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Gym Etiquette 101

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I’ve been a member of several different gyms in my lifetime.  Proper Gym Etiquette is just as necessary as proper hygiene (which isn’t on my list but maybe should be).  Make sure when going to the gym, whether it’s your first time or your thousandth that you use the manners your good Momma taught you!

Every gym has the same exact types of people.  Some are GREAT!  Helpful, inspirational, motivating, kind and knowledgeable.  However, there’s always a yin to the yang.  There’s the people that make my eyes roll so hard and make me so frustrated that I could scream!  Some just make me laugh.

Let’s dive into the list of what to do and NOT to do at the gym. Here’s some gym Etiquette 101.


OH GOOD LORD!!!!  Stop it stop it stop it!!!!  It’s an attention grabbing, “look at me and how tough I am” moment and no one cares!  It does absolutely NOTHING to aide in your weight training endeavors.  Everyone knows it, you look like an asshat and just need to stop!

If you are lifting hard and straining and making faces and grunting a little under your breath, fine.   That’s understandable.  If I can hear you through my noise cancelling headphones grunting, yelling and slamming down your weights, I want to throat punch you!  Which leads me to my next point.


Here’s another look at me moment.  Control over your movements is so important when working out and that includes lowering your weights.

If you’re slamming down your weights, you’re missing half of your set.  If you can’t control it, then the weights are too heavy.  Drop the ego instead and grab the next size down.

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When you are done with each piece of Equipment, especially the exercise machines.  If you have laid or sat on them, for the love of all things holy, wipe it down!  You’re sweaty.  Whether you realize it or not, no one wants to lay down on your back sweat!  GAG!!!!  

If the gym doesn’t provide paper towels around the equipment, bring in personal gym towel with you.


I don’t know how this ended up being so far down on my list.  I haven’t always been the best at keeping quiet when this happens.  If you are not using the machine, move on.  If you’re checking your phone, move on.  Your rest in between sets should only be between 30 seconds and a minute.


This one is mostly for the men who may be reading this.  It’s awful to walk up to a squat machine and see several 25 pound plates still on the machine.  I’m sore and the bar is set up to my forehead.  It’s extremely frustrating to try to remove all of those and then do a heavy set of my own.

It’s also not ok to be looking for equipment because it’s laying around of the floor where someone left it.


If you have a question about how to use something or need a spotter, by all means, ask.  If you see me with my earbuds in and I’m right in the middle of my set, don’t come up to make small talk.  I’ll be polite smile and give a quick two word response but that’s all you’re getting.

It slows everyone down and that’s not what  we’re there for.  I’m trying to do everything I can to keep motivated and it’s hard enough without some sweet older man wanting to discuss how weather men are always wrong yet still have a job!  UGH!

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Here’s a few small bonuses for you!  Gym etiquette goes into the locker room as well.

First and foremost, IT’S NOT YOUR PERSONAL BATHROOM!!!!!!!!  I cannot stress that enough.  Don’t leave your stuff lay around everywhere.  Talking on your cell phone so everyone can hear your business and playing loud music from your phone is obnoxious.

Finally, I know you’re super proud of your body and I’m really happy for you.  I hope one day to have that kind of confidence as well.  However, no one wants to see your boobs swaying to and fro as you walk around naked.  There are dressing rooms, use them.

Please comment below on gym etiquette that I may have missed.

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Gym Etiquette 101


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