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More than a Skin Deep Look at Maganda Aesthetics

Good morning fellow Trotters and welcome back to another weekend!  Is it just me or did this week seem especially long?!  Well grab a cup of coffee and a pastry because right now you guys are in for a treat!  I got an exclusive interview with Samantha Ponce founder and owner of YYC’s mobile aesthetic service, Maganda Aesthetics.  

Sitting down with Sam put several things about clinical Aesthetics into perspective for me and I figured I would share some of my new found knowledge with you, my lovely readers!   Plus…brace yourselves… we even got the inside scoop on her life and some tips to love the Skin we’re in — because let’s face it — your skin is your cover forever.

To begin Maganda means beautiful in filipino (which is her heritage) and Sam is all about showing and reminding people how beautiful they are.  I also think it’s a fitting name because she’s an incredibly beautiful person inside and out.  Just sitting and chatting over dinner you could see how much she cares about her clients and how she lives life to the fullest! See below for the dish.

Q: Tell me a little bit about yourself. 

I am a born and raised Calgarian — a unicorn if you will.  My roots take me all the way to the Philippines, where one day I hope to volunteer.  I’m passionate about people — I love socializing and helping others.  I really found my calling in medical aesthetics! 

Q: What are your hobbies?

 I love hiking and camping — the general outdoors!  I really enjoy exploring our great city and have recently started yoga & meditation.  

Q: Who is your biggest inspiration?

My grandma — she raised 6 children and brought them to Canada with nothing but hopes of a better life for them.  Because of her, I’m proud to call myself a Canadian!

Q: What do you have planned for the summer?

I’m planning a trip to Costa Rica in June, it will be my first solo trip ever!  I decided to treat myself to this Eat, Pray, Love trip to celebrate some of the difficult things I have overcome this past year.  I’m also planning some camping trips in and around BC & Alberta over July and August.  There is nothing better than marshmallows over a campfire!

Q. Describe your sense of style.

My style is pretty casual — usually jeans and a t-shirt.  I normally wear scrubs to work so it’s a nice change to wear denim.  I can also be a little girly and dawn a summer dress when the weather is warm!

Q. Describe your business 

I provide mobile aesthetic services — as in I go to my client.  People are busy and often times neglect self-care because they just don’t have the time to drive everywhere and keep appointments.  I go to the client’s home (or requested place) & provide facials, waxing, tinting ect.

Q. What made you choose this career path & do you have any formal training? 

Prior to pursuing clinical aesthetics,  I was in private education, and while it did have some benefits I wanted to really improve people’s lives and help people recognize how beautiful they are.   I have a diploma from Delmar School of Hair & Aesthetics.  I am also a certified laser technician & waxologist.  I can perform eyebrow/eyelash tinting, chemical peels and have recently obtained my threading certificate! I even do manicures and pedicures — so basically all your needs are met!

Q. What other services are you looking to offer in the future?

I’m currently looking into training for eyelash extensions and eyelash perming — so stay tuned for more exciting things at Maganda Aesthetics

Q. Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

Within the next decade, I hope to open my own salon/spa and have developed a successful product line for women and men.  I’m looking into making anti ageing products for women and I have found that men don’t often perform self-care routines because they think it’s complicated.  I’m on a mission to create a simple one step/one product to use for facial and scalp hair.

Q. What do you think is the most important service you can offer your clients?

Facials!  People are often misinformed about the importance of keeping your pores clean & debris free.  They also help people feel relaxed and their skin feeling good for 4 weeks after (that is the amount of time it takes for skin cell turnover).  

Q. What do you like most about your job?

I really love learning more about the industry & learning about new products to help my clients.  

Q. How do you structure your day?

Well, I usually start by hitting snooze 7 times … mornings are hard!  Once  I’m up I do some yoga to stretch and recenter my mind this is then followed by coffee & breakfast.  On days that I’m working at a clinic I like to pull my client’s charts to remind myself what their previous treatments were and prep for whatever they would like done on this particular visit.  I usually prep 2-3 clients in advance.  My day usually ends with a late lunch and A LOT of laundry.  Cleanliness is next to godliness (especially in this line of work)! 

Q. How do you handle criticism?

To start with, I don’t let it eat away at me.  I usually listen, smile & nod.  If there is something constructive in the criticism then I learn from it otherwise I move forward and focus on positive energy!

Q. What is/was your biggest fear in becoming a new business owner?

My biggest fear would be offering a service to someone and them having an allergic reaction to the products.  It’s hard to know in advance how each treatment will affect individuals — I’ve had one experience where my aunt had her eyebrows tinted for the first time and she had an allergic reaction causing her eyes to swell shut! Talk about scary! (Ps. she’s fine now) 

Q. Who has been your biggest supporter throughout this endeavour?

My friends and family have been amazing throughout this entire adventure.  I went from miserable in private education to excited about my day!  Even while I was in school my friends let me practice on them — whether it was waxing or tinting.  They were super patient because when you’re learning you’re not necessarily as quick as people who have been practising for a few years.  

My mom has been amazing, she advertises my business to anyone who will listen!  My brother has also been a great help — he’s my guinea pig for new products. 

Q. How do you fit healthy eating & fitness into your busy schedule?

Usually in between clients;  I stretch and do breathing exercises.  I believe it’s important for me to be centred and have a positive energy so my clients can be relaxed and get the most out of their service.  Finding time to eat during the day can be difficult so I try to eat a larger breakfast with eggs and avocado.  I also pack snacks like almonds and fruit but finding time to eat even the snacks can be hard too.  Basically…. I run on coffee like most of the boss babes out there!  I also try to drink about a litre of water per day — dehydration is the worst for your skin.

Q. What are the biggest skin care mistakes people frequently make?

It’s the most frustrating as an aesthetician when people use products recommended by friends and family rather than based on their own skin type.  It’s happened to us all — when I was younger I was using Oil of Olay because my mom did but I found that I always broke out.  I learned that Oil of Olay is geared for mature skin and obviously in my teen years this was not me!  It’s super important to know you your skin type and use moisturizers and cleansers that are appropriate. 

Q. What are some good face cream products you recommend to your clients? 

There are SO many great products and it really depends on your skin type — dry or oily, wrinkled vs smooth etc.  I really like using the Eminence Line because it is COMPLETELY organic (you could even eat their products!)  It’s great for people who have acne prone skin because it is probiotic based. 

The HA5 line is a great product for anyone feeling dehydrated; their sunscreen is amazingly non-greasy and doesn’t turn white! 

Q. What advice would you give to other starting their own business?

Have fun!” — Samantha Ponce 

It’s your business so have fun growing it and learning about it.  Take the time to enjoy the experience — naming, networking because you are your own boss! Why do it if you’re not having fun?

Q. What social media platforms do you use the most?

Mainly Instagram and Facebook — great for picture sharing and reaching a large number of potential clients!

Q. What would you like readers to take away from this interview?

Anyone is capable of achieving their dream — throw your whole heart & soul into your dream.

Well folks, there you have it — an inside look into the wonderful world of aesthetics.  I know this isn’t the most romantic of topics to discuss, but it’s a necessary topic.  Over our lifetimes we will have spent countless hours on personal grooming; having an aesthetician look after you can really benefit your skin.  Bonus: who doesn’t love a spa day and being pampered?!

Chatting with Sam was refreshing, she encourages questions and wants everyone to be more educated about health and wellness (especially skin).  She’s an incredibly positive person and she brings her business to you (how amazing is that).  No more time spent in waiting rooms when you need waxing or a facial.  It’s convenient & affordable.  Check out her website & I encourage you to take her favourite quote to heart:

Count your blessings not your problems!” — Author Unknown

I hope that you learned some interesting things about clinical aesthetics and the mobile aesthetician Sam!  Personally speaking, I’ve had Sam wax me numerous times — she’s professional and a wealth of knowledge on the subject.  I would give her services ♥♥♥♥♥ out of 5 hearts!  Until we face our next blog post,  dream, adventure & explore.


Trotting Traveller ♥

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More than a Skin Deep Look at Maganda Aesthetics


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