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My future is multicultural

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I was still daydreaming and wondering about my parents’ inability to manage a budget or to generate a decent income, when the Wizard brings me back to the present with a tap of his paw on my forearm.

“Hmmm it looks like there is a genius behind the whole Shepherd thing and it’s a charity. But the sheep haven’t caught on yet,” I tell him as I refocus my attention on the Bitcoin Challenge website. “I might be able to get an interview with the Shepherd for my blog. Several questions: a written interview on my blog or should I make it a vlog thing? Also what would be good things to ask him?”

“This is something you have to work out yourself,” the Wizard gives me a very bored look. “He is a rebel rebelling against himself.”

“The Ukranian woman might sound like an idiot but she called me today to set up a meeting. So business for her,” I remind him I haven’t completely lost the plot yet. “I paid attention to how she spoke as a matter of learning for calling prospects myself.” Then I go on about the Shepherd, as it hasn’t escaped my attention that the Wizard seems a little jealous. “Yes and an interesting rebel. How are your trials? What are they about?”

“Be careful what you do with this Ukrainian lady,” the Wizard warns me. “They are very good a spotting a victim from far. I am making bread. Salads using local ingredients. Difficult to match standards.”

“Ok so I would be better off cancelling my meeting. I am not a victim, nor do I want to be one,” I pout a little alarmed. “Oh pooh, spotting a victim. Poop. What about that lady from London? The Butterfly lady’s daughter. I am writing her a message. Good intro but what do I want from her?”

“I don’t know for sure but I am suspicious of these crazy people who tell you go commando to succeed,” the Wizard hasn’t finished with my encounter with the Ukranian lady yet.

“Me too. Tried it before I met you,” I admit as I blush remembering all those naughty secret moments, mainly in summer, going around with no undies. After all, my mother used to do that all the time. “It gives temporary results. But not the long term results you want. And not the reputation and credibility you want. So what shall I ask the lady from London? To Skype, to meet up, does she like my writing, is there any way of working together? I don’t want to sound too pushy or desperate. But I don’t want to miss an opportunity either.”

“The London lady. Can she do for you as she did for her mother?” the Wizard suddenly has a soft encouraging look on his face. “You want someone to market you as a traveler with kids. Can she get you sponsors? Is it an angle she can sell? Single mom with kids. Places to go where mommy can relax and kids have fun and be safe on a budget.”

“Ok just ask her straight out?” I ask him for reassurance on this exciting but strange request.

“You need to believe in your product more than anyone else,” the Wizard gazes me deep in the eyes. “Sure why not?”

“I need to believe in me again,” I muse out loud.

“Yes. Believe. Believe. Believe,” the Wizard gives me a look as if he is hypnotizing me. Then he blinks and breaks the spell. “Or loose the game. Glad to hear Wim is recovering.”

“I believe… i believe… in Santa Claus,” I mock the Wizard playfully. “Mail sent to Shepherd. Mail sent to London lady. And yes, Wim came out of hospital yesterday. He’s at his place. Will be going tomorrow evening. I am in dire need for sex but won’t be getting any yet. Grumble.”

“In Santa? Really?” the Wizard teases me in turn. “Maybe have a chat with Lilly she will set you straight. Patience my dear. Sex is just around the corner.”

“Lilly wasn’t happy finding out about Santa. She still pretends she believes,” I smile fondly. “I know, I know.”

“Yes she knows if she pretends she gets expensive presents,” the Wizard laughs out loud.

“Haha not,” I retort with a sarcastic tone. “She knows Winston doesn’t believe and he still gets presents.”

“You pretend you are Santa bringing presents to companies that need presents for a fee,” the Wizard won’t give up on me. He can be such a darling at time, and such a trying coach at others.

“Haha. So I have got 2 different angles coming at my blog right now,” I sit happily in my chair going over the messages I sent. “Still possible to turn it into something. Do you like what I am doing with my blog?”

“I sadly don’t see your blogs,” the Wizard lies blatantly. “What did you send the Shepherd?”

“That I would like an interview for my blog or a vlog,” I show him the email on my laptop.

“And London lady?” the Wizard is still dismissing interest in the Shepherd.

“He also sent me an email… so i am writing a better email,” I am enthusiastic to show the Wizard the prompt reply I had received from the Shepherd. “What shall I ask? What will help me and him? London lady I introduced myself and then asked straight out if she could help me get sponsors for travelling.”

“Tell him you are entering life coaching and have difficulty motivating sheep to become individuals who appreciate delayed gratification. Can he advise you?” the Wizard yawns deeply. “How does he motivate his sheep to move forward into their future and out of their past? Do his sheep ever want to change their environment as well as how they think? Does he have a system of reward for his sheep? Beside painting them pink.”

“You are so bloody brilliant!” I exclaim as I note it all down. “I am glad you are gay. Thank you so much.”

“Right,” the Wizard rolls his eyes at me.

“Thank you also for putting up with my continuous whining,” I smile him a full pearly white grin. “I am learning to be a better version of me.”

“No prob,” the Wizard attempts to be modest. “Send me you blog link.”

“Just Google ‘single mum 3 kids yoga travel’,” I am annoyed he pretends he doesn’t read me when I know he does. Or I hope he does. “I thought you knew about my blog. ”

“I know about it but I don’t get notifications,” the Wizard covers up.

“I post almost daily. For the moment anyway,” I smile at him. “Having tremendous fun. Wonder what’s it’s like to float around all day like you do.”

“It’s fantastic,” the Wizard twirls around a few times for my amusement. “Keep going. Damn I baked to bread too far. But I have the recipe down now. Going to try again.”

“Wonderful, making your own bread,” I imagine the Wizard being in two places at the same time. Does not compute. “Not really the weather for salad. Have your bread with soup.”

“I am busy creating a subway type productions,” the Wizard tells me about his own business.

“Glorious soup, that’s also from Alice in Wonderland,” I clap my hands. “Oooh subway type productions. What is that about?”

“A broodjes zaak,” the Wizard looks at me as if I’m a fish forgetting about his sandwich bar in Cuba.

“Really? Ok but you excel at other things,” I remind him he is in fact a very successful mathematician. “Will bread make you happy?”

“Yes,” the Wizard answers crisply. “Tired of lecturing.”

“I can understand that,” I empathise. “Is that your passion though?”

“It’s something I know,” the Wizard answers in a soft tone.

“Do you feel happy and alive whilst you are kneeding your dough?” I push him for more details.

“I like to feed people,” the Wizard lifts the mystery veil on his personal life. “It goes back to my need to heal people. Comfort food.”

“If it makes you happy then you will be successful,” I cheer him on. I want him to be successful too. “Comfort food helps. You are a fantastic healer. I wouldn’t be around if it weren’t for you. Very grateful. I don’t tell you as often as I should.”

“What does that mean?” the Wizard snaps at me suddenly, his cloud turning different shades again. “You did it all by yourself. Now get on with phase two.”

“You have healed parts of me, made me see things I would not have seen.” I go on being very melodramatic. “I was lost and hurt and very suicidal. I wouldn’t have lasted much longer had I not met you when I did.”

“But thank you for your kindness,” the Wizard blinks at me bashfully.

“I did it all with your help,” I smile fondly again. “It is true.”

“You are welcome,” the Wizard smiles as he continues twirling around.

His pink cloud is blowing out little heart shaped clouds now. Quite funny.

“I have to go get flour,” the Wizard makes a quick exit. “See you later.”

Life looks better when you have a few dreams to chase.

* Disclaimer : Any resemblance between the fictional characters in this story and any persons, living or dead, is a miracle by chance more than by choice.

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My future is multicultural


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