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Top Ten Drones With Cameras-Drone With Camera Reviews- UAV reviews

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Top Ten Drones With Cameras- Drone With Camera Reviews

In this article, we’ll be giving our top ten Drones With Cameras. We’ll give you reviews of the latest and best Drones available on the UK market today. Whether you’re looking for a Drone With Camera for Beginners, or you’re more experienced in this field, then we have a selection of  reviews on Drones to match all skill levels and all pockets.

Drones or UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) have many uses . They can be used for surveillance over large areas, both for security and to assist in rescue missions, aerial photography, live streaming for Vloggers, observation of crops, military missions, delivery of parcels/medicine, observation of hard to get to structures like bridges and tall buildings. The list goes on and on.

If you look down the Best-seller lists on Amazon, you’ll find that Drones are very popular, particularly Drones with Cameras. If you want to take fantastic Aerial pictures/video then they are exactly the right tool to use. Also, they’re fantastic fun to use and appeal to all those who love their gadgets.

Drones are fast, agile and very easy to control. They can get to places where we wouldn’t normally be able to get to. Use Drones for security purposes and spying on people. Also, they can provide a visual and audible deterrent against Intruders.

In this post, we take a look at our top Drones with Cameras available on the market today. Each Drone will be given a score out of five. This is our personal opinion. After each Drone with Camera review is a link to Amazon, where you will be able to take advantage of the fantastic prices they can offer.

So, without further ado, lets take a look at our favourite top ten Drones with in-built Cameras:-

10. Syma X11C RTF Mini Drone RC Quadcopter with Camera & Lights

The Syma X11X RTF Mini Drone Rc Quadcopter with camera and lights is a fairly low-priced Drone and good value for money. It comes well boxed and requires minimal set-up. Just fit the rechargeable battery and you’re good to go. Featuring a two mega-pixel camera it comes supplied with a 4gb sd card. The Drone itself, although small is very robust. This makes it harder to damage. Its great at doing flips and other tricks.

The Camera also records sound which is a good addition for a budget priced Drone, although when its in flight, it tends to pick up the sounds of the rotors buzzing around. Flight time is around 6-7 minutes. We would advise you to get additional batteries to simply swap them out for prolonged use. Charging time is about 45 minutes.

This Drone is fairly light and so will get buffeted by the wind in adverse weather conditions. The colourful LED lights are a nice touch and adds to the drama of flying it.

Features of the Drone include 2.4g which means you can happily fly this Drone among other Drones. Control distance is about 100 metres.

To check-out the latest price for the Syma X11C Air RTF Mini Drone RC Quadcopter on Amazon click here 

9. MJX X400C Wifi FPV Drone with Camera

The MJX X400C Wifi FPV Drone With Camera is a fairly small Drone but has some impressive features. It arrives very well packaged and does require some minor assembly when you take it out of the box. You just need to put on the Blade Protectors. (For extra safety you can glue them in place.)

You can choose from three flying modes which are basic(beginners,) Intermediate and Advanced. The controls also feature a one-touch return home button to get the Drone back quickly.

Features include FPV Real time transmission allowing you to get real-time viewing of whatever the Drone is taking. This is achieved through the downloadable App. The MJX X400C Wifi FPV Drone with Camera has a flying time of approximately 8 minutes. This can be increased to approx. 10 minutes should you not require the camera on flights.

The drone also features headless mode which means it can fly in any direction rather than just the direction the nose is pointing.

However, the most novel feature of this Drone is the ability to connect the controls to your own Virtual Reality headset. This takes the pictures relayed by the Camera to a whole new level. It almost feels like you’re flying with the drone.

The Drone charges in approximately two hours. It has a maximum flight distance of 100 metres. Because of its small size it isn’t suited for flying in strong winds.

 To view the best price on Amazon for the MJX X400C WIFI FPV Drone With Camera Live Video Headless Mode Quadcopter click here

8.UDI U845 UFO WiFi FPV Drone with HD Camera Entry Level Headless Mode Quadcopter Live Video

Ok, so this UDI U845 Wifi FPV Drone with Camera is UFO shaped!  That alone is worth paying the money for !! Imagine the look on people’s faces when they see a UFO lit-up at night flying straight past them. This one is great fun to fly. It’s headless functionality means it can fly in whatever direction you want it to go in. Pictures are relayed via the UDIRC DRONE downloadable App.

It’s gravity Induction Mode means you can adjust the direction of the Drone by using the angle of your Smartphone. Normal flight time is between 6-8 minutes and it takes approximately an hour to recharge the battery. However, this Drone does come supplied with an additional battery. Maximum controllable distance is between 80-100 metres.

This drone looks absolutely amazing when in flight. For the price you won’t be disappointed.

To view the best price on Amazon for this drone, click here


If you’re looking for an entry level RC Drone with HD FPV Camera then this offering from Lamaston X5SW-1 is worth taking a look at.

Considering the cost , the Drone flies remarkably well and is able to do a variety of tricks including flipping upside down.  The camera is quite clear with its 0.3 megapixel camera giving a clear view for steering. The only complaint with this one is there can occassionally be a slight delay in receiving the pictures.

Again, this drone is quite lightweight plastic and so flies beter on a clear windless day. It’s possible to set the controls to prevent fly away.

A six axis drone with a 2.4gigahertz transmitter which runs on 4 x AA Batteries.  The rechargeable battery on the drone (two supplied) will give you about 8-10 minutes of flying time.

As I mentioned to begin, If  you’re looking for a robust, drone to practice flying with , this is ideal.

 To view the Lamaston X5SW-1 on Amazon click here

6. FPVRC RC Flying Car Drone with HD Camera, 2 in 1 Air-Road Double Model

This drone offers a two in one option. Firstly, it’s a remote-controled car with high speed running and video/picture options. Secondly,  there’s the RC Drone function.

The drone comes well-packaged and fully assembled.

In car mode, you will get about 10 minutes drive time in a fully charged battery (25 minutes.)In flight mode you’ll get between 6-9 minutes with a maximum flight distance of up to 80 metres.

The drone itself is quite small and like most drones will be wind affected on a windy day.  However, it offers a good variety of in-flight tricks and flips as well as one key take off.

Because of the dual functions, this one has a steeper learning curve than most drones. It’s going to take a bit of patience to familarise yourself with the controls.  However, once you master it, you’ll have hours of fun with this one.

For the best price for the RC Flying Car Drone with HD Camera 2 in 1 Air-Road Double click here

5. Potensic Wifi FPV 6 Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter Drone with 2 megapixels HD Camera

The Potensic Wifi FPV 6 axis Gyro RC Quadcopter Drone has some great features. This starts with its 2 megapixel camera which relays HD quality images and live feed video to its 5.8 gigahertz wireless monitor.

This Drone arrives well-packaged and is ready to fly out of the box. No construction needed. You do not need an FAA Licence to fly this. The drone does all of the usual aerobatics expected from a drone. It also features light for night flying.

Another great feature of this drone is the Hover Set Height function. The built in air-pressure barometer allows you to hold the drone at a set height. This is great when filming as it gives very steady pictures.

Flying time is between 8-10 minutes on a full charged battery. Flight speed can be altered. The battery takes about two hours to fully charge. Maximum operating distance is up to 100 metres.

Drone dimensions are 30x30x10. It comes complete with 2 batteries. Also a free 4gb SD card and USB reader.

The Potensic Wifi FPV 6 axis Gyro RC Quadcopter drone is a great drone suitable for both beginners and more experienced users. It has great features and we’d recommend it.

To get the best price for this Potensic Drone on Amazon click here,

4. Gool RC X101 Drone With Camera

This sturdily built Gool RC X101 Drone with camera has all of the features you’d expect from a top drone.

With it’s excellent 6 axis gyro control system., this drone can be flown in headless mode. This means there is no front end and will nable you to fly the drone in any direction. It also gives stability when streaming live feed direct to your phone.

The drone has good in-flight controls and will do all of the usual stunts. There is a throttle altitude limiter. This is a good feature for beginners as it prevents flyaway. It also features a one button return system to quickly bring the drone back to you.

Another exciting feature of this drone is the ability to connect up to a Virtual Reality Headset. This is brings a whole new experience, similar to if you were flying. It’s enabled through downloading the MJX FPV APP (headset not included.) Pictures and video are stored on your phone for download later.

As there are 4 trimmer buttons, a throttle limit button, throttle changing button, 4 different stick modes and a button to change experience levels, you’d be advised to start in beginner mode with this drone.

Battery life is fairly good with the battery lasting approx. 10 minutes with the camera and approx. 15 minutes without.  This is quite a large Drone. It’s dimensions are 34x34x20cm.

To see Amazon prices for this GoolRC X101 Drone with Camera Live Video HD 720P RC WIFI click here

3. Holy Stone F181 Quadcopter

The Holy Stone F181 Quadcopter frequently appears at the top of the Amazon Best seller lists.  Suitable for both indoor and outdoor flying. It is powered by four rotors. This really looks the part when flying.

The 6-axis Gyro stablization system makes the helicopter much more stable when flying and ensures extra flexibility for stunts, turns and general navigation. The Holy Stone F181 also features a continuous roll feature .  The Manufacturer claims it to be wind-resistant and can be flown indoor or outdoors, but in our tests we found the Holy Stone F181 Quadcopter can be buffeted in strong winds (like any other drone on the market. But, don’t let this put you off. The Holy Stone F181 is a joy to fly.

The camera films in Full HD 1280 x 720 resolution and gives great pictures. Another feature is the headless Security System that helps prevent you from losing the drone.

Battery life is approximately 8 minutes flight time from a 45 minute charge. Additional batteries and a four in one battery charger are also available .

Drone Size:- 31.5*31.5*7.5Cms

To view the latest prices for the Holy Stone RC Quadcopter w/ HD Camera(Photo/Video),comes with 2 Batteries, 4CH 2.4GHz,equipped with Headless Security System, click here for the best  Amazon prices 

2. Syma X5  sc-1

The Syma X5 sc-1  drone with camera is the second of Syma’s drones to make the top ten.

Thie Syma X5 sc-1  has a very good quality 2 megapixels camera on board. At the time of writing it also includes a 4 gb  memory card with it. This allows for simultaneous taking of up to 30 minutes of video or 800 pictures.

The Syma X5 sc-1 Drone offers great functionality through its four blade headless operation. It can fly in any direction very easily, and offers special features like continuous rolling. It has a flight time of  about 7 minutes, a range of about 50 metres and a charge time of about 120 minutes.

Drone size is 32*32*11 cms

To get the latest price for the Syma X5SC/X5SC-1 Falcon Drone HD 2.0MP Camera 4 Channel 2.4G Remote Control Quadcopter 6 Axis 3D Flip Fly UFO 360 Degree Eversion With 4GB SD Card  Click here

1.DJI Mavic Pro Bundle

So, DJI Mavic Pro Bundle combo, you’re it, the number one drone with camera on our list. You’re the king. The cream of the crop and all of the others stay shivering in your magnificent shadow.

If you want the ‘Rolls Royce’ of drones with cameras then this is the one you really need. Imagine the look on other drone owners faces when you pull this out of the stylish case its provided with. It looks amazing. Something akin to a drone mixed with a stealth fighter.

So, what makes the DJI Mavic so special to fly? First of all the flight time is three times longer than most other drones. Forget 7-8 minutes, this beauty can fly for up to 27 minutes.

Also, the DJI Mavic has a massive range of 4 miles (7 kilometres.) although in practice in the UK this is cut to 2.3 miles due to the current rather strict UK transmission frequencies. It has5 vision sensors and a 3 axis mechanical gimbal controlled 12 megapixel camera which stream live video in 4k. Consequently, this gives wonderful video which therefore also looks fantastic even at high speeds. Additionally, It can take micro SD cards of up to 128gb (16gb sd card supplied)

Other features

The DJI Mavic also allows you to shoot in profile, meaning you can therefore take pictures/video of an object you are flying alongside.

Another innovative feature is the Sky Autonomy system. This can sense obstacles up to 49 feet( 15 metres) away. It will also then either bypass these objects or stop and therefore hover automatically. This will therefore prevent collisions when the drone is out of visual range.

In addition, the drone comes with an easy to operate remote which therefore enables you to fly it at the touch of a finger. Also, your ios or Android  smartphone slots into the controller enabling a 1080p downlink up to 4.3 miles.

It comes complete with a carry case , 12v dc car charger, two batteries and a 16gb memory card.

To check prices for the fantastic Mavic Pro Fly More Combo on Amazon click here

That concludes our list of the top ten drones with cameras. Also, We tried hard to include something for all pockets. So, click on the links to get the current best prices and to purchase your favourite drone.

Finally, in addtion, to view other types of security cameras for your home and property, click here  :

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Top Ten Drones With Cameras-Drone With Camera Reviews- UAV reviews


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