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Two to One Bond

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Take these two for instance.

Both met unexpectedly, but bonded so well.

One had been looking for love but was struggling to find genuine love.

The same applies to the other, who already felt the connection as they spoke.

They’ve learned of each other’s experiences, struggles, troubles, & pain. Yet, it only interested them even more in each other.

They grow fond of each other. They then express their bond by coming together.

They promise to always remain as two to that one bond no matter what.

It all goes so well, so smoothly, like a dream come true to them both. They had strong faith that they could conquer anything together.

Hell then breaks lose to test that theory.

Some of the worst things happen to one of them. Some things the other had absolutely no idea how to handle as it never happened before.

Then, they hit a downhill slope in their life & they steadily fall as times grow worse.

The other tries to fix the slope & pull them back up but is at a constant struggle because of how much weight there is to pull. The feeling of not being strong enough was what really made the weight more than it seemed.

Thoughts kept running through their head to give up. But they’d never forgive themselves for letting the other fall & giving up on their bond that was built.

So they keep pulling. They’d start making progress, but some days would be better than others where they’d make progress, but then none, or even fall back a few.

But all that would matter is they’d still be there trying to pull it all back.

Good things come around, the slope slowly heals itself, & all seems to return in place.


Now hell breaks lose on the other & a downhill slope hits them. They fall down, they are lost, depressed, confused on what to do.

One wants to be there to pull the other that fell back up as it should be after what they did for then, but they don’t want to be pulled. They feel they can push themselves back up & fix the slope on their own to become stronger. They wanted to stand alone doing it.

The bond was sacrificed to make both stronger. That is what the one that fell believed in. It was said that the purpose was understood. But then, the other would soon succumb to new struggles that wore them down to where they needed the other to be there.

But they set their focus on pulling themselves back up & were motivated by the bond being replenished once they made it back up. They hoped the other had enough belief that it would.

Yet, being alone doing so was something that one could not handle. They wanted to be there for the other that was building themselves back up but they themselves grew selfish & wanted to keep being alone until they felt more better than ever & comfortable to have the other around again. & continue the bond.

However, little did they know, the bond was fading within the mind of the other. By being alone so much & having faced with struggles they did not want to handle alone, an introduction to a new bond rose about. And that new bond helped that one overcome their struggles & replenish them.

Now the other, who had been alone during the time to find themselves & grow stronger, had finally received the boost they prayed for. They were able to push themselves up back to the top & then go even further. They were happy to achieve victory, they felt much stronger than ever. But there was a defeat they didn’t realize.

The bond between the two was no more because of a new bond one grew interested in investing.

The other realized their focus was too strictly on themselves. They were sure the bond would always be there & be ready when they were at the top again.

Proudly acknowledging the new bond, that one starts calling out what it has that the old one didn’t have. As if the bond was never good since the beginning. They start calling out on the things the other didn’t do during their bond & even things they grew angry towards in the past & held onto to explode.

The new bond already replenished them greatly & better than the old one ever could. They were confident the new bond was the perfect one. So off they went to further pursue it.

The other, who now has pushed themselves to great things, sits with emptiness because of the bond no longer being there. It was what motivated them to push themselves back to the top & then more to be much more comfortable & confident in making the bond grow more than before.

How could they have been there & dedicated themselves to the bond when they could not maintain their own bond with life & their inner self? It was a journey meant to be taken alone. It was nothing personal at all. It was much different than when things went otherwise in the past.

With it being no more, there was no more motivation to keep going. They’d return to the original plan on pushing alone & building alone with no bond at all to look forward to. A new one would have to take place along the way.

But its not what they want to happen. They couldn’t accept a new one even if brought to their face with open arms. But they can’t return to the old one as it takes two for one bond. And that other is enjoying another bond too well for them to return to the old one with faults that would’ve have been fixed later on.

They could grow bitter, angry, & uncaring for all that comes after, but never could those be part of their character.

They’d still hope the absolute best for the new bond to bring about all the things then old could not even though it was meant to take just a little bit of patience for it to be picked up on.

But they could not ever be there for that one because of that new bond interfering. Which would break the promise of always being there as two to that one bond. But there is no bond anymore. So there’s nothing to be there for. The new bond takes over that promise as the old originated it.

The new bond restarts & innovates everything the bold bond invented & originated. It can look better, sound better, taste better, feel better, but it could never be the original two to one bond.

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Two to One Bond


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