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The Zombie Apocalypse Decoded

It has been one of the famous genres of Hollywood science fiction movies. A virus breaks out killing every living Human being. Some moments later the dead walk and consume the living like some happy meal and make them like themselves. But one thing that all zombies possess is the inability to feel pain or any other human emotion. They are just a bag of bones and flesh walking around.

Don’t worry; this is not to pester you with how these movies are made and whether a Zombie Apocalypse is real or not. I just want to prove that it is already going on and we are too ignorant to see it. We have discovered ways of not feeling anything for those who are hurt or dying. I will try my level best in this particular blog to decode the “Zombie Apocalypse” or “World War Z”, whatever seems fit to you.

Alright, without wasting any further of your time I will come straight to the point and put forward some pointers as to how a zombie apocalypse is already happening:
     The game of emotions: Seriously, people nowadays are too busy with filling their own pockets and houses. No one cares who gets hurt or dies in this. Everyone looks to becoming the winner. No one wants to be left behind in this mad rat race. Emotions have taken a backside in this train of getting to the top and have been reduced to being a remote controlled unit that can be used whenever one wants to.

·    Fake Relationships: Just like the villain in the zombie movies who wins the trust of those good people around him first and then decides to use them as guinea pigs for his escape. People have stooped to the level of making fake relationships based on false love and attachment. Seriously, is it all worth it more than a real human connection? And those with a little bit of a real relationship begin to doubt their sanity when they are told how they can use the other person for passing time and whatnot.

·      The material need: Nowadays just like the undead in horror movies who only need human flesh to survive. Folks have stooped to a level that helps them get their material needs fulfilled no matter what is the cost involved. Being a hungry materialistic bastard has become far more important than being a human. When faced with maintaining relationships over getting their desired car someone may even say that the relation will not get the petrol in their vehicle. Who could be this cold if not humans?

·      Insensitive Humans: Exactly like the undead who cannot see and feel anything except the flesh in their mouths. People have degraded to a level where the only thing they can feel is the cold cash and mobile phone. Sentiments and the will to help someone in need are almost extinct. If this continues then one day the entire human race will perish in a few years. A simple example can be a person lying unconscious on the road and not one passerby stopping to help them. Just a bunch of cowards looking forward to discuss something at a tea break in their office.

So, the above mentioned things made me feel that a zombie apocalypse is already happening. It is just that we need to open our eyes to see it happen and save everyone we can from this maddening disease.

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The Zombie Apocalypse Decoded


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