among your viewers. The more you deliver what they expect, the more trust that will build. Using the right keywords will also help your audience find you. Study keywords so that you can use the right ones.

Pinterest has recently started allowing hashtags again.  These are also important to put in your descriptions.  Again, make sure you are using these appropriately.  I typically only had 3-4 hashtags in my descriptions.

Build Relationships

How well you do on Pinterest will be determined also by how well you build relationships.  You probably hear most bloggers and pinners talk about the 70/30 rule.  I cannot stress enough how important this is.  You need to be pinning more of other people’s pins than your own. Currently, I am pinning 50 pins per day; of those 50 pins only 5 are my own pins. I believe this has been key in helping me to grow my followers and my pageviews.  As of the writing of this post I have 1302 followers and 267,000 monthly pageviews.

Don’t forget to do more on Pinterest than post pins. Be sure to share other people’s pins to your audience when relevant. Comment, share, engage should be your mantra when it comes to building relationships on Pinterest. You can also mention others in your pin descriptions by name and recognize them for inspiring you. Be creative with engagement on Pinterest.

Tribes and Group Boards

I talked a little bit about Tribes above but I want to elaborate on Tribes.  Tribes are wonderful for getting your Pinterest following and pageviews to increase.  You have to make sure before you join a Tribe that you read the rules and follow them.  Tribe owners will not hesitate to kick you out of the tribe for not following the rules.  I would also say be strategic in picking which tribes you want to join.  I have a tribe that gets pretty good traffic.  You are welcome to join my tribe.

Group Boards are also great for collaborating with others on Pinterest.  You need to also be strategic in how you post to group boards.  I tend to follow the 2 for 1 rule that most Tribes require. You can also create your own group boards and invite others to collaborate on.

Pinterest is a wonderful resource for marketing.  Again, just make sure that you are following the rules.  I would love to hear about any other thoughts or questions you may have regarding Pinterest.

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Becoming A Trusted Resource on Pinterest


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