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Finding The Motivation To Workout

Motivation is for young kids.  Now that I’m 37 I have realized the body stops working and recovering like it used to.  I can barely muster the energy most days to get off the couch to do much.  Working out, is definitely NOT on my most favorite list of things to do in a day.  

However, working out is needed more now than ever before.  Things are drooping!!!!  I never would have that I’d be here.  I used to be so skinny!  

That’s me below with some girlfriends.  That’s NOT me now I can assure you of that!

Everything changed for me just a few short years ago.  I cannot even stand to look at myself most days.  

Taking pictures with my kids and smile, jump in the pool with them, and not leave the dressing room crying!  

I don’t fit into ANY of my clothes.  Jean’s are awful and literally hurt around the waistline.  And Lord have mercy does it take my breath away to bend over to tie my shoes or paint my toenails.  I don’t want to live like that anymore.  

Non-motivating Ideas:

Now you can get online and look up ways to stay motivated for weight loss.  They’re crap.  There’s stupid things like, Join a class, get a trainer, or find a partner.  Well if you don’t want to get off the couch to do sit ups in your living room or go for a walk.  You won’t get up and go to the gym or a class either.  

You have to find real reasons to get up and get moving.  Find your “why” first.  

Your why is your reason for losing weight.  Keeping your why close at heart helps.  But when you need that little motivation to actually get on the treadmill and run 5 miles, sometimes you need more.

Get Dressed:

That’s the easy part.  I’m super weird about being dressed for certain things.  I can’t clean my house without my socks and shoes on.  I guess with those on I don’t feel the need to curl up on the couch.  

In order for me to begin the whole, “let’s get the Workout done now”, I need to be in yoga pants and a sports bra at the very least.  I can’t workout in just any pants.  They have to be sweats or yoga.  A baggy t-shirt and tank is also a must.  

Laying in my PJ’s keeps me on the couch binge watching shows on Netflix and the Amazon Firestick.  It’s pretty cool that the firestick has the Kodi app and can stream all kinds of great Workouts.  I usually use youtube and find HIIT workouts.

Pre-workout Supplements:

There’s plenty of pre-workouts out there that get you all gittery and wound up.  I have found a few that work without the jitters.  I could give or take on these though.  

C4 Pre-workout seems to be the most popular.  There are several kinds.  The C4 Sport didn’t do much for me except make me feel awake.  It was better than coffee.  Didn’t really give me that get up and exercise feeling though.  

C4 Ultimate worked the best but can make your scalp feel tingly if you don’t workout after taking it.  So there’s that caution.  

BCAA’s are always great for a pre-workout and getting energy.  They also help heal your muscles so you aren’t as achy after a workout.  


Ok, don’t get all eye rolly on me right now.  Take some pictures of yourself.  Preferably with a bikini on or a sports bra and shorts.  All angles.  That’s how your gonna see what you hate about yourself. 

If you aren’t feeling too embarrassed, hang them on the fridge.  I can’t do that just yet.  I’m still in the hide mine from everyone phase.  I know I need to break out of that but it’s harder said than done.  

Take a picture once a week in the same outfit or once every couple weeks.  That’s really the best way to see the changes and stay motivated.  The scale sucks and will lie like a son of a gun.  I’ve found doing side by side comparisons has helped get me excited to keep going!


So I’ve recently joined Healthy Wager to put money on myself to lose weight.  There’s several reasons for this.  One, I’m gonna need new clothes when I’m done.  All the smaller clothes from my skinny days are out of style anyhow.

Also, I’d like to go to the beach this summer with my family and sport my bikini after I’m done losing weight.  This is just the ticket for the extra cash to do so.

Healthy Wager let’s you bet on yourself for just a few dollars or you can bet big.  Depends on how much you feel you will lose!

 Are you looking for a little extra motivation to help you lose weight? If winning money is enough motivation for you, you’ll definitely want to check out HealthyWager from where you bet on yourself and win money for losing weight.


This is one of my better ideas.  It may seem a little weird but it definitely works.  

So on my instagram page.  My personal one, I use it mostly to follow workouts or fitness models.  There’s tons of workout ideas which you can save and go back and watch while you’re at the gym and running out of ideas.  

Then there’s the models.  I don’t want to just be skinny.  I want curves and when I see girls like @ellie_gonsalves, @diazdilya, or @steph_pacca I get inspired!  They also post their own workouts and who better to find workouts from then those you want to look like! 

When you find a workout on instagram you love click the little flag in the bottom right.  

This brings you to a list of workouts you can save it too.  

When you go to your profile the flag is on the top right of the pictures. 

The videos are listed there and can be watched to get a great visual of a proper workout!

These are just a few of my own personal motivational ideas to get my fat ass up and get moving!

Conclusion for Motivation:

Finally, check out FatToFabMom on Pinterest and Facebook for more workout ideas and motivation!  

Leave a comment below on your workout motivation!  

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Finding The Motivation To Workout


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