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How Bikash Rai Used SEO To Enhance His Website

“Building a website is like giving birth to a child,” says Bikash Rai. “And to raise that child to be healthy and successful later on in life, SEO is crucial.”

SEO and Digital Marketing in Nepal

Founder of and Nepalitrends. com
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Rai, 24, believes that the scope of Digital Marketing is widening worldwide and it is gradually growing in Nepal too, albeit at a slower rate. It is his belief in the potential of SEO and digital marketing and his passion for the industry that has guided him to constantly work to develop his skills.

“Not everyone in the Nepali market has had a chance to understand what SEO is, where it’s headed and why it’s here to stay,” says Rai. Many Marketing experts believe that given the competition in both local and global scales, businesses without websites and websites without SEO are useless. Website optimization is crucial to ensure that businesses’ reach their target audience and urge them to make purchase decisions in tdheir favor. “And learning about SEO sooner rather than later will give you an upper hand in the industry,” he says.

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That’s what Rai is trying to do constantly. Rai is the founder of and, and he manages these websites while still holding a full-time job as a Digital Marketing Strategist at Kinav EdTech Pvt Ltd. His professional and educational background in information technology have given him a nuanced understanding of the digital world and only made his love for the industry stronger.

He got into blogging while he was in college, as a student of web design and development. For a year, he created blogs and posted content without even understanding how to assess or improve his blog’s performance. “It was like trying to reach the finish line stumbling in the dark,” he says.

Publishing content and managing the blog took him a lot of effort, but it didn’t produce any results.

“I was working hard when I should have been working smart,” he says. And this is what many businesses have been doing in Nepal. Be it bloggers or small businesses, most of them create a website and think that can be the extent of their online marketing efforts.

Not a lot of emphasis is placed on overall integrated online marketing efforts, from SEO and email marketing to social media management.

“Before I got a proper SEO training, the only performance indicator I knew about was Facebook Shares,” says Rai.

Without proper knowledge about how a particular post has performed and zero understanding of how to evaluate if some content might perform well in the future, all he focused on was publishing content. And developing a proper content plan and SEO strategy fell completely by the wayside.

Today, however, Rai adheres to a set process to make his website and his content SEO-friendly. It starts with topic research to see what his audience are discussing on social media platforms and what is trending currently in his niche.

He finds relevant, popular keywords using various tools and evaluates the prospect for his websites and blogs ranking for those keywords. To that end, he uses tools like Google Keyword Planner and Google Autocomplete.

With a well-devised content plan, he then moves on to writing content with the right keyword density for effective SEO while still bearing in mind the kind of language his readers prefer. He also finds optimized picture for his posts and finally publishes his article on his websites, which he then posts on his social media platforms Quora, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and so on.

Once the SEO-friendly content has been posted on his website, he builds backlinks with other sites in his niche to increase the organic traffic for his post. These processes, he says, have to be taken hand in hand and customized to complement each other constantly while always taking into account competitors’ efforts.

This is the comprehensive process that goes into creating well-performing websites like Rai’s. His five-month-old website, which is all about local and global social media trends, sees on average 25,000 monthly traffic.

For posts on this website, he researches trending topics to get to the root of each and every one of these trends. Since this is an event blogging website, the traffic on this website may fluctuate depending on what event has been featured on the site.

However, the traffic on another one of Rai’s website is much steadier. focuses solely on music as its niche and is filled with song lyrics and their guitar chords. The website attracts a steady 25,000 monthly traffic.

His websites are making him some money through Google AdSense. “But this is just the start,” he says. “I know digital marketing has the potential to make me a lot of money if I stick with it, and that’s what I plan to do.”

But for now, he is focusing on staying updated of the developments in his industry to create a strong foundation to build his business on for when the SEO market finally booms in a few years time.

 One thing is for sure: He has certainly come a long way from not even knowing what content research or SEO was. Today he uses analytics about devices used to log in, country his audience is from and how they found his website, among other things, to manage his content and his websites for maximum optimization.

SEO and Digital Marketing in Nepal

With positive feedback from his audience, he is motivated to create even better websites in the future. He plans to develop a niche website soon targeting audiences in the US, UK and Australia. He has been researching profitable niches, mainly within the entertainment sector.

If he manages to get the same amount of traffic he is getting now, but from a global audience, he could maximize his profits.

Rai also plans to get into affiliate marketing soon. And that’s what digital marketing is all about; it’s about pushing yourself and discovering newer avenues for profit-making. That will be possible even more when digital marketing in Nepal reaches a similar level as it is in the rest of the world.

And to make that happen, digital marketers, today, Rai believes, have their roles cut out for them. Rai says, “As digital marketers, we need to constantly learn and share our knowledge with other people to help the market grow as a whole.”

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How Bikash Rai Used SEO To Enhance His Website


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