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TV 2017

As a summary of 2017 we thought we would include all the weird, wonderful and extensive list of all the shows we have loved this year.

We will try and not spoil anything but just to be on the safe side

So without further ado..

OK we might run on and on about TV, but we watch a lot of it and binge watch a number of shows.

We liked the latest season of Orange is the new Black. This show is getting a lot more gritty and gripping the more it goes on. We are still hooked! 

We loved Stranger Things and we just finished the 2nd Season, it’s so immersive. The second season is just as strong and the first and we look forward to exploring more of the new characters in the next season.

Of course we had the return of The Gilmore Girls at the very start of the year and it was lovely to see the return of the fast talking, coffee swigging Lorelei Gilmore, it may have been a little flat, but that is typical of trying bring back a much loved favourite and did the end open the door for another season?

Oh Game of Thrones, well did you expect that to happen? We love Arya! We still wish some of the secondary characters would get more screentime/lines and more involvement in the plot but other than that. 

Star Trek Discovery is a bit of a let down and so flawed, (This coming from a lifelong Trekker – not Trekkie ) We don’t expect this to live long and prosper! I never got into Star Trek and this hasn’t changed my mind. Incredibly predictable and I find myself losing interest halfway through especially if the ‘Mocha Fockka chockka’ People are in it.

The Orville seems to do it all so much better a little cringey here and there, but the satire and scope of the show are quite clever. 

The Good Place We were surprised at the success of a truly quirky little comedy that we stumbled upon. Though it is a bit stupid it’s still entertaining and the storyline hasn’t got stuck.

There was Riverdale of course, great 1st season, I love the timelessness of it, the way everything is so old school, with just a hint of modern, with a phone and laptop every so often. The second season is just as interesting and a second mystery is a brewing. 

The Handmaid’s Tale was a great improvement on the film of a few years ago and even dare we say it, on the book!  Wow, the casting company needs praise for finding so many odd looking people and Alexis Bleidel really can act and re-act, who knew! I found myself getting so outraged by this show and surprisingly so stressed out, which though it sounds like a bad thing, it really isn’t!

Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Daredevil and The Defenders, all ran over lapping and doing their own thing, sometimes well, sometimes not so, namely Danny Rand is crap at fighting! Luke Cage got too political at first and The Defenders were all over the place, that was not a well rounded group. I love the fact that Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson) crosses over and helps tie the group together and also kicks some ass too! The one thing I noticed in all of these shows was the fact the secondary characters were just as courageous and strong in their own way so the focus wasn’t always on the Hero’s.

The Punisher has just started but seems good so far. I really liked his character in the last season of Daredevil and look forward to Karen Page’s input.

The Gifted is going well, if only we got more mutants, there seem to be thousands of them, yet everything relies on Disco Hands (Eclipse) and Thunderbird who seems to have every power under the sun. Give us more random odd ball muteys! But the series has been one we look forward to every week.

Legion did it well though, weird and strangely timed in places, but when you are watching it flows, it’s just going back for each episode that  is the problem.

The let down of the year has to be Twin Peaks, the 2nd episode was truly the worst TV of the year, we gave up after that, so episode 3 could have been mind blowing we will never know. Honestly I had never seen the first series but I ended up watching this show much like this gif underneath but with less enthusiasm (but that actually looks entertaining)

Jane the Virgin continues to play along happily. We are watching this separately, Bob is currently on season 2 and enjoying every moment. But Ash is still picking through season 1 and it’s OK, but not so excited by it, hence Bob rushing ahead.

Lucifer Ash: This is much the same as Jane, it’s alriiiiight, but he drives me crazy! And because of that I’m not that bothered with it.  Bob: I like all the leading ladies in this show but I agree with Ash, Lucifer is annoying, Though I think that has calmed down a bit since season 1.

Santa Clarita Diet is random and funny for a while, but didn’t hold my attention long enough to make it to the end of the season.

Big Little Liars Was good, a Bit Slow in places and really, really doesn’t need a second season. That being said some of that acting was quite amazing really and some of the characters were so annoying!!!

The 2nd season of  The Man in the High Castle, was better than the 1st season, it had more understanding of what was going on, the alternate timeline stuff and more tension, plus it seemed to move more fluidly.

The Magicians Season 2 was just as good as the 1st, I still get irritated by Quinton, still get irritated by Penny and it is nothing like the book! We read it earlier this year and the TV show is way better, well done to the writers! Season 2 was full of new characters and a whole new land, which was really good to see. May I just add that Julia makes the show!

Sweet Vicious Is it being picked up for another season? This is the main question, it was soo good! It broached a really difficult topic in a refreshing dark comedy spin without it sacrificing the importance of the moral. It just needs more time to make more statements and yet for some reason they didn’t pick it up, what is wrong with the TV Execs? Seriously!

The Bold Type This too didn’t look like it was going to get picked up, but finally it did and we are so glad! It’s so good, it was the highlight of our week to sit down and watch the girl latest dilemma. A strong female cast and again looking at some very important current issues in a refreshing way and so many nice clothes! We literally comment on every outfit in that show – And just a good thing, they wear the same clothes over and over, and talk about money, which most shows don’t.

Glow Strange show, quirky and a bit slow to get going, but we held on and it got there in the end. It just needs more of the fighting/wrestling.

The 100 Still going strong and the end of the season has us wondering what is going to happen next. There were some new additions to the cast this season, I just wished they had been explored more.

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TV 2017


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