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There is greatness in friendship

There Is Greatness In Friendship

I am moved by the Greatness I uncover and see in my friendships. I love the feeling of it and have it within myself too. Imagine the power of one…

“Hi,” I breathe heavily down the phone as I have called the Mentalist as a last resource. Or to be honest, it’s a reflex. “I’m not coping. Maybe you can help. Help me sort out. I can’t handle the au-pair. She is always there. I have no time with my kids, Wim or myself. She always asks multiple choice questions. I find myself avoiding being at home because she is so clingy. And too much work at BNP.”

“Give her time off to go somewhere,” the Mentalist laughs at me with his simple answer.

“Studying is tiring me out,” I go on recounting all that is wearing me down. “She never goes anywhere. Only to school in the morning.”

“What other activities are there in Keerbergen or Tremelo that she can go to like painting and art lessons?” the Mentalist starts thinking outside of the box.

“I don’t know,” I answer exasperated. “Shouldn’t she look into this herself?”

“Yes but she is not mature enough to do so,” the Mentalist explains. “Plus they live in close communities in South Africa. Here she only has you. I think she is homesick too. Be kind.”

“I want to be kind but i can’t,” I complain at my own shortcomings. “I am worn out. Not sleeping well. No quality time and I can’t micro manage every step she takes.”

“Help her to find interests and friends and then the problem is solved,” the Mentalist repeats.

“I want to change Willem’s pamper without her handing me wet wipes,” I am startled at the pettiness of my own complaints. “I can’t even have those five minutes alone with my baby. It’s too much. I tried finding friends and it didn’t work. She has put on loads of weight too.”

“Nonsense,” the Mentalist retorts. ‘It’s her job.”

“I want time with my kids,” I argue.

“There is a sports club in Keerbergen I believe,” the Mentalist continues to work out his solutions into a plan. “There is a swimming pool in Tremelo. What do they offer?”

“Water,” I think bewildered. “I will tell her to go swimming.”

“Why are you not sleeping?” the Mentalist has picked up on the real problem. It’s not the au-pair getting me down, it is sleep deprivation. “She should hang out at the Depot. Hot guys go there.”

“I am not sleeping because of Willem,” I finally admit.

“What’s wrong? Is he cutting teeth?” the Mentalist enquires.

“I have put him in a big bed,” I tell him. “And his sleeping patterns seem to have changed.”

“I see,” the Mentalist finally understands what’s up. “Wrap him tight.”

“He doesn’t like covers,” I argue again. So simple, yet not always applicable to my situation. “He won’t fall asleep without someone lying next to him.”

“Does he have a teddy?” the Mentalist knows how to bed little children. “Or she can lie next to him until he falls asleep.”

“Yes to both,” I smile as I feel that a workable plan is shaping. “She is spoiling him.”

“Talk to her,” the Mentalist repeats softly. “Explain.”

“Thanks,” I smile relieved as all of a sudden I find my worries to have vanished like snow before the sun.

The Mentalist possess greatness and stands apart from others in a certain way. Not just by the size or originality of his vision and his ability to manifest that vision, but also for the friendship we share. And yet whilst recognizing that greatness, I know I also have greatness within, whether I display it or not. Else I would not see it in the Mentalist. This in a way explains the true law of attraction. Like attracts like. You recognize in others the energy you have within yourself.

I admit I accomplish nothing alone in this world. In many ways, my achievements often belong to many people. As the law of attraction goes, people who display greatness rely upon their entourage to see as they do, to listen, encourage, and support. Without our closest friends who recognize greatness and move in to support it, even the greatest ideas, works of art, and political movements would remain untapped natural resources. Raw material.

My life quality has significantly improved since my au-pair has joined us. I am very grateful to have her around. She too is great.




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There is greatness in friendship


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