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CBSE Board Class 10th Science Old Question paper

CBSE Board Class 10th Science Old Question paper Last Year Paper Download Model Paper download Sample Paper And Guess paper Available On this Website |

CBSE Board Class 10th Science

  1. Name of cyclic unsaturated carbon compound ?
  2. . state an important advantage of using alternating current (a.c) over direct current (d.c)

Answer questions 3 (a) To 3 (d) and 4(a) to (d) On the PC on the basic of your understanding of the Following paragraphs and the related studied concepts.

3.The drawing size of the human population is a cause of concern for all all people. the date of birth and death in a given population will determine its size. reproduction is the process by which organism increase their population. the process of textual maturation for reproduction is gradual and takes place while general Body growth is still going on. same degree of sexual maturation does not necessary means that the mind or body is ready for sexual acts or bfor having and bringing up children. Various contraceptive Devices are being used by human being to control the size of population.
list two common signs of sexual saturation in boy and girl?
what is the result of reckless female foeticide?
which contraceptive Method change the hormonal balance of the body?
write two factor that determine the size of a population?

4.Human body is made up of five important components of which water is the main components. food as well as Portable water essential for every human being. the food is obtained from plants through agriculture. Pesticides are being used extensively for high hield in the field These pesticides are absorbed by the plant from the soil along with water and Minerals and from the water bodies these pesticides are taken up by the aquatic animal and plants. as these Chemicals are not biodegradable, they get accumulated progressively at each tropic level. the maximum concentration of these chemicals gets accumulated in all bodies and greatly affects the health of our mind and body
Why is the maximum concentration of of pesticides found in human being?
give one method which could be applied to reduce or intake of pesticides through food to some extent.
Various steps in a food chain represent:
a)Food web
b) topic level
c) ecosystem
Which regards to various food chains operating in an ecosystem. man is a:
a) consumer
b) producer
c) producer and consumer
d) producer and decomposer

5 .which one of the following is responsible for the substance of underground water?
a) loss of vegetation cover
b) divisor for high water demanding crops
c) pollution for urban wastes
d) afforestation

CBSE Board Class 10th

6.Incomplete combination of coal and petroleum:
a) increase air pollution
b) increases efficiency of Machines
c) reduces global warming.
d) produce poisonous gases.
the correct option is :
a) and b)
a) and d)
b) and c)
c) and d)

7.When sodium hydrogen carbonate is it too to ethanoic acid as gas evolves. consider the following statements about the gas evolved?
it turns lime water milky
It is involved with a bricks effervescence.
It has a smell of burning sulphur.
it is also a by – product of respiration
the correct option is:
a) and b)
a) and d)
b) and c)
c) and d)

CBSE Board Class 10th Model paper

  1. When a smell amount of acid is added of water, the phenomena which occurs are:
    a) Dilution
    b) neutralization
    c) formation of hydroxide
    d) salt formation
    The correct statement are:
    a ) and c)
    b) and d)
    c) and d)

9.The real image is formed by the light rays are reflection all refraction when they:
Actually meet all intersect which each other.
actually converge at a point.
appeared to meet when they are produced in the backward direction
appear to diverge from a point

which of the above statement are correct?
a) and d)
b) and d)
a) and b)
b) and c)

Consider the following properties of virtual image:
(a) cannot be projected on the screen
(b) are formed by both concave and convex lens
(c)Are always erect
(d) are always inverted
the correct properties are:
a) and d)
b) and d)
a) and b)
b) and c)

CBSE Board Class 10th Science Old Question paper

  1. At the time of short circuit, The electric current in circuit:
    Vary continuously
    does not change
    reducing substantially
    increase heavily
    Or two bulbs of 100w and 40w are connected in series. the current Through the 100w bulb is1A. the current through the 40w e bulb will be :
    11.Calcium oxide reacts vigorously with water to produce slaked lime
CBSE Board Class 10th Science Old Question paper
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CBSE Board Class 10th

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CBSE Board Class 10th Science Old Question paper


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