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Best Marine Binoculars of 2018

One of the most important gears that you need to have with you during water bound activities is a pair of the best Marine Binoculars. They will help you explore the open waters with confidence, even in low light and bad weather conditions.

However, the numerous options on the market may be overwhelming. In light of this, we decided to prepare the following list of product reviews to help you with your search. We picked these binoculars after taking into consideration the best features and performance.










Steiner 210 MM1050



Nikon 7440














No. 1 Bushnell 7×50 Marine Waterproof Binoculars Review

The Bushnell 7×50 Binoculars are high-quality and high performing marine viewing glasses for sailors, boaters, and any other water enthusiast. These state-of-the-art Marine Binoculars come with an analog compass, 5-piece cleaning kit, wide strap, and a micro fiber cleaning cloth.

The binoculars are made of the best quality materials with an anti-slip exterior finish for durability and easy handling. They are nitrogen purged; an attribute that improves the fog and water resistance capability of the binoculars on the water.

The binoculars are made of the BaK-4 Porro prism, which means they are a bit bulky, but very comfortable to hold in your hands. The Porro prism is also compact and easy to handle. Along with the multicoated optics, the Porro prism structure has superior light transmission ability.

You will also observe then easy-grip rubber coating that protects the binoculars from shock when they fall down, and also enables them to float in water. Another feature worth mentioning is the built-in compass for precision viewing.


  • The binoculars are nitrogen purged for effective fog and water resistance while on the water.
  • The BaK-4 Porro prism design is compact, easy to handle, and offers maximum light transmission.
  • The 50mm objective lens diameter and 7x magnification power provide you with an exit pupil of 7, which offers the best performance on water.
  • The easy-grip rubber coating protects the binoculars from shock, and also enables the binoculars to float in case they fall on water.
  • The built-in compass can be illuminated to provide accurate readings in low light conditions.


  • The BaK-4 Porro prism design is bulkier.

Verdict: Bushnell has always been one of the best brands, and they have proven their inventiveness with these binoculars.

No. 2 Steiner 210 MM1050 Military-Marine 10×50 Tactical Binoculars Review

The Steiner 210 MM1050 Marine Tactical Binoculars have been among the best marine binoculars. They are also among the best-selling marine glasses with a significantly high customer rating. They are packed with quality features that will certainly work for you.

The very first impressive design quality of the binoculars is the Porro prism construction. This particular design does not include moving parts. This particular feature maximizes light transmission for better image acquisition, especially at sunset.

The manufacturer has not specified whether or not the binoculars are nitrogen purged. But, they have proven to be very effective, as far as, fog and water resistance are concerned. The binoculars’ rubber-armored casing offers a strong grip and better shock-resistance.


  • The durable and light polycarbonate chassis of the binoculars can survive 11 G’s impact for legendary durability.
  • The NBR durable rubber armoring is shock absorbing, waterproof, fogproof, and offers an anti-slip grip for better handling in humid conditions.
  • The Porro prism construction is compact, durable, and offers better light transmission for unmatched clarity.
  • The proprietary lens coating of the binoculars improves light transmission allowing your eyes to see more contrast as well as brighter details in low light.


  • The Porro prism construction is bulkier.
  • The binoculars do not have a reticle.

Verdict: They are certainly the best binoculars for the money. The Porro prism construction offers you the best performance regardless of the fact that they are bulkier.

No. 3 Hooway 7×50 Waterproof Floating Marine Binoculars Review

If you are in the market in search of a state-of-the-art pair of marine viewing glasses, then the Hooway Marine Binoculars are what you need. These binoculars are designed to provide you with unmatched performance, either on water or on land.

The very first unique quality of the binoculars is the Porro prism. This particular design is compact, and offers superior light transmission. These binoculars have an objective lens diameter of 50mm, 7x magnification, and an exit pupil of 7mm.

The 7mm exit pupil provides you with sufficient light to view your target even at sunset. The fully multicoated optics ensures that you acquire crisp and bright images. The binoculars are also integrated with an internal rangefinder and compass for determining distance and direction.

Hooway ensured that these binoculars will perform as expected in the marine environment by making them fogproof and waterproof. They were also engineered to float on water in case they fall. Therefore, these binoculars are very much capable of withstanding extreme conditions.


  • The BaK-4 Porro prism construction offers unmatched clarity on water.
  • The 50mm objective diameter and 7X magnification provide an exit pupil of 7mm, which is suitable for marine viewing, especially in low light.
  • The fully multicoated optics eliminates reflection in order to maximize light transmission to acquire a crisp, bright, and clear image.
  • These binoculars are nitrogen purged and they feature rubber armor coating for better fog, shock, and water resistance.


  • The reticle rangefinder and compass indicators cannot be turned off.
  • The Porro prism construction is bulkier.

Verdict: The Hooway Marine Binoculars are very versatile and user-friendly; not to mention that they will offer you long-term service.

No. 4 AOMEKIE 7×50 HD Military Marine Binoculars Review

The AOMEKIE binoculars are well-built military marine binoculars for the money. They pack the best design features and performance at a very affordable price when compared to high-end models. The binoculars are available in army green and army blue colors for preference.

Like most marine glasses, the AOMEKIE binoculars feature a BaK-4 Porro prism construction that is very effective at transmitting light for better viewing. The prism delivers a sharp, crisp image with all the little details of your target at the desired range.

The 50mm objective lens diameter and the magnification power of 7X offers an exit pupil of 7mm. These are useful figures that result in maximum light transmission for superior viewing at sunset or dawn. They are also nitrogen field for superior fog and water resistance.


  • The BaK-4 Porro prism design delivers a sharp, bright image along with a vibrant contrast.
  • They are nitrogen filled for effective fog resistance on water, especially during the day.
  • The objective lens of 50mm and the exit pupil of 7mm maximize light transmission for superior viewing in low light.
  • The heavy-duty rubber armored coating offers no-slip grip and shock protection for easy handling and durability.
  • These versatile and resourceful binoculars are fitted with an internal directional compass, rangefinder, and objective lens covers.


  • They do not come with a center focus knob.

Verdict: These binoculars provide you with high-quality features at a very affordable price range, regardless of the fact that they do not have a center focus knob.

No. 5 PROMARINER Waterproof 7×50 Marine Binoculars Review

The PROMARINER Marine Binoculars provide you with a solution for rough seas and bad weather. These state-of-the-art marine binoculars will improve your marine experience. They feature a BaK-4 prism design that offers unparalleled image clarity.

These binoculars are engineered with a variety of on the water conditions in mind. According to PROMARINER, these marine glasses are designed to be waterproof. The binoculars are nitrogen-filled to keep the lenses from fogging during use.

The ruby-coated lenses decrease glare from the water. The housing of the binoculars floats; so, there is no need for you to buy a special floating strap. They are incorporated with a center focus knob for easy adjustment.

These PROMARINER binoculars are among the best marine binoculars in our listing primarily due to the 7x magnification power and the 50mm objective lens diameter. This combination offers you better light transmission for superior image quality.


  • The binoculars are nitrogen-filled to help keep the lenses from fogging.
  • The rubber armored coating floats and improves the water resistance capability of the binoculars.
  • The BaK-4 prism design helps to retain light in low light conditions and to minimize glare.
  • The center focus knob allows for easy adjustments during use.


  • The front lens caps of the binoculars may come off after some time.

Verdict: These binoculars will not offer a performance similar to that of high-end models, but they are very effective for the price.

No. 6 Nikon 7440 OceanPro 7×50 Waterproof Binoculars Review

Nikon is a well-known brand across the globe, and they have proven how special they are with the invention of the Nikon 7440 OceanPro Binoculars. These marine glasses will deliver good performance during water bound activities.

The manufacturers were so thoughtful when creating this product. They created two separate pairs of binoculars with a similar design, one with a built-in compass and the other one without a compass. Both versions are compact and ergonomic.

These Nikon marine binoculars use precision ground optics with multiple layers of non-reflective coatings to provide improved brightness, high contrast, and enhanced resolution for better viewing in bad weather and low light conditions (dusk/dawn).

The rubber armored exterior lining offers anti-slip grip for better handling and prevents the binoculars from sliding when they fall. Overall, the lightweight polycarbonate design is high performing and durable for long-term use.


  • The binoculars are O-ring sealed and nitrogen filled for superior fog, shock, and water resistance.
  • The exterior rubber armor offers non-slip grip for better handling during use.
  • The precision ground optics are integrated with multiple layers of non-reflective coating for superior performance in bad weather and low light conditions.
  • The binoculars are installed with fold-down eyecups for eye protection in rough water conditions.


  • The fold-down eyecups may present some difficulties during use.

Verdict: These binoculars fit the budget, especially the model without a built-in compass. They will serve you well during your water bound activities.

No. 7 BARSKA Deep Sea 7×50 Waterproof Floating Binoculars Review

The BARSKA Deep Sea Binoculars made into our list because of the quality features they present. Out of the box, you get the pair of binoculars, a carry bag, a pair of batteries, a lens cleaning cloth, and a strap.

The binoculars have an ergonomic design that features BaK-4 Porro prisms. This means that they are compact and very effective in retaining light in bad weather and low light conditions. The major attributes of these marine glasses are inscribed on top of the binoculars.

The binoculars are incorporated with multilayered coatings for anti-reflective performance in order to maximize good light transmission. This ensures that the binoculars are illuminated even in low light conditions for better viewing.

They are fitted with retractable eyecups that you can twist up for superior eye and face protection during use. The binoculars are nitrogen-filled to prevent the lenses from fogging, especially during bad weather.


  • The binoculars’ large objective lens diameter of 50mm delivers more light for superior performance.
  • They are nitrogen-filled to keep the lenses from fogging under normal and bad weather conditions.
  • The heavy-duty design has a rubber armored covering for a non-slip and ergonomic grip, especially in bad weather.
  • The binoculars are fitted with an internal compass and rangefinder for direction and range measurements.


  • The twist-up rubber eyecups may deteriorate after some time.

Verdict: These floating binoculars will certainly fit the budget. They offer good performance irrespective of the few design flaws that may occur after some time.   

The Wrap Up

In bad weather, at dawn, at twilight, or in fogging conditions, the best marine binoculars will help you pick up landmarks, floats, large water vessels, or another boat that might be impossible to detect with naked eyes.

Your pair of high performing binoculars can save you from possible or imminent disasters, such as a heavy storm. The reviewed brands and models are the best you can find on today’s market. These binoculars do have different levels of performance, but they are all intended for marine use.

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Best Marine Binoculars of 2018


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