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10 Strange habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

When you take a closer look at the lives of Successful Entrepreneurs and self-made businessmen then you notice a pattern of habits they have in common. Some people might choose to call them bad habits, but it’s these habits that made them who they are today. Today I will describe ten habits which are common to all the successful entrepreneurs.

List of strange habits of  Successful Entrepreneurs

Do you have these habits?

The Habit of Being Alone

This is referred as the self-dependence habit. Most successful entrepreneurs prefer being alone, this means that they don’t fancy the idea of associating with other people. In fact, most successful entrepreneurs can count the total number of friends they have with the fingers on one hand. Some of them developed this habit unknowingly. They knew, ‘if you want to be really successful, you have to learn to spend some time alone apart from other people because ideas and creative thinking are best done during quiet time’. Along the line, they unknowingly cultivated the habit of needing to be alone at all times. People don’t like associating with loners because they see them as snobs from a distance. Spending quality time alone to think, brainstorm and horn their ideas is one of the habits of very successful entrepreneurs.

successful entrepreneurs

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Breaking Rules

Rules are made to break – Annonymous

While growing up, we all learned that there are rules which must be obeyed. Rules apply everywhere, for example, from schools to home till religious places. In general, People gets punishment on breaking rules. We grew up fine-tuned to obey these rules in order to avoid punishments. Rules are good as it helps maintain law and order in the society. Moreover, when you take a closer look at these rules, you find out that they put a whole lot of limits on people.

Most successful people in the world today are rule breakers. They are people that went against every given rule that will limit their thinking or productivity, and they are the people that had the courage to challenge what the society saw as the status quo of doing things.

 Successful Entrepreneurs are workaholics for their dream

A workaholic is somebody who works at all times. These people do not care about their work timings since most of the time they are engaged in their work so most successful entrepreneurs are workaholics.

They Believe, “Hard work is the only key to success”

They spend little of their time sleeping, because to them, sleep is a lazy man’s domain.

I am not against hard work because there is no success for anybody who is lazy.

In another manner, There is something called working smarter. It involves paying other people to do the hard work while you concentrate on the mental work. Most big entrepreneurs have learned to work smart because they have found out that work smart increases their productivity.

Successful Entrepreneurs

Disloyalty to Direct Authorities

It doesn’t mean that they are backstabbers.

Disloyalty, In this context, has to do with submission to direct authority, especially when it’s related to work. Successful entrepreneurs are known to be very disloyal, they are bad followers. They find it not so easy to follow simple instructions by their direct boss in the office. It’s not surprising that most successful entrepreneurs have a history of resignations and more terminations. They are moved from one job to another in a little space of time during those years of little beginning.

This can be attributed to the fact that most of them are born leaders. It’s very frustrating for them to submit, and most people tend to misunderstand them, but that is their true nature. Most of the times, it’s as a result of this frustration in workplaces that they went ahead to do their own thing and became massively successful. Next time you find yourself with a subordinate, who has issues of following your authority and instructions, you might be harboring the next successful entrepreneur.

Habit of Competing with Others

As kids grow up, we all compete for the first position in the class. It was fun all the way as you work hard to beat your friend who took the first position. As you grow up, you find out that competition is no longer the fun stuff for you. Competition turns into a bitter rival thing in most cases because people work to succeed to the detriment of other people.

For instance, In your office, you may find out that everybody is competing to be the best. If you don’t  join the group of strugglers, you will look like the lazy ass, and guess what, the next time that the company has to downsize. Hope, you knew the first person to get fired. But it’s a different ballgame in the corporate world. Corporate suits more to the strong-hearted who are not in anyway frizzled to competition. This is one habit of a successful entrepreneur; they compete well in the business world.

Being Thick-Skinned

It does not have to do with thick-skinned in the literal meaning. It means developing a thick emotional cover. Your mentors would have advised, you have to develop a thick skin and stop allowing others perception about you which stops you from achieving your goals. As time goes, you found out that you cared little or none about what others thought about you. This is not a bad habit because to be amongst the top players, you have to pay little attention to what your critics have to say about you, but successful entrepreneurs still know that sensitivity still matters a lot that is being sensitive to what others, especially what those that matter to you.

Self Believe

Self-faith is a big criterion for anybody who wants to succeed, because if you don’t believe in yourself and your ability to succeed, how do you expect others to believe in you? So Self belief is mandatory in the business and entrepreneur world, being overly self-confident might be a pitfall. There is what term called productive paranoid. As Jim Collins pointed out in his book titled Great by Choice, he said that one mark of a business leader who succeeds over time is productive paranoid. Successful entrepreneur, have people around them who will be their paranoid thinkers. Planning, taking action and a regulated dose of productive paranoid is one of the habits of every entrepreneur.

Being Arrogant

Most entrepreneurs have this similar habit in common. They believe that their product would have to speak for itself.  It is really good to put your best in what you are doing and wait for the best outcome. It’ not also bad to blow your horn and sing a little praise about a product.

They get things wrong-

When they develop this attitude of ‘why should I have to specially introduce my product to them, can’t they see it for themselves’? Oh, we can’t! We really need an input from you. Amber Naslund rightly said that ‘the line between savvy and jack is indeed a fine one’. This shows that for your product to become a boom, an entrepreneur has to rightly walk up to people and introduce the product, not because people need to hear the introduction from them to know what the product is all about, but it removes the stink of arrogance from their personality.

Successful Entrepreneurs


This point was not written in support to the phrase-

Love of money is the root of all evil thinkers’,

Because those people are bound to end up poorly. Money goes to only people that really accept it. This greed thing is the mindset of grabbing the dough from whatever angle it comes from. Successful entrepreneurs know that the best way to make money is by helping people. They help other people by providing a service or product. Those people will have no choice than to pay them for the product or services. They also give out to those that need the money much worse than they do because it has a way of coming back to them. That is why you see great entrepreneurs like Bill Gates spending millions of dollars on different charity works. A successful businessman gives and not hoards their money.


It has to do with letting little important things that mattered to you before you became a successful entrepreneur. You find out that busy entrepreneurs start ignoring those little things like replying emails, messages on social media, and taking care of tax well before time. As time flies responsibility changes. Hence, most successful entrepreneurs take out time to know where they missed it. Then they map out a line of action that will help them create time to engage in such activities. They try to reconnect with their customers.

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10 Strange habits of Successful Entrepreneurs


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