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Weight Loss Journey from the Beginning

This is my weight loss journey from the beginning.  About 3 years ago I started putting on weight and couldn’t stop.  Of course it doesn’t help that I’m a Carb loving sugar addict. (sound familiar?)  There I was in my new comfortable relationship, mom of two girls 12 and 9 and working from home.   So I shot my metabolism in the rear.   In my 20’s I was diagnosed with PCOS in my early 20’s and then fibroid tumors on my uterus at 35.  I knew my hormones were out of whack as well.  Do you know how much I just wanted to curl up and cry?

My first stop was to the gynecologist to get my hormones under control.  She advised me that my weight had become an issue and it would help if I lost weight (ya think?!?!) and gave me the chart on calories and how much to eat and blah blah blah.  I tried, it didn’t do a dang thing.  Then I learned that I was becoming insulin resistant and my weight was more of a problem than I had realized.

I stopped drinking soda which was HUGE!  Oh my, I drank so much Mountain Dew in a day that I would have a migraine by noon if I hadn’t drank a 12oz bottle.  Also,I began exercising at Planet Fitness and watching what I ate for MONTHS and months and months and guess whaaaaat…….. You know I didn’t lose a single pound!  So I checked my measurements and not only was there no inches lost, there was no millimeters lost either!!!!  Just in case you don’t know what that number is, it’s a big fat 0!  Nadda!  Nothing.  Talk about a discouragement.

So what do I do now besides sit on the couch and eat crap again.  I started seeing pictures of myself and wanted to cry.  “I just cannot keep going like this.”   That became my theme song.

You know when you have that “AHA” moment?  Mine was when I picked up a book about carb cycling and it hit me. will link you to my post on Carb Cycling with Chris Powell.  This I can do and I felt like it may actually help.  So I went to Youtube and started watching video’s on carb cycling and how it’s done, how to break down macro’s and what I needed to eat and when.

This is my second week and I’m loving it.  I’m constantly eating, eating more and full which is the best part.  I can feel a difference in my clothes.  Now I’m sure no one is looking at me and saying, “Wow, you’ve lost weight!”.  I’m sure the scale isn’t budging much yet but I have this new found patients and an understanding that it WILL.

So what am I doing and how am I doing it, you ask?  I’m gonna break it down for you here.  I want you on this journey with me and show you what I’ve eaten and how much I’ve worked out from one week to the next.  I’ll share with you my good days and my bad and hopefully you let me know you’re successes and failures and I’ll help pass them along as well!  First of all, keep in mind, I’m in no way an expert at any of this!

So here we go!

You can do carb cycling in many many forms.  I’m doing what is described as the “classic” cycle.  I rotate every other day from low carb to high Carb Days and on Sunday, my seventh day I get a FREE DAY!!!!  So I’ll break it down for you,

Monday-Low carb

Tuesday-High carb

Wednesday-Low carb

Thursday-High carb

Friday-Low carb

Saturday-High carb

Sunday-FREE day

Low carb days I try to stay at 1200 calories a day and high carb is 1500.  Then I eat every three hours because that’s the time your metabolism starts to slow down and you shock it back up by eating.  Sunday’s are a big 2500 calories!!!!  So on Monday when I drop back down to low carb day I shake up my body so it doesn’t become complacent.  I don’t follow the percentages for portion sizes.  I use the standard protein is the same as the palm of my hand, veggies are two cupped hands and grains are one fist.  Easy peasy, right?

Low carb days and high carb days have the same breakfast, protein, carbs, and veggies (sometimes).  Then on low carb days the next four meals are proteins and veggies with each meal and a thumb size of fat (mayo etc).  Then on high carb days the following four meals are protein, carbs, veggies and fruit to snack on.  Done.

Also, you can switch up your days by doing two low carb days and then a high carb day.  You can do a no carb day, low carb day and high carb day.  It’s really all about switching up and boosting your metabolism.

I haven’t been exercising as much but I’m starting into all that this week.  I’ll keep you posted as to what exercises I do whether at home or at the gym.  Oddly enough, I do know my way around the gym and love weight training.  Finally, I will show some tips and best days to do what, like your high carb day should be your heaviest lifting day (legs).

Lastly, please keep in mind I’m just a fat mom of two beautiful girls, not an expert by any means.  I’m writing this because I know I’m not alone and I’m also holding myself accountable.  Do this journey with me and feel free to email me and let me know what you recommend!

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Weight Loss Journey from the Beginning


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