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Mineral Foundation

You may remember that for the month of August, I pledged to wear only Mineral foundation. I love liquid foundation that gives me full but fast coverage. I always have. However, the wonder that is Jennifer Rock (aka The Skin Nerd and creator of the Cleanse Off Mitt), is a huge advocate for mineral make up and the benefits that it has for your skin’s health. 

Mineral make up has actually been around for decades but now that we, as consumers, are more wary of the ingredients contained within our cosmetics, foundations which find their base in nature have become more popular. These items are readily available and are usually quite well priced for the volume of product you receive.

Many dermatologists and skin care experts will recommend Mineral Foundation to their clients because of the lack of chemicals. The likelihood of causing little or no congestion to the complexion, when compared to their chemical based counterparts, is a big draw and makes it suitable for those of us who are prone to acne and/or with skin sensitivity.

Whilst my skin is a thousand times clearer than it used to be, I always feel it could be better still. There’s usually a pesky spot or two somewhere, around my chin or jaw line, and I figured that was due to congestion, possibly from thick foundations.

I have both the Original and the Matte versions of Bare Minerals foundation, so with these in tow, my month of mineral make up began. I admit that I cheated, but only twice, and both occasions were only for an evening. I had worn my mineral make up during the day, so I felt it was excusable!

Did I see a huge difference in my skin’s health after the month was up? Well, no, but then I didn’t expect a miracle in that short a period. However, I did make a few observations that may be of help if you are thinking about making the switch.


  1. Mineral foundation feels so light on your skin. You’ll hardly know you’re wearing it. If you can’t stand feeling a thick liquid or cream based foundation sitting on top of your skin, you’ll appreciate this all the more. 
  2. Your skin does look healthy. Whilst it may take longer than a month to notice a difference in the levels of breakouts, blackheads and areas of congestion, your skin does look good and emitts a healthy ‘glow’ without being shiny.
  3. People will comment on how well you look and not “Your make up is nice today.’ That’s always nice to hear.
  4. You don’t need much product to achieve a good coverage. It takes a while to get the balance right but soon you’ll get the right amount for you and find your little pot goes a long way. More buffing=more coverage. 
  5. The powder is so finely milled that you’ll find this won’t settle into any little lines or wrinkles, as you might expect.
  6. Touch ups are fairly minimal. Granted, my oily t zone needs attention throughout the day, as it does with all foundations, but the rest of my face I could set and forget. 
  7. I don’t advise it but you could sleep in mineral make up and manage not to wake up with a face of protesting spots. 


  • This will take a long while to get used to if you, like me, usually only wear full coverage liquids. It’s a different look and you do feel conscious of that, initially. 
  • The mess. Don’t even bother getting dressed before applying your mineral foundation. The loose powder formula, the swirling and the tapping…it’s going to go everywhere.
  • The time it takes to build. Granted I did get faster and more adept with achieving a finish I was happy with, but it takes so much longer than the bish bash bosh of a liquid. 
  • If you don’t buff the minerals into your skin enough, you’ll look powdery and your make up will start the sliding south process a whole lot faster than you’d want. 
  • Don’t be fooled into thinking that wearing mineral foundations will clear up any congestion or problem areas on ton visage. It won’t. It’s not designed to do that, so you will need a good skin care regime to help with those issues. Rather, a mineral base is supposedly non-comedogenic (non-clogging) and will therefore not add fuel to the flame!

    So, will I continue to use my Bare Minerals on a daily basis? No.

    Will I try to use it more regularly? Yes.

    Are there other mineral based brands that I would try? Yes, Nude By Nature being one of them.

    Should you try mineral make up? It’s entirely up to you. If the pros speak louder to you than the cons then go for it. It’s not like it will do any harm. 

    What is your opinion of mineral make up? Let me know in the comments!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    J x

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    Mineral Foundation


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