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Best Affordable Kayak under $300 Review: Top 7 Inexpensive Picks 2017

Buying a high performing Kayak with a tight budget may be challenging, since most people believe that pricey models offer the best performance. Well, that should not be the case because you can buy the best affordable kayak under $300 and still get superior performance.

There are numerous brands that produce inexpensive models with high-quality features and first-rate performance. We have reviewed seven of the finest economical kayaks the market has to offer, to help you find the ideal model for your summer weekend adventure.






Best Overall

Intex Challenger K1


2nd Choice

Intex Explorer K2


3rd Choice

Sea Eagle SE370K_P


4th Choice

Sea Eagle 330


5th Choice



6th Choice

Sun Dolphin Bali 6-Foot


7th Choice

HydroForce Bolt X2


No. 1 Intex Explorer K2 2 Person Inflatable Kayak Review

The Intex Explorer K2 kayak is ready for exploration in search of new weekend adventures. Unlike most kayaks, this particular model is highly portable and a must have Inflatable canoe for any enthusiast kayaker.

The Intex Explorer K2 is a vital vessel in cases where portability is a virtue. This is the kayak you need if you have limited space for storing a hard body kayak. It is made of tough 30-gauge vinyl material that is strong and long-lasting for durability.

This expandable tandem is fitted with two inflatable seats. Each seat has a supportive backrest for comfort when sailing for hours. In addition, the boat features inflatable I-beam floors that offer unmatched stability, allowing you to sail with confidence.

The Intex Explorer K2 is highly visible, especially in low light, such as at dusk. This is so, due to the bright yellow and black colors. In addition, this model comes with two paddles for each kayaker and a state-of-the-art pump for inflating the kayak.


  • The Intex Explorer K2 is an inflatable tandem that is convenient for sailing mild rivers and lakes.
  • The boat is engineered from heavy-duty 30-gauge vinyl material that is rip-resistant for strength and durability.
  • The inflatable seats have comfortable backrest and bottom, and they are adjustable for convenience during use.
  • It is fitted with inflatable I-beam floors that offer superior stability and confidence to maneuver new waters.


  • The kayak is inflatable; therefore, prone to punctures.

Verdict: The Intex Explorer K2 is a proof that you do not need a bigger budget to get high-quality kayaking performance.

No. 2 HydroForce Bolt X2 Inflatable Kayak Review

Easy to transport and suitable to store, this HydroForce Bolt X2 is a must canoe for your favorite water-bound activities. It is engineered from 3-ply reinforced vinyl material with extra strength. The design is very ergonomic and convenient for most kayaking activities.

The HydroForce comes with a very ergonomic and user-friendly design once assembled and inflated. It is a blue and white boat. It is fitted with bow and stern grab loops for pulling the kayak off water and overland transportation.

The two adjustable seats have comfortable bottoms and tough backrests for convenience and comfort. Each seat is fitted with adjusting loops that attach to the internal sides of the boat. You can conveniently use the loops to adjust the seats for comfort.

Unlike a rigid-body kayak, the HydroForce will not fare well in whitewater, but it will put up a good show in slow moving waters. You should also know that this kayak is not self-bailing. However, it is fitted with a plug for draining water.


  • The 3-ply reinforced vinyl material is ripping and puncture resistant for strength and durability.
  • The total weight capacity of this kayak is 374 pounds, making it convenient for two adventure-driven individuals.
  • The design material is marine grade, allowing it to withstand the harshest of conditions, such as UV rays and petroleum products exposure.
  • The two adjustable white seats are very comfortable; you can conveniently adjust the backrest to your desired posture.


  • The HydroForce X2 is not self-bailing.

Versatile: The HydroForce Bolt X2 Kayak offers you a very inexpensive option of spending quality time with your fiancée over a summer weekend.

No. 3 Sea Eagle SE370K_P Inflatable Kayak Review

The Sea Eagle SE370_P fits two kayakers comfortably without any problems. It can also provide a single paddler with gear capacity and optimum performance for extended use. This boat is best suited for summer weekend adventures, including touring and fishing.

The kayak’s piercing bow design offers remarkable tracking and exceptional glide that helps you sail longer distances with less paddling. This model combines a tough assembly with tremendously tough floor for durability.

The SE370K_P is fitted with inflatable PVC seat that is very comfortable. The seat offers you a snug fit, thus allowing the kayak to be more responsive to your movements. This allows for improved stability and maneuverability.

The seats are also adjustable for convenience. The ergonomic design features two carry handles that allow for easy overland transportation when you do not want to deflate it. It is also fitted with two SKEGS for superior speed and tracking.


  • The ergonomic white design is suitable for two paddlers sailing for fun over a summer weekend.
  • The hull is made of saltwater and sun resistant material (PolyKrylar) for durability and long-lasting performance.
  • The kayak is NMMA certified, and it takes a maximum of eight minutes to inflate to the desired size.
  • The two deluxe inflatable seats are adjustable, providing you with a snug fit, allowing for better maneuverability.


  • The boat is inflatable; so, it is vulnerable to punctures.

Verdict: The Sea Eagle SE370K_P is a very versatile and ergonomic inflatable kayak for its price range. It offers good performance with fewer design flaws.  

No. 4 AIRHEAD AHTK-1 Montana 1 Person Kayak Review

The AIRHEAD AHTK-1 features a very beautiful design that is available in the orange color. There are positives and negatives to this inflatable kayak, with respect to user ratings. Unlike most conventional boats, this particular kayak has proven its credentials in medium waters.

Basically, it is a nine-foot, one-person kayak that is suitable for moderate whitewater and lakes. The construction features heavy-duty 840D nylon material, which is not only durable but also very comfortable. This material protects the air chambers from puncture.

The AIRHEAD Montana is extremely easy to set up. You just have to spread the deflated boat on the ground and use a leg pump to inflate. It will only take you a few minutes to completely pump up the kayak. This saves you valuable kayaking time.

Moreover, the boat features waterproof and UV-resistant coatings for protecting it against fading and direct effects of UV light. The inflatable seats are not only movable, but also removable for preference and convenience.


  • The 9-foot, one-person design is convenient for moderate whitewater and lakes.
  • It is compact, lightweight, and ultraportable for easy storage and transport when not in use.
  • In addition to the heavy-duty PVC construction, the boat features tubular I-beam floor for tracking, buoyancy, and comfort.
  • The three air chambers of the kayak are surrounded by rip-resistant 840D nylon for waterproof and UV protection.
  • The removable and movable inflatable seat offers superior support and comfort while on the water.


  • The kayak is not available with the paddles; you have to incur additional costs.

Verdict: The AIRHEAD Montana Kayak offers superior performance in calm water, but it does not come with factory-made paddles.

No. 5 Intex Challenger K1 Kayak

At less than a hundred U.S. dollars, the Intex Challenger K1 is a popular kayak among users with a limited budget. This is one of the most inexpensive kayaks on the market. Surprisingly, it offers the high-quality features for its price.

The kayak is pretty simple than what you would have anticipated. It is inflated in two main chambers, the bottom and the top. The brow is fitted with a netting system for storing your bag and other gear that you want to bring along the tour.

The fixtures in the main kayak are removable for versatility and organization, which includes the inflatable seat, and the footrest. Each part does effectively attach to the kayak. The seat’s backrest is adjustable for comfort, support, and maneuverability.

For the price, the Intex Challenger K1 is a very resourceful sit inside kayak for recreation and fitness. Once assembled, the boat is remarkably easier to inflate using a leg pump. It will take you only a few minutes to pump up and set the boat into the water.


  • The kayak is made of heavy-duty welded material for failsafe performance and durability.
  • The kayak features a well-designed cockpit that maximizes space for comfort and convenience.
  • The cargo net offers you enough room for storing additional gear, such as fishing equipment.
  • This versatile design comes with a hand pump, repair patch, and the aluminum aor.


  • The seat may loosen up after some time.

Verdict: The Intex Challenger K1 is the most resourceful and inexpensive kayaking gear for the price.

No. 6 Sun Dolphin Bali 6-Foot Kayak Review

The Sun Dolphin Bali is a uniquely made kids’ kayak. This particular model is available in one size and three color options for preference. Each color option is accompanied by a paddle; therefore, you do not need to incur additional costs.

Weighing in at approximately 26 pounds, the Sun Dolphin Bali is exceptionally lightweight for transport to the river or lake. It is fitted with a bow strap for pulling the kayak into the water during use and out of the water for storage.

The hull is made of high-quality material that is abrasion resistant, water resistant, and impact resistant. This superior hull structure provides maximum stability. As a result, you are able to track effortlessly without spending too much energy paddling.

The most ergonomic aspect of this kids’ kayak is the large seating space, which offers your kid more than enough room to move with the boat for superior maneuverability. Generally the Sun Dolphin Bail kayak can support up to 140 pounds.


  • The lightweight design of the boat is easy to carry from one location to another.
  • The 6-foot size is available in three color options (red, ocean, and tangerine) for preference.
  • The high performing hull offers improved stability and tracking without too much paddling
  • It is fitted with a wide seating area that is comfortable while padding for extended duration,


  • The kayak does not have a padded seat with backrest for comfort.

Verdict: The Sun Dolphin Bali kayak is the ideal choice for your kid, and it will certainly fit a tight budget.

No. 7 Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak Review

The Sea Eagle 330 is a well-built inflatable canoe that can accommodate two adults and their kayaking equipment. However, it gives the best performance for a solo kayaker. It is available in a very simple, but ergonomic and user-friendly design.

The hull is made of Sea Eagle popular material, which is PolyKrylar for better impact and abrasion resistance. It has I-beam construction along with high frequency welded seams for strength and durability when sailing moderate whitewater.

It is fitted with two inflatable seats with backrest and adjusting straps. You can easily adjust the seat to obtain a snug fit. This way, you will improve on maneuverability. Apart from the inflatable kayak, the package also comes with a storage bag and a foot pump.


  • The kayak is spacious enough to accommodate two adults and their equipment.
  • The PolyKrylar hull, welded seams, and I-beam construction offer strength and durability.
  • For a solo kayaker, the Sea Eagle 330 offers enough room for storage of equipment and other gear.
  • The inflatable seats are fitted with adjusting straps for superior positioning and support.


  • The boat may be a little bit unstable in moderate whitewater.

Verdict: The Sea Eagle 330 Kayak has proven to be a reliable kayaking gear. Not to mention that it is remarkably inexpensive.

In Conclusion

The Sea Eagle 330 Kayak marks the end of our best affordable kayak under $300 reviews. We settled for the above mentioned products after a thorough screening of features, performance, and customer ratings. These are the kayaks you should buy with a tight budget.

Cheap is good and convenient, but you should not completely compromise performance if there is a model that is high performing and fits your budget. We hope, by now, you should be able to make the most profound purchasing decision.

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Best Affordable Kayak under $300 Review: Top 7 Inexpensive Picks 2017


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