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Several opportunities coming one after the other. You have the privilege of completing one task now to proceed to the next but you decided to put the task on hold or may be postponed it instead.

Things are not going the way you want. You keep grunting like a famished pig, lamenting becomes your favourite music, getting angry at yourself becomes a great talent for you. All these because you are not getting the desired result.

Have you forgotten that you actually placed a task on hold or in fact, you did postpone a task whose postponement led to delay of other things.

Procrastinating seems easy, but deep down it becomes something tedious to keep up with because activities upon activities have been moved from an ideal date they ought to be executed to a different date entirely where you are not sure whether or whether not more task will pop in and prevent you from executing the previously postponed task to focus on new ones and in the process of focusing on new ones, you get exhausted and decide to postpone uncompleted new task to another day and it keeps piling up to a point that you might not be able to achieve desired result anymore.

Often times, Procrastination sets in when the task we have at hand is a bit cumbersome, time consuming or boring but important. So, we just want to lay our hands on something easier and interesting, thus postponing the important task to another time entirely.

Asides a task being rigorous, time consuming or boring, other factors that leads to procrastination among others include laziness, fatigue, low self esteem, forming busy schedule when you are actually not too busy and having the mindset that I am still very Young, I can achieve this later” or “the day is still young, I’ll do it at night”.

The young man that says he’s still young and will do it later has forgotten that he’ll eventually grow old and might not have the ability to execute such task when he is old and may actually need the end result of the postponed task more in his old age when he has no strength anymore.

The individual that says the day is still young and decides to postpone a task till night fall does not if some factors might hinder him from carrying out the task such as fatigue or climatic condition or even death.

It’s very important to battle away the spirit of procrastination in our lives. Staying focused in achieving your goals and objectives is one key to murdering procrastination.

You should always have a “WHY?” for whatever you are doing as a “WHY?” might be a driving force to Avoid Procrastination.

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