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​Apple plans on producing a Vaporizer?

iVape? Updated 3/9/17

Apple, the great technology firm is working on a plan to start producing a device that will help vaporize different vaping products? According to public reports, the company is planning to expand its products beyond smart-phones, automobiles, and computers. The Patent that was made last year affirmed that this device Apple has patented is to have a temperature-regulated plate inside a chamber which heats up a substance to form vapor. This is according to the patent filed by one of the firm's employees, Tetsuya Ishikawa.

The patent is not clear on which substance is to be vaporized by the device they maybe someday plan to produce. What is in the public domain is that it is targeting to venture into the vaping Market with a storm. The vaping industry is extremely large within the United States. There are already a massive 29 states that have legalized marijuana for recreational and medical purposes. It has not been confirmed whether Apple is planning to produce vapes that will embrace this new technology, but what is clearly visible in this patent is that most likely these vapes will be used with either e-juice, marijuana or marijuana concentrates.

As the Apple patents outline, this technology is surely associated to some kind of vaping product.
However, this is shallow, because those plans do not seem to have progressed at all since last year, unless of course Apple is doing their best to keep it under wraps.

We have also noticed a growing trend in vaporizing devices being used in the Healthcare and Agricultural Sectors. Could Apple be taking a swipe into any of these industries? The chances, to us, are slim due to the fact that Apple has never shown any kind of interest in doing much in any of these two sectors, with the exception of the Health Kit App. But, the fact remains that the popularity of vaping and vaporizers are getting the attention and pulling bigger corporations into the vape making industry. At the moment, all we can do is speculate and any more speculations from us would automatically link such big corporations into joining the weed Industry! :) Wishful thinking right?!?! Other Apple patents on innovations that we have yet to see are the wrap-around iPhone screen and the foldable handsets which have yet to be implemented in any Apple Device. More details can be viewed at

Now to the device itself. From what we see, this patent illustrates new tech in terms of vaporizer technology/construction. The chamber being described in the patent is constructed in such a way that it can produce high quality yields while maintaining product efficiency. The device, from it's physical appearance seems to be designed to handle cannabis oil, marijuana, or concentrates like Wax and shatter. It is no secret that Apple has been quite impressive with their production of high-quality products, and this product should/would be no different. The beauty and high performance associated with Apple products is unmatched, and we don't expect Apple to treat a vape or any other device it plans on producing any differently as far as production quality and design goes.

To prove the significant difference when compared with other manufacturers, Apple seeks to eradicate an issue plagued by most vaporizers on the market today; and that is uneven heat distribution within the heating chamber. The image included in the patent shows that this vape could have a far-reaching technological and efficiency platform. This is a technological advancement in itself; we cannot dispute that. Apple, however, has not come clear on some issues/questions and people like can only continue to speculate. Maybe with time, an answer will be available to us all. For now, all we know is that this patent illustrates what seems to be a more efficient heating chamber for a vaporization device.

Now let's dig into the market that is hopefully soon to be explored by this great technology giant. It is already evident that vaporizers are currently popular and becoming more and more popular each day for the consumption of nicotine as an alternative to cigarettes, and as a healthier alternative to consuming medical and recreational marijuana. It has gained the favor of users due to its many health and financial advantages over the traditional way of smoking the very same products.

The market has therefore grown tremendously, attracting billions of dollars in money exchange. Being that vaping is slowly becoming a better alternative to smoking, it has helped the vaporizer market record over $3.5 billion in sales in 2015 alone!! Over time, marijuana has been legalized in more and more states in the U.S, implying that the usage would even have doubled the revenue of the previous year. Estimates by BIS Research has projected that the US Vaporizer market will grow to a over $20.17 billion dollar market in the years to come. Other researchers project higher revenues of about $32 billion by the year 2021. This forms a real basis why we should see Apple showing interest in joining the vape industry. Hard to resist the temptation with numbers like that!

Looking at the current trend in the manufacturing of vaporizer devices, there seems to be no leading company. The many vape companies that are already in the market seem to be at par with each other and share a large market with no actual front runner. We will not be surprised if Apple repeats what they did in the smart-phone industry. They may come out and prove to be the company to beat out the competition in the production of state-of-the-art vaporizer devices.

There are two types of vaporizers; Portable Vapes and Desktop Vapes. Portable vapes are the best selling type of vaporizers as they are smaller and can be taken anywhere on-the-go for discreet vaporization. Usage of desktop vapes is strictly limited to the home area. Those who prefer to vape while at the confines and luxury of their homes or apartments find this type of vaporizer appealing. As a technology company, we can expect Apple to invest in and produce either type of vaporizer and make the vaporizer market a little more technologically advanced, convenient, and an integral part of our lives as they have cleverly done with many of their other products.

Rumors like this cannot be treated lightly, Apple could be using this patent as part of a wider scheme in coming up with new and innovative portable vaporizers. Even phones can be used to vaporize nowadays! The idea of smartphone vaporizers is already somewhat a reality, as some companies already offer smart-phone cases you can actually vape with. This patent could very well be pointing to this or improving on this idea!

With Apple's resources, they may be able to utilize this patent for great advancement and come up with smaller, more powerful, and more efficient portable vaporizing devices than what's offered on the market today. However, it can also possibly have a negative impact. Producing E-cigs or vape devices that could be labeled as 'adults only', Apple may be hesitant and pull back from any vape plans in order not to 'tarnish' it's reputation. These vaporizer rumors will prove to be a difficult thing to unmask. Apple is known for its secrecy and who knows what they have in store for the people eagerly awaiting and speculating wildly. Only time will tell. All we can do now is wait, and hope that Apple decides to join the market and help in its evolution.

Other Companies in the Vaping Industry
We may be thinking that it is only Apple that has opted to venture into vaporizing devices, but it's worth remembering that anything good will have many admirers! The e-cig or vaporizer market has attracted other companies like Porsche Automobile which has come up with their “Shisha 2.0” smoking device.

There are also other companies that have shown interest in vape technology including:
• PUF Ventures Inc.'s (OTCPK: PUFF) company which is from Canada
• Vapir Enterprises Inc.(OTCQB: VAPI) is already marketing vaporizers ranging from portable vapes like pens to bigger tabletop devices.
• mCig, Inc..(OCTQB: MCIG) is already selling vaporizer products

The vape industry is being taken by storm, and of course, no one wants to feel isolated or left behind.
Let us wait and see what happens with regard to this patent application. This technology has sparked several responses from all quarters with vested interests. We do not know whether this will be a reality soon or not. Sometimes patents have been filed but final products never made their way into the market. We hope that this will happen so as to finish all the speculations and open up a whole new world of advanced vaporizer technology.

UPDATE: We have been pointed to some other articles via Reddit which hint at this patent being geared toward microchip production by Apple. This could very well be the case as Apple was rumored to be looking into manufacturing their very own chips. Of course this is all still speculation, but it seems more likely to us that this patent would be for something of this nature, rather than the speculated vaporizer rumors. The patent rumors were pretty exciting to us, but seems unlikely that Apple will delve into this market. We'll keep our eyes and ears open for more news on this patent and we'll keep you updated here. Only time will tell what Apple intends to do with this patent.

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​Apple plans on producing a Vaporizer?


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