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How to Drive Qualified Traffic From Quora to Your Blog

Before you go through my blog you have to perform a simple task.

Step 1: Go to and type any random general question that appear on your mind right now and hit the Enter button (not hardly, I know you hit it hard HAHAHA!)

Step 2: Then you will get so many results to your question, right? While scrolling the page you might encounter sites like Wikihow, Quora, reddit, Yahoo Answers and other forums BLAH BLAH.

Again search for another question and you will again find these sites on top.

I’m trying to convey the message that these are the top sites that millions of people visits daily to get answers of their questions. And Quora is one of them.

You were here to read my blog but I made you do something to drive traffic from quora

And I’m Sorry for that.

You want high quality Traffic that is why you need to know how you can drive traffic from Quora.

You already got some inside story.

You might be asking to yourself, “What Quora really is?”

Quora is a simple Q & A website where questions are asked, answered, edited. It is just like Yahoo Answers but with better interface and has more effective mechanisms for promoting and bringing out quality content and 190 million monthly unique visitors. Imagine those traffic on your blog, you will need a separate home for your income. Just kidding!

And according to Alexa, Quora ranks amongst top 150 sites in the world and its popularity is rising. According to Bitckerz, Quora has:

Less spam and less stupid questions. The answers are more thought out, and you see fewer bloggers desperately filling the daily quota.

Better abilities to add social media accounts like Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter.

Upvotes to vote if readers finds it meaningful.

Request answer is a way to connect you to reader and ask them to answer your question. You can request to the community or directly to a person’s profile.

After all these perks, why not trying Quora to bring quality traffic to your blog.

Let’s jumpstart to the steps to drive traffic from Quora.

Step 1: Creating Your Profile on Quora

How to drive traffic from quora

Sign up using Facebook or Gmail account and choose 10 topics that relate to your blog. You can add other topics later on if you want.

You might be thinking why am i wasting my time writing about how to create an account. Childish?But HEY HEY Pay your attention here.

When you start answering or let’s say you got popular by some chance, your follower always want to know more about you. So where do you think they will go to learn about you?

Your Profile. Still childish?


Shall I continue?


How to drive traffic from QuoraWhen creating your profile pay attention to your bio and description. Quora shows the first 50 characters of your profile as a tagline above your answer. It is a chance to show off your brand so write carefully and write catchy words.

Complete your profile as much as possible. Fill out the Credentials and Highlights placed in the right corner, and don’t forget to add link to your blog and other social media.

Step 2: Find The Question

After completing your profile properly, your Quora feeds will show you the questions according to the topics you just followed. It also shows the popular questions asked in the categories that you are subscribed to.

You can dig inside the categories and find the questions that you have enough knowledge to answer it.


You can just click on the Search Box and type the questions that you have perfect answers in the content of your blog. This way you can redirect the reader to your blog and expect traffic on your blog.

But if you don’t find any related questions then you can post your own questions. And you request answer from the community or any individual that you know who is pretty good in answering. Respond to their answer and be cheerful to them. Show appreciation to them and make other involved in it. That will help you connect to many users. Once you get connected it will take no time to convert them to your Qualified Traffic.

Pro Tip: Ask sort of questions that may get viral in the web. Search for the questions that have no answers or less answers. And also search for the popular questions with more than 1000 answers. Why? You will find it soon.

Step 3: Write Meaningful Answers

Don’t be greedy. Do not post meaningless answers in any questions that you see. You might think of answering many questions and then many users will follow you. That doesn’t gonna work here in Quora. Avoid that easy promotion hacks. You are here not for traffic but for qualified traffic. If you tried to do so, other users might report to your useless answers which might end up getting your account banned permanently.

And I’m serious about this, I have seen many of my friends facing this situation.

After finding suitable questions, before you start answering it, Google it, gain knowledge about it or even read other’s answer and then give your best answer. Let your answer be

  • Short
  • Sweet
  • Specific
  • Focused
  • Interesting

Once you start answering you will get similar type of questions to answer from Quora. Or even a request to answer from an individual. If your answer are helpful then they will upvote and upvote means “I believe your answer is good”. And more upvotes indicates the answer is viewed by a lot of people and will brings further more eyes on you. As upvote there is downvote button also. Do not go for it. I repeat “Do not go for it”.

Simple Rules to Excel in Answering in Quora

  • Use ordinary language to answer so that everyone could understand you easily.
  • Do not repeat same answer on multiple questions hoping to increase your presence.
  • Be responsible, if you unknowingly gave incorrect answers, apologize and make correction.
  • Use images, screenshots, statistics to explain your answer.
  • Use tags so that it would be in respective categories and can be easily found.
  • Make time to answer questions regularly.
  • Write with the aim to help others.
  • Do not upvote on bad answers as well do not downvote good answer.

When people start to think you are the source for good answers, then it is the right time to promote your business. Start to leave your blog’s link in the comments with some preface. And believe me, you will get lot of qualified traffic crawling on your blog.

Now you are on cloud9, Aren’t you? HAHAHA

Another Tip: Do not post direct links. Many readers think direct promotions as shameless medium of promotions. Instead use such lines:

“READ the following article to get an answer to your question.”

“Read my blog :”

“You can find the answer over on my website”


If you are struggling to get readers, views, and subscribers for your blog, you need to go where the traffic is. And if you aren’t on Quora, you’re missing out on one of the best sources of qualified traffic on the internet.

“Quora is the best place to be for the people who love to write”

And as always, do not forget to track your progress, use statistics, analyze it and take actions accordingly.

I know, i know, I haven’t provided the answer yet, and i won’t provide it. Think about it and comment the answer you think is right. We will then discuss about it.

A small example of engagement 😉

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How to Drive Qualified Traffic From Quora to Your Blog


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