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5 Do’s and Don’ts: Miscellaneous

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I have had several requests to do another post for my ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ series and I couldn’t decide which “topic” to focus on! So, I have written a mixture! Hope you enjoy and find something useful!

The Don’ts 👎

#1 Do NOT take everything you see on Instagram and YouTube as gospel. Don’t feel as though your every day look is not good enough because of the looks you see online. Leave the Instagram make up trends to the teeny boppers who don’t get that it’s not a realistic, everyday look. Sometimes less is actually more and make up that enhances your beautious-ness, in a subtle way, is so much more flattering than full on glam, on the daily, as though you have a photo-shoot to get to. Don’t get swept away in the madness!!

#2 Do NOT overdraw those eyebrows! I am sick to the back teeth of seeing slugs above people’s eyeballs. If your eyebrows suffered in the nineties and early 2000’s because you thought plucking them to death and down to almost nothing was a good idea (as many of us did!), then sure, fill them out a bit and make them look natural but do it with a complimentary shade and in a flattering way. Black or espresso brow pencils on bleach blonde hair…NO!! Your brows should lift and frame the Face. They should not be the first thing that people notice on your visage.

#3 Do NOT load up your brush with product. Be that eye-shadow, blush, foundation, whatever, too much product on the brush at one time will be harder to work with and, believe it or not, not last as long. Less product will blend faster and building up pigment/coverage in thin layers will lock your make up into place.

#4 Do NOT neglect your skincare.  At the end of the day, if you want a flawless face, there’s only so much your cosmetics can do.  If you have Skin texture from acne, open pores, milia bumps etc, then address those issues with well chosen, topical treatments.  Things like Pixi’s Glow Tonic can help with those pesky, problem areas to start with but I would really recommend a skin consultation with a professional to put a perfect skin care regime in place.

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#5 Do NOT sleep in your make up.  It is believed that if you did not remove your make up for an entire month your face would have aged by ten years.  TEN YEARS!!!! Now I hope and pray that no one has actually neglected to remove their slap for that long a period but, think back over the years.  How many nights have you just been too tired to take it all off and thought…”Ah sure, it’ll wait ’til morning.”?  Do that twenty odd times over the course of your make up wearning years and voila!  Wrinkle city! Don’t punish yourselves girls.  We’ll have enough to worry about when we’re old and grey without adding extra folds in our faces into the bargain!

The Do’s 👍

#1 DO consider switching up your products with the seasons. I’m not saying you need to have a complete overhaul but if you find yourself getting stuck in a make up rut, churning out the same old look, day in, day out, try using different eyeshadow and blush shades (for example) in summer and winter. Fresh shades for summer and something a little deeper (deeper gold’s/bronzes/chocolates/warm tones) for winter.

You could also think about changing your skincare and base products. Subjecting your skin to indoor heating and then stepping out into frosty air can be very stripping and drying for your skin but, of course, you won’t have this problem over the summer months. For my oily skin, I try to use moisturisers and foundations that are lighter in texture from around June to the end of September and then I start bringing in more nourishing skin care and a slightly heavier coverage base from October onwards. Something to consider!

#2 DO try doubling up on your products from time to time. Certain cosmetics can be used for several purposes and using one product in two or three different ways will speed things up a little (if that’s what you want) but also gives your look a “well put together” first impression. For example…

Bronzer- bronze up the complexion, yes, but also use it in the crease as a transition shade and under the lower lash line for a subtle smoulder.

Highlight- tops of the cheekbones and on the Cupid’s bow, yes but also try it as an eyeshadow and inner corner highlight.

Lipstick- certain tones could be used as a cream blush, if you think it would last well on your skin type. For my oily skin this wouldn’t work but drier/normal complexions should find it works quite well!

Lip liner- sculpt and define those bad boys before applying lipsticks or liquid lips but if you are short on time or have a liner that you adore the colour of…wear it all over the lip instead of lipstick! I love doing this and it essentially doubles up the number of looks you could achieve with your lip products.

Eyeliner- for this I’m talking about a kohl/pencil style liner which yes, be used to line the waterline and the lid but what about as an eyeshadow or a base for other eyeshadows? Certain shades work beautifully this way!

Eyeshadows- create a masterpiece on your eyeballs and then look at the shades you’ve got in your palette. Could one of them be a brow powder? Have you got something you could apply as a cheekbone highlight? Think outside the box.

#3 DO use a lip liner. I know it can seem a bit of a hassle to match up a liner to every lipstick you purchase but it is worth doing, particularly as we age.  Brighter and bold colour wearers, you’ll find lining your pout especially useful as it will prevent bleeding.  Applying a lip liner will not only define your lip line (and allow you to cheat it ever so slightly if you wish), but if you apply it all over the lip it provides a great base to whichever shade you wish to slather on top.  Your lip look will be stronger and last longer.  Win, win!

#4 DO try to use natural light when putting your face on. I know this isn’t always possible with darker mornings etc but it does make a difference.  Sit close to a window and check that foundation is well matched and perfectly blended, that your blusher gives the effect of blushing and not clown cheeks, that you haven’t gone overboard on the bronzer and highlight, the list could go on!

#5 DO wash those make up brushes and cosmetic sponges.  Just be sensible about it ladies.  If you don’t wash your face and body then bacteria builds up and causes all sorts of havoc, a foul smell being the most obvious.  The same can be said of your brushes, particularly those used in conjunction with cream or liquid based products.  A dirty brush is a breeding ground and then you smear that breeding ground all over your face. Eww. No.  Always have a brush cleaner or some anti-bacterial soap on hand and clean, clean, clean!

So there we have it!  A few extra do’s and don’ts.  As always, if I said something is a don’t and you are happy doing it, that’s entirely your decision!  I can only advise, not tell!

If there are any other ‘DO’s and DON’Ts’ that you would like me to do then please let me know in the comments or send me a wee message.  I love to hear from you!

Thanks for stopping by!

J x

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5 Do’s and Don’ts: Miscellaneous


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