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Sticking With The New Year one important thing


It has gone past the New Year. I know. But the year is still young. And, some of us did made a new year resolution at the start of the year 2018.

Often times, we begin the year with some resolutions, but how many of us stick with them?

While it seems practically ok to make resolutions, we should bear in mind that it is not the most important part. What's important is keeping them. Sadly though, many of us have a lot of excuses why we fail to keep ours. And the trend just go on and on, year after year.

In this manner we have had to push, delay, and differ so many wonderful plans that could either earn us that desired promotion, give us that great body shape, or help us become better persons. And because we are the ones who penalise ourselves, we never deem it right to give us the harsh treatment.

Below are Ten Points that can help with keeping and achieving our resolutions.

* Desire:

How strongly do you desire that goal? Nothing first happen unless we have a strong desire for it. This desire may have been sparked off by an inspiration to do something or by the lack of availability of such a thing thereby fueling the need to get it done or acquired. So a desire for that thing must first exist in our head.

* Cost:

If truly we really wanted something, we will be possessed with the thought of what it will costs us to have it. Costs is not just about money; it also involves time, energy, resources, and people. From the onset of desiring something, we may have a faint idea of what it would require to actualise that.

From the point of view of what the cost would be, we will have some knowledge of whether or not we can get it done. And if we would need external help. It becomes necessary then to quantify such cost.

* Mentorship:

There would always be someone who once had a desire for the goal we now have, and went all out to achieve it. Hence, it is good we have someone whom we could look up to, who would help us see the challenges they encountered, as well as how they were able to attain success. We need to learn from such people how we could set about achieving this one goal. Learning from a mentor would speed up the success of the resolution.

* Deal with bottlenecks:

If you learned from a mentor, you will discover your mentor also had challenges that she overcame. This is not saying you must deal with your problem in like manner. But one or two idea may help in making your challenge less cumbersome.

* Emotion:

You need to feel strongly about your desired plan, or nothing work. It appeared for everything we must get done, a strong emotional connection is what would keep us to following our plans through to success. One major reason why so many resolutions are not achieved is because we don't have a picture of it reality in our mind's eye.

* Timing:

There is always a time frame within which to get some things done. Failure to reach that mark may make us begin to lose interest and then forgo any chances of ever attaining that goal.

For instance, some goals might be such that if you don't take a step, some other person may get them accomplished before you, thereby making any chances of your achieving yours invalid. Examples of such goal could be setting up a charity home in your locality. If some other person beat you to it by setting it up first in that locality, you may either have to forego your idea, or have it set up in another locality.

* Road Map:

Now you know exactly what you want to achieve, but how exactly would that be? Would you be needing people to help you accomplish your goal? Or, is it something you can do all by yourself? What about relocating to another city where people would have more value for your planned goal? You must understand the road map capable of bringing you to your success, much like a sea captain relies on his compass to get to his destination.

* Commitment:

You have to follow through on your plan to get the task done. You have to make it clear to your mind that achieving this one goal is important to you. And you have to show that you are prepared to give it everything it takes to bring about its accomplishment. This means putting your best into the work at hand whether or not you feel like it.

In keeping a resolution, you have to be active as well as proactive.

* Discipline:

This is one major thing that will see you through. Discipline is the ability to remain focus, and to do a thing because it is necessary, irrespective of whether you feel like doing it or not. Discipline helps you see the purpose for which you decided to make this all important resolution.

By being discipline, you do not allow for distractions. And also, you are able to instill punishment when necessary, by asking someone to penalise you when you failed to deliver. Of course this penalty should be something that makes you feel the pain of failing to keep up with the task at hand.

This person who must penalise you should be someone with a strength of character and self leadership; and she must have a record of setting goals and achieving them.

* Visualise:

Keep the picture of your resolution constantly before you. This is one sure way of bringing it to manifestation. The ability to bring about something we desire is to keep a clear picture of it in our mind's eye.

Finally, our resolution should be simple and few --maybe one at a time. Nothing gives more happiness than to set a goal and stick with all the process of getting that goal actualised.

Of course there are countless ways of attaining a resolution. I would like to know if this helped.

This post first appeared on Gloria Anujue's, please read the originial post: here

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Sticking With The New Year one important thing


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