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Best Car Seats For Twins of 2018 & Buying guide

Hey – congratulations! You’ve accomplished one of the most amazing things that a person can do – giving birth to not just one human being, but two! Twins! That’s awesome – but you might be wondering what you can do to transport your two babies efficiently!

Fortunately, there’s a pretty prominent market that’s catered towards parents who have newborn twins. We’re here to help you understand what makes a good car seat for a pair of twins, and we’re here to help you do this safely. It can take a lot of research and a lot of time to figure out how to find the best car seat for your twin babies!







Britax Boulevard 70-G3



Evenflo Tribute LX



Safety 1st Guide 65



Chicco Keyfit Infant



Britax Roundabout G4.1


What makes a car seat good for twins?

Your basic objective when you’re buying Car Seats for twins is to find two compatible seats without a significant amount of difference between the two. Buying two seats from separate brands might make one twin become uncomfortable, or even jealous of the other!

Fortunately, a lot of brands keep this in mind. Not all brands are capable of making seats suitable for twins, but many make models that can be situated next to each other in the back seat so each child feels comfortable being suited up next to each other.


As you’ve probably already guessed (and if you haven’t, make sure you remember!) that safety is first when it comes to transporting your young ones. What does this mean for twins who need seats?

  • Don’t get second-hand seats. Most baby seats have an expiry date on them and buying them used means that you’re either going to go past the expiry date, which is very dangerous, or you’re going to have to buy another seat sooner than later.
    • Buying a used seat also means that you won’t know if something’s broken or not. While most (sane) parents wouldn’t deliberately sell a broken baby seat, something could be fundamentally wrong with it without their knowing.
  • Talk to other parents you know about their choice in car seats. Well educated parents should have enough information to help guide you through your purchase – and if not, after reading this article, you’ll be able to help them!

Getting a good fit

It’s super important that you measure your car before going out to buy baby seats. A lot of manufacturers make seats that advertise that you can fit three of them side-by-side in a standard car, but you’ll still want to double check.

  • First, measure the width of the back seat from door-to-door. This allows you to figure out how many seats you can fit and how much arm room your children will have.
  • Then measure the depth of the back – meaning the distance from the back of the front seat, to the front of the back seat.
    • It’s good to take another measurement of depth after you’ve moved the front seat forward until you’re just about uncomfortable. This allows you to make preparations to accommodate larger, longer car seats.
    • Long baby seats can be incredibly frustrating and can also be quite a surprise to people who only measured the width of their backseat.

How you’re transporting your kids outside the car?

Some car seats are convertible and can be attached to strollers with a fairly simple adjustment. Some can even be worn as front-packs so you can carry your child around! It’s good to make sure you know what you plan to do with your children when moving them on the daily because you can save a lot of money on equipment.

  • It’s recommended that you buy your car seat after you’ve already chosen your stroller. Why? The average stroller has a longer expiry date than most car seats so you’ll be better able to choose compatible car seats based on your choice of stroller.
  • If you can, try to go to a store and physically carry the seat around. Imagine you’re also carrying the weight of your baby in the seat. Then, multiply all that weight by two. If it seems like too much, find lighter seats.

Figure out if you’re getting a convertible car seat

Convertible car seats are pretty cool – they can be continually adjusted as your children grow into different types of seats. A good convertible car seat would be able to transform from an infant rear facing seat, to a toddler’s seat, to a booster seat and sometimes even into a stroller-compatible seat.

  • Convertible seats, while they may carry an initial price tag much higher than what you’d pay for a non-convertible seat, save you money in the long run. Instead of having to buy new seats for each twin once they reach toddlerhood and then again when they reach childhood, your one seat will continue to adapt for them as they grow.
  • Check the height and weight limits of these seats. If you’re planning on using them for years to come you’ll need to prepare for the chance that your kid’s going to grow up to be extra tall or extra wide!

Consider comfort

Your kid’s going to be spending a lot of time strapped to this seat. If it’s not comfortable, then they’re not going to have a good time – and, in turn, that’ll lead to you having a miserable time.

  • If you get a soft, cushy and comfortable seat then your baby will be much better able to fall asleep in it. This means more quiet rides and less dealing with tears while you’re trying to focus on the road.
  • Some seats have additional features like night-curtains that block out the sunlight so your baby can nap, or armrests to keep their arms… rested.

So which car seats are the best for twins?

Once you’ve established your budget, your preferences, and what type of seat you plan to buy, it’s time to make the big decision! That can take a ton of research and dedication though, so fortunately we’ve sifted through a lot of different products to determine which ones are most suitable for a set of twins.

Without further ado, here are the best twin seats you’ll find today.

1. Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat

This is a good option for people who like convenience. This seat is incredibly easy to install and held the number one rating for infant car seats in the States for a while.

Its safety features include a five-point harness that’s easily adjustable for comfort and safety. There’s an insert to keep newborn babies between five and ten pounds extra safe and comfortable.

The installation is made simple by the use of a spring-assisted and a bubble level, as well as a “center-pull” feature that allows you to easily adjust the thing.

The seat’s made from EPS foam that absorbs shock and provides side Impact Protection and it has a belt-latching system that allows you to lock it into your seatbelt for ease of use. The handle for carrying the unit is comfortable, making it easy if you have to carry two.


  • Convenient and easy to install
  • Has a lot of safety features
  • Good handle for carrying
  • EPS foam provides excellent impact protection


  • Not a convertible seat
  • Doesn’t support bigger babies

2. Britax Boulevard 70-G3 Convertible Car Seat Seat

Britax used to be known for selling really bad car seats, but don’t let that sway you away. Once they found out the public wasn’t happy with them, Britax really flipped the switch and they’re now known for being some of the most innovative car seat designers.

This seat works for children between five and forty pounds – not a terribly high weight limit, but fair enough. The seat is designed to reduce the force of any crashes you might encounter, and the company uses SafeCell Technology to ensure side impact protection.

The HUGS Chest Pads keep your kid safely in place without being uncomfortable and there are extra comfort features including harness holders and great quality cushioning. The thing’s easy to install and is approved for use on airplanes, which means it’s also approved for use in taxis and on trains.

This seat comes with a one year warranty and a seven-year expiry date.


  • Good safety features
  • Made for maximum comfort – minimizes crying babies
  • Innovative features
  • Comes with a one year warranty


  • Max weight limit of 40 pounds

3. Safety 1st Guide 65 Convertible Car Seat

Now here’s a great car seat that’s going to give you some great bang for your buck. The rear facing weight limit is forty pounds, but front-facing, this seat can hold children between 22 and 25 pounds.

There’s an adjustable headrest to ensure your kid’s comfortable and that their necks don’t get strained. The main safety feature is a standard five point harness with adjustable positions coming from three buckles, as well as energy absorbing foam that provide decent side impact protection. There’s also a cup holder and body pillows included!

This seat might not have all the bells and whistles you’ll find in a Britax seat but for a budget family – or for someone who just can’t realistically shell out the hundreds of dollars needed to seat twins – this seat’s a great option.


  • Cheap
  • Good front facing weight maximum
  • Comfortable
  • Safety harness is adjustable


  • Not as safe as more expensive models

4. Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat

This is an even more economical model than the prior entry, and definitely the cheapest on this list. It may not have as many features for comfort and safety as the other models, but the unit meets all the federal safety standards in the US.

The seat’s made from 100% polyester, which isn’t the most comfortable, but won’t leave your baby with a sore butt. It’s been safety-tested to prove its integrity and went far and above what the federal rules require. There’s also proven side impact protection.

It makes use of energy absorbing foam to lessen any impacts, as well as many adjustable buckles to ensure that they can be situated comfortably. The cover can be removed and is machine washable and the rest is easily wiped or scrubbed off.

This is also a great lightweight seat coming in at only 9 pounds, which makes it great for parents having to carry twins.


  • Cheap
  • Light
  • Federally approved
  • Side impact protection
  • Adjustable for comfort


  • Not the most comfortable material

5. Britax Roundabout G4.1 Convertible Car Seat

Another entry from born-again Britax; this seat is impressive. It uses safe cell impact protection – a whole bunch of different safety things that work together to create a safety status far above federal regulation’s requirements.

Thick foam keeps your kid comfortable and safe from side impact protection. There’s a protective ‘shell’ surrounding your child, which is great for absorbing the impact of any accidents that may occur.

It’s easy to install, has a two position buckle that adjusts to accommodate growing kids, and is quite comfortable. Unfortunately, it’s pretty heavy, coming in at 23 pounds. For a Britax, though, this seat is fairly affordable (Britax usually has quite high priced models.)


  • Has typical (and impressive) Britax safety features that ensure your child’s safety
  • Thick foam keeps your kid comfortable
  • Accommodates 50 pounds
  • Cheap compared to Britax’s other seats


  • Heavy
  • Expensive compared to non-Britax seats

So which is the best?

If you’re on a budget, grab Evenflo’s Tribute LX – it’s cheap, it’s light, and it meets all the federal standards. It may not have all the bonus extra safety features that Britax includes, but that doesn’t make it unsafe.

If budget isn’t a concern then we’d suggest Britax’s first contender, the Boulevard 70-30 car seat. It has a wide weight and height range and is jam packed with lots of safety features that only Britax seats use. This makes it ideal for parents who don’t want to switch seats as their children start to get too big, and can put your worries to rest – your kids will probably be safer in this seat than you!

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Best Car Seats For Twins of 2018 & Buying guide


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