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How to kill and remove lice from your body.

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How to remove super Lice quickly!

1. Use NIX treatment shampoo as directed. This product is good for children 2 months and older as well as adults. Do not wash your hair for minimum 1 day after, 2 days if you can handle it is best. This product must be used again in two weeks so write it down on your calendar. Don't forget!! Ask your pharmacist if you can use it sooner than the 14 days if you are very infested. Sometimes they say you can use it again within 7-10 days after the first treatment.

2. Use a powerful blow dry and a timer. The timer on your phone (found with the clock app) works great! Set the timer for 40 seconds and apply hot heat to the scalp for as long as you are able to stand it (minimum 30 seconds). Be careful doing this on children (especially babies) as you don't want to burn their scalps. You can start this process immediately after washing your hair with the NIX. Make sure to do this process in a bathroom or somewhere thats easy to clean after. You'll need to sweep and mop the floor, clean the sink, and counter top as well. Do it outside in your backyard if you have an outlet available and its a nice day. This way you leave the nasty bugs outside and they'll definitely die if still alive.

3. Comb your hair thoroughly with a nit or flea comb. The nit comb works best if its metal because plastic combs often break quickly or have wide set tines. You want the tines to be as tight and close together as possible. The best comb I found was a flea comb at the pet store. Be sure to boil the comb after each use. Barbicide will also kill the lice on the combs but follow instructions exactly as per the label. Keep it away from children at all times. A little bit mixed with water is all that is needed. Dump it in the toilet after using and flush.

4. Pubic lice - a misnomer for these creatures - can actually travel all over your body. Get a Perineal Irrigation bottle from amazon or a medical supply store to wash these lice out of your lower body. Do it while sitting on the toilet so there is less mess.

5. A lint roller will catch many little bugs from clothes, buzzed heads, and skin. They are super affordable and found in the laundry section of  Target.

6. Wash all bedding, clothes, jackets, etc in HOT water. Dry them in HOT heat as well. Pillows need to be dried every night for 30 minutes before use to kill any lice that may be on them. Place plush toys and decorative pillows or anything else you can't wash into large garbage bags and store them in the garage for two weeks. Vacuum the carpet and hire a carpet cleaner if possible and ask them to use chemicals that kill bugs.

7. Vinegar - You can get 2 gallons of vinegar at Costco for under $5.00. Some people will tell you this is a home remedy and won't work to kill lice. We used it to loosen the protein glue that lice use to attach the eggs. Its very important to remove as many eggs as possible or the infestation will continue. My mom soaked her hair in neem oil shampoo (Sprouts super market) and doused a towel in vinegar which she wrapped around her head for 10 minutes to help get the adult lice off her head. I poured it into my hair while nit combing to pull out as much garbage as possible. What ever you do, do not get it into your eyes because it burns. Try to keep your eyes closed, covered, and protected. Keep fresh water handy to clean out your eyes if needed. Do not use vinegar more than once a week since it is acidic. Be sure to wash it out quickly.

Children and babies
When older siblings bring home lice from school or indoor play parks, check the baby's scalp for "dandruff." More than likely this will be a cluster of nits and lice trying to camouflage into the skin. Pediatricians will mistake the lice for dandruff as well. I know because it happened to us! Your phone's camera might have a magnifying glass option so use it to take a close look at your child's scalp. Dandruff and lice do not look alike up close.

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How to kill and remove lice from your body.


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