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Let's Talk About: My Secret Romance

I DNF-ed it


Innocent and naive Lee Yoo-Mi (Song Ji-Eun) meets a playboy from a wealthy family, Cha Jin-Wook (Sung Hoon) in a hotel owned by Jin-Wook's father. Lee Yoo-Mi was charmed by Cha Jin-Wook's good looks and personality that always seems to provoke her, and they ended up having a one night stand in the car by the beach. The next morning, she woke up realizing that she had just lost her virginity to a guy she barely know in a car by the beach, in the shock and embarrassment of it all, she left. Present time, Lee Yoo-Mi is now a nutritionist and Cha Jin-Wook–who has changed since that day–is now the director of a big underwear company and workaholic. Little did Lee Yoo-Mi know when she was requited to work in Daebok company as a nutritionist, what fate has in store for her.

The first time I watch this drama, it started with a comic like drawing and I instantly think, "OMG, is this another drama like W-Two Worlds ?"

First off, I liked this drama. It was funny and very easy to watch. Being that it is only 13 episodes which is a lot shorter than most Korean dramas which usually contains 16 or more episodes, this drama is very highly enjoyable, at first. The storyline is fast-paced yet it doesn't seem forced. The romance that unfolds between the two–Lee Yoo-Mi and Cha Jin-Wook–develops fast, which is understandable seeing that they only have 13 episodes.

I watched this drama until episode 10 before I call it quits. I mean, a cutesy and predictable Korean drama is fine, but when you produce a drama that is literally boy-meets-girl, they fall in love, some mediocre problems, and happy ending, it gets boring really quick. I skimmed through episode 10 through 12 and I honestly do not understand why do they produce this drama in the first place? It seems like such a waste of money and time. The story lacks creativity, which is a disappointment with how palpable the chemistry between the main leads.

There are a lot of kissing scenes in this drama, way more than all the Korean dramas I have watched so far. And a lot of times, when the main lead kisses, I feel like Sung Hoon is trying too hard to make it seem sexy and the female is trying too hard to be all innocent, so most of their kissing scenes came out as really awkward and off to me. Yes, there is obviousthat there is chemistry between the two, but their acting are just not believable enough to make me want to cheer for their love or make me go giddy every time something sweet happens between the two of them.

Another thing I have noted from this show is that, Sung Hoon is not suited to play the "cute" type of character. There were scenes in the drama where he would take pictures of the cute packed meal that Lee Yoo-Mi made him and he was acting all cute and stuff, my brain just cannot stop picturing Park Hyun Sik.

And we see her again! I didn't like her when she was in Another Oh Hae Young, nor do I like her here. I do not understand why she choose roles where she plays a divorced woman who is crazy for attention, maybe it is easier for her to act(?) but it is starting to get on my nerves.


Overall, I am not impressed with value of this drama production, I was expecting more of a plot twist and some more character development, but hey, each to their own right?

Rating: 6/10

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Let's Talk About: My Secret Romance


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