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How Does The Menstrual Cycle Work?

Women have different bodies than men, and therefore it functions differently. The most common difference is that the woman produces babies and all it begins with a simple Menstrual Cycle. All of us need to know and understand more about the Menstruation which will make our lives easier.

Why is it essential to know about the menstrual cycle?

As we grow, we need to know more about our bodies, internal parts as well as their functions so that we can have better health, sex life as well as overall fitness. That is why every woman must know about it, as it plays a vital role in fertility and conceiving the baby.

What is a menstrual cycle?

When you grow up, and your age hits the puberty, the Body starts to change and show different signs. It can vary person to person such as one can have adolescence at the age of as low as 10 or as late as 16. All of this is simple and natural. When the body enters in this age group, the body produces new hormones, and the signs start to show on your body. It is an essential sign that your body is ready to get pregnant.

The menstrual cycle is a natural process which your body goes through, and the hormones produce inside your body affects your mood, energy, anger and other changes in your physically. An average menstrual cycle is from 25 to 35 days depending on the body. As everyone is different, it can also affect the period too which can be short, long, regular or irregular.

What happens during the Menstruation or Menstrual Cycle?

As it is a series of changes, there are few stages of the cycle mention below:

1.    Menstrual phase:

Before the period’s starts, the body shows the symptoms of the menstruation which includes cramps in your lower abdomen and feels a low energy as well.

The reason behind is the uterus linings get a break and sheds the blood collected inside it. That is why you can also experience the mood swings.

2.    Follicular Phase, preparing for ovulation:

As soon as your periods are over, from its last day the body enters in the ovulation phase. A hormone called the FSH or follicle stimulating hormone stimulates the ovaries which make a mature egg.  The egg is mature with a hormone called estrogen which repairs the lining of your uterus, and it gets thick with the blood and nutrients. It also supports the eggs and helps in getting pregnant.

As the estrogen increase in your body, you will find yourself in a better mood as well as have more energy to do things. You can also see some mucus, while or clear sticky liquid out from uterus, but it is entirely normal.

3.    Ovulation:

It is the period of getting pregnant, as your body enters in this phase of menstrual cycle, the body releases the mature egg into the fallopian tube which then enters the uterus. Now it is most essential time and most likely to get pregnant, if it gets contact with a sperm, it can fertilize.

In this stage of your cycle, you will feel more energy as well as a boost in your sex drive this will also increase your better feeling and glow as your body is pumped up with the high estrogen.

4.    End of menstrual cycle, the Luteal phase:

As your egg fertilizes it will enter in the womb, and the body will produce a new hormone called the progesterone. It will help the uterus to make the lining. In case the egg has not fertilized the estrogen and progesterone will drop out, and your uterus will not need to make the lining, and it will break again.

The same blood which has created the lining will again leave your body, and the new cycle begins, which will repeat every month until you get pregnant.

In this stage when your body is preparing again for the periods you can experience the mood swings which is caused by the progesterone levels in your body. As well as you can feel irritated easily and anxious while some experience sadness and easily irritated by petty things. Even there is a difference in your physical appearance where you can fell dull, and your breast becomes more sore and sensitive.

Why it is essential to know about the menstrual cycle:

The menstrual cycle is necessary for your health and fertility too. If you know better about your period, you can tell that you are pregnant at the right time, take precautions to avoid any unwanted pregnancy, know how your body works and reacts, you can also manage your energy level and mood with it.

While menstrual cycle happens to each woman every month, they must manage for pregnancy and fertility as well. Also, the best time to get pregnant and days of ovulation which will help them track the period’s dates as well as the when to take or not take precautions.

Also it a natural way to calculate when you have conceived and plan for a baby, vacation, travel and another critical event according to it. It will also indicate that when you are going to have next periods as well as any medical issue if you are not pregnant such as hormonal imbalances and PCOs.

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How Does The Menstrual Cycle Work?


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