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No Rehearsals

No Pretense. No Cowardice. No Rehearsals.


Real life in real time offers no Rehearsals. None.

When I decided it was about time to start this blog, I must admit I was overly confident about it coming to life right away. You see, in the months preceding this, I accumulated endless pages of blurbs and what I ascertained as an easy fix to a blog. In other words, I thought I would just be uploading pieces I’ve already written. 

I’m laughing as I write this because that strategy turned out to be among my most explicitly gross miscalculations.

Maybe I should have taken Neil Patel's Blog Post "How To Become a Better Blogger in 30 Days" a little more seriously. He did mention that becoming a successful blogger isn't all that easy.

I also soon found out that I am often unable to recycle the old things into something new. I found out today the importance of expressing myself in the moment. I found out today, that even if I tried, I could never rehearse some of the things in my mind. Nothing that I have written in the past truly amounts to the things that I feel now. I’m evolving every day and I have to respect that. 

Even if I write things weeks or months ahead, you will NEVER get that version by the time I publish it. It is always refreshed, rearranged, and by the time I’m done with all of that, it’s twice as long!

So, here you have it; I have determined that when it comes to those amazing moments when I must write what I feel; I will always be given no rehearsals.

Yes, that really, really happens.

Now that I’ve got you thinking, let me explain myself further.

This morning I sent a Message to a friend, taking precautions to be exact in what I meant and fully explaining the point behind the message. The reply I got made mention of the fact that what I wrote sounded rehearsed and as if I had taken from a previous conversation or experience.

You don’t have to assume; I will let you know candidly that the response bothered me. I felt that my efforts were in vain, unappreciated and received without true acknowledgment. I have personally never rehearsed, recycled, refurbished, reconstructed or revised a message before sending it to a friend. It simply never happens. Yet, I couldn’t really change the way that I “come off” to people.

Well, I went back over my message and tried to see how I could get my point across without being as verbose as I am and without so much detail and precision. I just couldn’t. These were my words, the message was the side of me that’s morphing into that wise old woman who I hope will be quoted someday. My words were truly a part of who I am becoming and what I have taken from the world of tough circumstances I’ve conquered and battles I’ve been defeated by.

The whole fiasco with the message and the unsolved, lingering dilemma attached to it got me to thinking. Should I be reevaluating the way that I relate to people? Or, does that take away from my newly achieved profound honesty?

I answered the first question quickly with a resounding NO! I answered the second question firmly with an exact YES!

As an advocate for people coming into their own and expressing themselves according to what they truly feel; I believe that when it matters, to those who matter they will take who I am as I am and be more accepting. 

I’m a wise old woman in the making that should be respected!

This profound honesty has tailored itself to the person I’m working on; the one who I think I like a lot more these days. Socrates wrote, “Be as you would like to seem” and to this, I comply. I am full of words, stories, analogies, opinions and self-expression and today may not be the day that they hold precedence among those I share them with, but I’m stuck hard on the feeling that they will come full circle some day. 

Someday, yes someday.

Until then, this evolution will remain a progressive work. You see, today the weaker side of me still let me question myself. For a split second, I doubted the objectivism of my honesty and that was a split second too long!

I do agree that some things can be compromised, yet I if you’re leaving out the true essence of who you are and what your true opinion is when someone asks, then you’re not “keeping it real”.

It is with no rehearsal that I have been confronted with my greatest challenges and have needed to make a statement or take action. By the laws of fate and the unknown variables of the world; I accept that. I accept that I have to constantly condition myself to withstand the blistering blows of controversy or to tell the truth and speak my mind when it really matters.

That’s life and life has an intricate way of tossing out the details one by one, without warning.

One day we find ourselves becoming the wise old men and women we’ve been quoting for years, recounting the past in reference to the present. One day, we let the unabridged truth flow from our tongues and nothing is ever the same again. Life changes when that is all you give the world amid so many half truths and lies. As we grow into ourselves, we come to realize that we have nurtured a new perspective on things. Our opinions are more personal, built on our own experience, reflecting our own stories.

This is the nice side of life. No pretense. No cowardice. No rehearsals. What they see is what they get and if that stops working for them, then it simply just does.

In the great world of blogging, I am a writer first and foremost.

My vocabulary expands more and more every single day. My mind reaches further and further for answers and new things. I’m always learning and I’m always growing. Experience is bringing out the most authentic "me" and I am thankful. It is showing me that being allowed no rehearsals requires me to think on my feet and meet all challenges head on. 

There comes a huge responsibility when you finally accept your life as being one with no rehearsals.

You can no longer make room for error or mistakes. You have to own them and turn then into something good. Consider taking the time to read another post of mine 3 Key Things I'm Doing To Change My Life. Here I was challenged with not only accepting the role I chose but also making the most of it.

This is real life in real time. There is no backstage and every single action in our daily lives is all the preparation we will get. There are no rehearsals. There will never be any rehearsals.

This journey started at the close of 2016. I've been anxious to get my stories out. I've also been taking my time in order to make sure that every single thing I share is aimed at strengthening my personal evolution while lending valuable insight to the women of the world. There is so much more, so much to learn, so much to say. If I've reached you in any small way, please feel free to share this article. You can also SUBSCRIBE to my site and I will email you updates on new posts. 

Thank you for being here.




— Tuesday

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No Rehearsals


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