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How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything [ October 2018 ]

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Often we get engrossed in our personal lives, that we tend to stay behind our professional dreams. Our daily chores keep up on toes throughout the day and of course, we don’t find time for things apart from. You are no different. You might be dreaming of a successful career along with parenting or one in need of a Money but your pocket does not support your cause. There could be plenty of reason as to why you are looking for how to make money online without paying anything! Right?

Lost a Job?

Out of capital?

Dream of a startup?

Wanna be your own boss.

It could be anything. If you dream of it, you can have it. All you need to do is to work for it! And, yes it’s not so tough though. As we step in the new era year after year, please of opportunities knock our door. You need to open your eyes to open that door.

Digital advancement has taken a dramatic leap and with it, tabled myriads of options for you to work online or work from home. Making money online is no longer is rocket science.

I agree! It takes a great effort to look for the available choices, find the one best for you and then approach. True, you need to be on your toes to keep updating yourself with the ways. But no more unnecessary surfing and loitering around the internet.

I have all under a single roof, an answer for your intensely searched query.

How to make money online without paying anything?

Read through the article to unveil a list of options for making money online without burning your pocket and find the one that best suits your needs.

How to Make Extra Money Online Without Paying Anything

Nowadays, most of us want to earn without Paying anything. No investment from our end but yeah, we wish to drive a stable source of income online.

Online portals provide an array of opportunity to all. You could be an undergraduate looking for some extra cash or probably a graduate who is struggling to find a job or even a mum who stays home all day with their kids but want to add some money along. We all look for ways as to how to make extra money online without paying anything.

No matter what your situation is or irrespective of the driving factor, you can make money online and yes it’s feasible. Recent studies show that earning money online is effective as the 9-5 job. But with added benefits. Working at your pace, day or night, no boss, you are your own master etc.

So, you see how to make money online without paying anythingis no longer is query but has a plethora of solutions etched along with. The right resource and the right start, and you are there making money without spending even a bit.

How to Make Money Online Without Surveys

Plenty of sites assure you to earn money but just performing online surveys. It’s true but partly. You can earn but with added customization. First, the site needs to be a trusted one and second, you will earn as much as you have. Online Paid surveys are the quickest means to earn some by influencing the purchase of a product by users. But how? By helping them perform research and provide feedback.

But not all trust this kind of money-making schemes. Don’t worry! We have an answer for your how to make money online without survey! Here we have drafted a list of ways that will help you to make money online without the need to provide online survey.

However, if you are looking for an easy way to earn some, or you find interest only in an online survey. Then we have listed some of the trusted sites that guarantee a pay after your survey.

#1 Start a Blog

To start with how to make money online without paying anything, the most feasible and the popular way is blogging. The term is trending. Most of the people who look out for jobs that do pay them without investing end up in blogging.

One of the proven ways to earn money is to start a blog. Have your website, and start writing. Try share useful tips or trending topics that help boost traffic towards your website. Blogging is all about generating traffic, the more you drive, the longer you thrive. Yes, you need to buy a domain name but that’s not mandatory. You can start with a free domain.

There are plenty of free blogging platforms that give you an opportunity to earn money without investing. You need to have grit and patience to survive in the blogging world. Nothing is ever easy. Everything requires efforts and smart work.

The best site to opt for free domain hosting the WordPress (). Get Google AdSense and start earning money. But before you multiply currencies, you need to have a good traffic on your website.

To initiate a Blog Setup visit:

#2 Start Freelance Content Writing

One of the most common way to earn money online without paying anything is to start freelance content writing. If you are good at penning words and drafting creative ideas, you can blissfully start an article writing service online. Gone are the day when how to make money without surveys appeared a tough task. But as people have started exploring the net beyond boundaries, a multitude of opportunities pops up.

If you are professionally good at writing and turning ideas to words, then this is for you. Clients pay to these writers on the basis of per word or per character. Also, there is no fixed pay, the more and the better you write, adds money to your pockets.

Upwork, Freelancer, Truelancer are few of the websites where you can simply sign up and apply for projects you seek feasibly. Once you are through, your job is done. Be it short term or long term, earning without paying is no more a dream with a freelance job

#3 Technical Freelancing

Freelancing is not just about writing or guest posting. Though content writing is one of the major fields to earn money online without spending much technical freelancing is also emerging with each day. Technical Freelancing is the best choice all the graduates seeking job online or looking for ways as for how to earn money online without paying.

Upwork is an excellent portal to start with technical freelancing. The idea of working for yourself and most importantly at your own ease is commendable. But looking for opportunities online seem a little tough. Technical Freelancing open doors for all are struggling to make their presence online. It could be web designing, digital marketing or any other domain you excel in. Few tips to head start

  • Choose a domain that motivates you.
  • A company that maps your requirements.
  • Indulge in a hassle-free job.
  • Get Paid.

#4 Kindle Book Publication

Another way to earn money online without paying anything or any investment is Kindle book publication.When you are looking for how to make money online without surveys, the first idea that pops up in my mind is Kindle book publication.

If you are an affiliated writer or has the passion to pen down words. You need not worry. No more switching publications or door to door knocking to vet your book published. Kindle has changed the way writers write and readers read. An open publishing opportunity for you. Kindle has this excellent self-publishing opportunity for free and reaches out to the world.

#5 Sell Gigs on Fiverr

If you have ever surfed the net for how to make money online without a credit card, Fiverr would definitely pop up. A marketing place landed in the digital world in 2009 basically to sell or buy services. It could range from logo designs to backlink, video creation or transcript, Fiverr allows you to sell all at $5.

Fiverr has a Gig for all, varied and excellent. But if you are looking for how to make money online without paying anything, then sign in as a seller. But how? Signing up is definitely easy, but how to earn money but selling gigs? And what are gigs? To answer your query, gigs is any service you sell on Fiverr. All you need to do is see where do you excel. Or you can also search for gigs that are largely sold. This way you can hit the market. Seeing what’s trending and then diving in the same region help you earn money. Once you crack the code, you are there multiplying money with each job request. Go ahead!

#6 Website/Domain Flipping

Ever heard of investment? Of course, you have. Something that gives you greater returns. Right?

So is the next way for how to make money online without paying anything. Domain flipping is a digital investment. An investor buys a domain name with the aim to sell the same at a higher price in future.

#6All you need to do is to buy domain names that would have greater value in the future. Buy domain names with the intention to sell them at higher prices in future. It maps with house flipping. But house flipping is somewhat safer as you know the value of land probably increases exponentially. Domain flipping needs the expertise to choose the right time along with the right place of purchase. It could be just before the value increases. Steps for domain flipping:

Step 1: Search for a domain name or indulge in drop catching

Step 2: Register the domain name

Step 3: Look for a buyer

Step 4: Sell the domain

#7 Affiliate Marketing

One of the best way to earn money online is Affiliate Marketing. An excellent and easy way for how to make money online without surveys. It does not require money and you can use your social media platforms to promote and along with it make money.

But what is affiliate marketing? It is a technique where you refer a product to someone and if the person ends up buying the product then you are given a part of the money as commission. The amount largely varies on the type of product you have referred. You must be wondering how does the company know that you are the one who has promoted the product? Don’t worry, it’s not a scam. Companies track URL to know who promoted the product given by them. All you need to do is sign up for an affiliate program and start promoting. In order to have a successful career as an affiliate marketer read the must-have features.


#8 How about being a Clickworker

Opportunities are everywhere. You need to look for them. But there are few who are looking for you. Clickworker is an excellent option to make money online. If you are among those who have a passion for writing, researching, processing data or translating then this one for you.

Click workers are basically freelancers who get paid for working. You have the advantage to work as per your own schedule and preferences. You need to register here ( as a clickworker. After this, look for different projects popping in your screen. These are based upon your own qualifications, earlier task, capabilities, and interest. Depending upon your approval and task completion you are paid. The amount is kept fixed and you will be notified prior submission. However, on an average, a clickworker earns near about $9 per hour. Also, if you don’t have a specific qualification, you can undertake training and assessment to start earning as a clickworker.

#9 Start an Online Part-time Job

Whether you seek an alternative job or desire to make an added income, an online part-time job is the best option. You might not have much time but don’t worry, we have a variety of options for you to choose from. You can seek the one that suits best your needs.

1. Online Tutor: Gone are the days when you had to travel to teach. With advancement in technology, things have turned simpler and easier. You can teach via online calls or video conferencing. By doing this not just you make money but also cut the travel cost.

2. Photographer: Yes, you are paid to click photos. If you a photography enthusiast, then this is the best option for you. You can make your house your own studio and even opt for wedding photography.

3. Writer: We have discussed this earlier in this blog. You can opt for sites that pay you for writing. And, you don’t need to stick to a domain. You can opt as a blogger, creative writer, content writer, academic writer, or even a copywriter.

#10 Change Search Engine

Another excellent way to make money online without paying anything is to change your search engine. Several websites transfer traffic to other site and if you are the one to do so, then you are paid for the same.

#11 Get Paid for Searching the Web

Nowadays, almost all of us surf the internet throughout the day. Recipes or movies, looking for products to buy or reviewing a product, we are all always online. Remember the last time someone asked you to look for the meaning of a weird word?

Probably just a couple of minutes back. So, if you are up online for most of the time, then why not earn for the same. Sounds good?

Nut this does not signify that you will be paid for anything or everything. There is a proper technique for how to make money online without paying anythingand getting paid to search. How?

Few search engines pay you for redirecting the traffic to their website. All you need to do is to use a search engine that has associated rewards with itself. Doing this, alternative engines receive traffic and they will pay you a part of it. Few of these include Bing Rewards, Swagbucks etc. For detailed information read (

Interesting ways on How to Make Money Online Without Investment

There was a time when the internet was a mend go connect with people or communicate easily. But now, it’s advantages are sky high. One of the most significant advantages of the Internet nowadays is making money. If you have been looking for interesting ways on how to make money online without investment then you are in the right place.

You might have come across a plethora of posts that promise to provide ways to make money online without investment. However, none stood by their words. But no more. We have listed some of the best ways to make money online without investment. And to know them, read further.

#12 Get Paid for Searching the Web

 Out of the most eminent way to earn money without investing a penny from your end is to get paid for searching on the web. We spend most of our time surfing and searching the web. How about getting paid to do the same? Sounds great, right?

Yes, definitely. Who would mind adding profits for something that does not require a great deal of effort? You can earn at your pace. Websites such as Swagbucks, ZoomBucks, and SendEarnigs have rewards points associated with them. You also get an additional $5 for signing in such website. Qmee is one of the best sites that has cash rewards with each activity you do. So signin to earn now.

#13 Get Paid for Playing Online Games

 Playing games is fun and always. There are few who can indulge in binge playing. So why not earn rewards along with it.  GetPaidTo is an excellent portal where you are paid to play.  A plethora of games ranging between Sudoku, Jigsaw, pool, and wordsearch. If you have some free time and play games and earn points which you can later redeem.

#14 Get paid $30 per Hour to Test Websites

 You might be curious to know how people get paid $30 per hour to test websites. We have an answer for you. is the website where users put up their views about different websites and also provide a recommendation. Website designers use this to gain first user experience or basic the user end testing. Where on one hand the website gets updated, you are paid to perform those tests.

#15 Review Websites and Apps for Cash

 Another excellent way to earn money online is to provide feedback to the website and apps. This is subtly similar to the method of user testing. Testerwork is one of the best sites where you are paid to provide feedback to several apps and websites

#16 Watch movie Previews, YouTube, and Like Videos

Ok, this might seem doubtful at first go but wait. It is possible to make money for watching a preview of different movies. Inboxdollar is one of the best portals to sign in and make money for watching a movie preview, YouTube videos and like them. Additionally, you get $5 for signing up.

#17 Download and Install These Apps

 Again, something contradictory. We have heard paying to use apps. Like the in-house purchase but this is something different. You are paid to download apps. There are an array of apps that pay you for watching TV, playing games or exercising. Some of them include SquadRun, MooCash, PolyCash etc. So, what are you waiting for, log in now to earn?

#18 Make Money by Reviewing Music

So, this time you are paid to listen to and review music. All the sites are legitimate and free from any scam. Every site has a different way to provide money but the prime thing is you have to review music to earn. The most common sites include Musicxray and Radio Loyalty.

List of Websites to Make Money Online With Online Surveys

 We have had a list of ways on how to earn money online without paying anything. But one method that still stands crucial is online surveys. Many of us doubt the credibility of being paid for the online survey. However, it’s true that few of the major companies pay you rewards for surveying products. For your sake, we have created a list of trusted websites that pay you for online survey. However, each site has its own protocol in terms of a number of surveys a person can do in a month. Fair enough?

Let’s quickly have a look at the 5 best websites for online survey.

#19 Swagbucks

#20 Toluna

#21 MySurvey

#22 Panel Opinion

#23 i-Say

You can also refer ( for detailed information.

BONUS: How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

 A lot has been and a lot has been read by you. But the list of options on how to make money online without paying anything is unending. Here, we add some more areas that help you to earn money online without paying anything.

#24 Start a side business

One of the best ways is to start a business in areas you have expertise in.

#25 YouTube videos

This one is trending. We have so many YouTubers nowadays. And of course, it does require any payment to be done. Just your smartphone and you. Vines are the new way to earn money without paying anything.

#26 Get paid for being healthy

Many health and fitness apps pay you to follow them, use their products and stay healthy all along.

#27 Sell online

Another excellent way is to sell your old DVDs, songs etc online. It is one of the quickest bucks to opt for.

#28 No-risk matched betting

One of the traditional and the quickest way to earn money. Matchmaking betting sites are legitimate and free from frauds. All you need to do is to make a bet and earn if your bet matches the bet at one of the betting exchange.

#29 The ‘Disney Vault’ secret

Disney Studio seek to keep their demand too high across several generations. Hence, their classic release is locked in a vault for around 8-10 years. So all you can do is to buy them at a nominal price and then sell at a higher price. However, only the best series are in the vault and remain high in demand.

#30 ‘Get Paid To’ sites

One of the best site that offers rewards and cash for various activities. You can sign in and indulge in activities such as survey or watch videos and earn rewards.

Now It’s Your Turn

 So, read through all. What do you think? Which one suits best for you. Plenty of ways about how to make money online without paying anything. You much hyped query on  is now answered. Right?

Reading through all and understanding the pros and cons of each of the method to make money, I feel writing service or blogging the best way. Yes, it requires patience and grit but it’s something where you won’t lose anything. It might take time to set up your blog and drive traffic but eventually, you are adding knowledge and experience to yourself. And whatever it be knowledge is never a waste!


Hope this solves all doubts or at least open new door for you. You can comment below if you have any doubt!

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How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything [ October 2018 ]


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