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How Long Do Bedbugs Live After Spraying?

How Long Do Bedbugs Live After Spraying?

Bedbugs are one of the most resilient of the parasites that suck human blood. They never seem to go away, even after efforts to get rid of them. They have a way of coming back after Spraying them with insecticide. Maybe you’ve ever had them sprayed, and you thought they were no more, only to see them crawling around a day or two later.Do Bedbugs survive insecticide sprays? Or just how long do bedbugs live after spraying?

The answer is, they’re supposed to die almost immediately. But do they?

Pest experts link this miraculous comeback of the bugs after a pest extermination effort to several factors;

  • The spraying not having reached every part of the house that had the bugs
  • Eggs hatching later after the strength of the insecticide has waned
  • The chemical sprayed not being strong enough to kill all the bugs
  • The method of extermination being infective at killing the bedbugs
  • The owner of the house picking bugs from other places and reintroducing them into their homes
  • The bugs having the ability to go for up to ten days without food as they hide from the effects of spraying waiting for it to weaken

Still, bedbugs are known to survive spraying, requiring, in most cases, a repeat extermination effort to eliminate them.

What Makes Bedbugs so Strong?

They are tiny, out of sight creatures. They know when its time to hide and when its time to attack. They know how and where to hide, out of reach of chemicals being used to exterminate them.

A female bedbug is capable of laying as many as 500 eggs at a go, which makes bug populations increase rapidly. And with them hiding in cracks and crevices on the wall and furniture, anything less than a thorough treatment wouldn’t guarantee total elimination.

Bedbugs feed every 5-10 days and, and the method used to exterminate them would need to take this into account.

Treatment to get rid of bugs should be done thoroughly, and every effort very precise in eliminating them. That’s where a professional comes in. Having a Pest Management Professional (PMP) do the job makes bedbug extermination more probable because they’re skilled and experienced in the job.

How you can get Bedbugs and to how Prevent infestation

Although most people think bedbugs are brought by filth, this is not so. Any home, whether clean or dirty is equally prone to a bedbug infestation. Bedbugs travel by hitchhiking on peoples clothes, furniture, and other items. That’s how they’re able to move from one place to another infesting homes.

You only need to welcome guests to your house who are carrying bedbugs in their clothes and the bugs will have found their new home. You can also get bugs by visiting a home infested with the bugs, or a guesthouse with bedding carrying bedbugs.

What to Do When Attacked by Bedbugs

Because you cannot possibly control bedbugs reaching tour home, it helps to be on the lookout to detect their presence early enough and start control measures.

This is how to spot a possible bedbug infestation. If you notice the following, you’re likely infested

  • Rusty stains on mattress and bedsheets
  • Bites at night
  • You may even see the bugs hiding in cracks and crevices, or
  • Eggs sticking on mattresses and other bedding

Immediately you notice signs of bug infestation, take action before it’s too late. Find a strategy. Seal mattresses and cushions in covers to prevent the bugs already in them from coming out and multiplying. If possible, use insecticide on the areas you’ve found to have the bugs. Before you call in a professional pest control person, try to vacuum the affected areas to kill the bugs. You can also buy bug-control spray chemicals or powders and try to control the bugs yourself. Only if the infestation is too severe for you to fight should you call an expert bug exterminator.

Bedbugs are strong creatures that are known for the ability to survive pest control measure, even the ones involving professional pest control experts. In most cases though, a repeat extermination exercise usually works wonders to eliminate the remaining bugs for good. Whenever you notice the first sign of bedbug infestation, that’s the time you ought to start the fight to eliminate them. Starting early results in more effective bug control.

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How Long Do Bedbugs Live After Spraying?


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