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WordPress SEO Tutorial. The Game-Changing Guide 4 WordPress Users

 In this complete Wordpress SEO Tutorial, you will learn every possible Search engine optimization of your WordPress blog. 

Complete SEO Guide Author Info.

  • Name: Jalil Mehar
  • Guide Name: Complete WordPress Tutorial.
  • Experience: 3+ years of Experience in WordPress Search Engine Optimization.

Complete WordPress SEO Tutorial

WordPress is recognized by people as the best SEO platforms, which comes with automatic Seo. Not it is wrong. Google is changing every time. There are no possible ways to bring your WordPress site at the top of search results without doing right SEO tactics. Many peoples thoughts WordPress is better than Blogger in the term of SEO. But it is entirely wrong because SEO of any blog/sites comes when you optimize your site for complete SEO. In this guide, you will learn every WordPress SEO tips & tricks to bring your site to the top of the search results.

See what Matt Cutts says about blogger & WordPress Seo.

In this video, Matt Cutts is covering the issue, or you can be thought which peoples think which platform is SEO friendly. Blogger or WordPress.

Chapter #1: Basic Of SEO.

So in the complete wordpress seo tutorial, We are going to learn some basics of Search engine optimization.

What Is SEO?

How Does SEWorks?

How Does SEO Works?

You’ve heard the term SEO, but not sure how SEO works and what SEO is all about? First of All, the term SEO Stands for search engine optimization. The goal of SEO is to set your website in the possible ranking in organic or non-paid results on search engines. Every day millions of peoples search online for products, services or any type of content. Years of research proves that peoples only look beyond at the first page or two of search results and they most often click the links at or near the top of the page. And which is where your website really wants to be. When peoples search for your product and services.

Overall SEO search engines like google, bing, and Yahoo use complicated formulas and process called algorithms to investigate index and rank the millions of websites on the web. You can optimize your blog/site to follow with these algorithms by applying techniques that pass signals to search engines. Search engines decide these signals and use them to evaluate where your website really deserves to be.

Why SEO Is Important For Your WordPress Site?

SEO Is Important For Your WordPress Site?

As you know, there is not better or most significant way to bring lots of traffic to a website without search engines. And Search engines like google are often the most significant source of traffic for most sites.

As I told you search engines use the advanced algorithms to understand and rank pages accurately in search results. But those algorithms of search engines aren’t complete. They still need your help to understand what your content, services, and products are about.

It is really important for all business owners to make their website search engine friendly. Because today more than 90% of consumers and business search the internet before buying a product or service. They submit their keywords for search and get a list of relevant websites or pages. Peoples tend to click on websites that are at the top of the page. Because they appear to be more relevant to their searched keywords. Most of the websites owners find their competitors at the top of the list. Studies show that if your site is not at the top of these lists. Then your not going to reach your customers. If you ever wonder why your competitors rank is better then yours. Then it is because of a marketing technique SEO.

If you don’t optimize your site for SEO, Then your not going to rank your content, services, or product in search engines results for a specific keyword.

Chapter 2: Basic of WordPress SEO.

So now time to optimize your site by basic SEO techniques. So lets one by one.

1: Choose A Reliable Hosting.

Choose A Reliable Hosting for wordpress seo

Hosting may not be a part of SEO, But I think it should be. Because there are lots, features a web hosting must contain for SEO friendly WordPress site. One of the best SEO factors in 2018 is a fast loading website. A website must load overall page less than 3 sec as included in Google SEO friendly websites policies. So I believe that a hosting your choosing must be optimized for speed of a WordPress site. 

The hosting your choosing must contain these facilities.

  • Speed loading WordPress hosting. No matter if the hosting is shared.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and disk space.
  • 99.99% uptime guaranteed.
  • Free SSL (Https)
  • SEO Tools, such as broken backlinks report, search engine visibility, and much more

The Bluehost and Siteground are the best SEO friendly hosting for WordPress. Officially announced from WordPress site for best hosting for WordPress.

Get Bluehost Hosting Now.

Get Siteground Hosting Now.

3: Check Your WordPress Site Visibility Settings.

WordPress comes with a built-in feature to protect your website from search engines for indexing it. The purpose of this opportunity is to give you time to work on your site before it goes ready for the public.

However, sometimes this feature can get checked accidentally, and it makes your website unavailable to search engines.

When you checked this box, The automatically WordPress add this line to your WordPress site head tag.

WordPress also configure your site’s robots.txt file and add specific lines into it:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

These lines ask robots called web crawlers to stop/block indexing of your site/pages. However, it is entirely up to search engines. It is up to search engines to honor this request. Most of the search engines respect this request.

So you need to make sure that box is unchecked. In order to reach this option go to your WordPress site dashboard>> Settings>> and readings page. Now here you will see this option. You just need to uncheck it and click on save changes.

3: Use A SEO Friendly Permalink Structures To Your WordPress.

Permalinks play an officiant role in search engine optimization. However, by the default WordPress comes with unuseful permalink structure called plain structure.

Look like  that>>

This type of URL does not clearly explain what the post is about. Structuring permalinks of WordPress can be useful for users as well for search engines.

See what SEO friendly permalink structure looks,

Post name:

Day & name:

These are the excellent structure, not only people can find it easily what the post is about but as well search engines clearly find it.

One of the good thing about WordPress. It offers you the ability to create a custom URL structure for your permalinks and archives. Custom URL structures can improve the aesthetics, usability, and forward-compatibility of your links.

To customize your permalinks structure, you need to follow these steps.

Go to your WordPress blog dashboard>>. Go to settings>> and go to permalinks from the settings menu. Now here you will find five types of structure. However, my favorites are two day & post name and only post name. These both are SEO friendly URL structure. 

A small note for you: If your WordPress site has been running for more than six months. Then please don’t change your permalink structure except you are using the numbers option. If you are using Day and Name or Month and Name, then continues using that structure. Because by replacing your permalink structure on a fully established site, you will drop all of your social media share counts and run every chance of losing your current search engine rankings.

4: Add XML Sitemaps To Your WordPress.

add a xml sitemap to your wordpress

A Sitemap is a list of URL that enables the website owner to inform Google and other primary search engines about URLs on a site that are ready for crawling.

The Sitemaps enable search engines to find all of your web pages that they might otherwise miss when indexing. The XML sitemap tells search engines some additional information about each URL of your website such as:

  • It tells when your URL is updated.
  • How usually the site changes.
  • How relevant the page is about other pages on the site.Having these all information on one document helps search engines like google, bing, and Yahoo, to understand your website more carefully and crawl it brilliantly.

To install a sitemap on your site, you need to install a plugin called>> Google XML sitemap. Alternatively, you can use Yoast and jetpack by WordPress plugin for generating an XML sitemap for your site. However webmasters favorite is Yoast sitemap generator.

5: Add Your Site To The Webmaster Tools Of Search Engines.

Webmaster tools are the tools offered by search engines for website owners determine that search engines have collected their site date. Either it may be google, yahoo, or bing search engines.

Search engines webmaster tools give you reports and data to help you know how your pages perform in search engine results. You also get to see the actual search keywords people are using to find your website, how each page looks in the search engine results, and how frequently your pages are getting clicks.

These all information let you understand what’s working on your site and what’s not. So you can plan your website according to the webmaster tool guidelines.

Webmaster tools by search engines also inform you when there is something wrong with your site, like when search crawlers are unable to access it, Malicious Attacks, Threats, and Vulnerabilities, duplicate contents or restricted resources, etc.

How to add your site to google search console?

One of the best easy and powerful webmaster tool is google search console. It gives you all date of your website of google search engine.

1: In order to add verify your WordPress site to google search console, you need to go to for google search console.

2: Now you need to sign in to a google account. After signing you need to enter your website URL and click on “add a property” button.

3: After adding your website, you will be redirected to google search console website ownership page. Here you need to verify your website with any one of 5 awesome methods. But the easiest way is to add HTML tag to your website head tag.

4: Just copy the HTML tag code and go to your WordPress plugin area and install a plugin called “insert headers and footers“. This plugin will help you add HTML code easily to your WordPress header area.

4: After installing the plugin go the plugin setting and add your HTML tag code to the first box. and click on save changes.

5: Now go back to the google search console verification page and click on the verify button to successfully add your site to google search console.

6: After verifying your site for search console, you just need to add your XML sitemap to the search console to tell Google about your site pages and fast indexing. You can generate your sitemap by Yoast SEO plugin which I told you above.

It looks like this.

Add this sitemap to google search console. For adding this you need to google search console and click on the Crawl menu and then select Sitemaps.

Once the sitemaps page open, just click on add/test sitemap button to add your sitemap. You main sitemap is (sitemap_index.xml). So go on add your sitemap to the box and click on submit button. If you want to test your sitemap is working or not. just click on test button to check it first.

Note: The basic WordPress SEO chapter is ended now. Go on to the next chapter 3.

Chapter 3: Advance Of WordPress SEO.

In this chapter, you will learn every best practice of WordPress SEO.

1: WWW vs. non-WWW – Which Is Better For WordPress SEO.

When I searched on google, many peoples ask on forum posting sites what is the difference between www vs. non-www URL. And what is best for WordPress SEO. If your one of them, Then you will correctly get the perfect answer here. I will help you to understand about www vs. non-www site URLs.

Let me tell you, There is no difference between www vs. non-www URL. Then there are entirely no SEO benefits of choosing one over another. Even Google itself said that it all depends on your personal preferences.

But there is a technical difference between them.

If you join www. in front of a domain, it acts as a host-name which will help by flexibility with DNS, ability to modify cookies when using various sub-domains, and much more. Where the non-WWW domains also referred as naked domains but don’t have technical support.

Bloggingegg is a root domain name. is a root domain name with a top-level domain extension (the .com part). Other top-level domain extensions include .com, .org and etc

WWW is considered a sub-domain.

So is considered the 2nd level of the domain because is a sub-domain of www.

When we add another sub-domain, like It is considered a 3rd layer domain, where is deemed to be the 2nd layer.

When a domain has no sub-domains, including www, it is called a naked domain.

For more info about www vs. non-www, please read this article. why use www.

Tell google.

As I told you, there are no SEO benefits between them, But if you want to display non-www, you can let know google about your personal preference.

Just go to google search console and select the site you want to change. Now click on the gear icon as know as setting icon. Click on it and go to site address from the menu.

WWW vs. non-WWW - Which Is Better For WordPress SEO.

On the site settings page, you need to make your chose preferred URL to be displayed in google search results. Alternatively, if you’re using Yoast SEO plugin. It will automatically do it for you.

WWW vs. non-WWW

2: Use Of SSL Certificate (Https) For SEO.

An SSL Certificate is a kit of data files that can be added a server to produce an encrypted connection between a browser and a server. When installed, a green padlock will be presented when a user visits a site to indicate that the site is secure. This symbol lets the user to know how secure that websites is for his/her information such as passwords, crated card numbers, etc.


If your site is not secure yet with an SSL, it undoubtedly should be. Here’s why.

  • It will increase your Google ranking. In 2014, Google announced that they would give a ranking benefit to secured HTTPS / SSL sites, and because of that, more and more websites/blogs have shifted over to https. It might be a good idea for you too.
  • The main benefit of HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) is that it implements a secure connection to the users on the pages where they share personal data to you. Having https on your entire website is excellent. However, when a user shares valuable info, like credit card details, The SSL adds extra tiers of protection to your site.

    3: Security of WordPress for SEO.

Security of WordPress for SEO

Security of WordPress form malware and getting hacked mostly up to you, how you secure it.

WordPress comes with lots of security functionalities. But still many WordPress contain malicious attacks and get hacked by hackers because WordPress is the favorite target for hackers. 

The reason I am talking about WordPress security for SEO because Google blacklists nearby 20,000 sites for malware and about 50,000 for phishing. When Google blacklists a website, it means the site is blocked to show up in search results.

That’s means that the security of your WordPress site is essential for proper rankings in search engines.

In order to protect your sites from hackers, Please read our full guide about WordPress security.

4: Install The Best SEO Plugin For WordPress.

The one and the only reason that peoples think that WordPress is best for SEO instead others is that WordPress contains lots of SEO tools and features. When it comes to best WordPress plugin, there are top-level SEO plugins like All in one SEO, The SEO framework. However, my favorite is Yoast SEO plugin.

There’s no suspense that Yoast SEO is the most popular and most recommended WordPress SEO plugin out there.
It is one of the most well-known and most used WordPress plugins of all times. Yoast’s WordPress SEO is a complete solution for all your on-page SEO requirements.
 It provides you tons of flexibility to your site’s contents. The Yoast SEO plugin enables you to add SEO title, meta-description, and meta keywords to each and every posts and pages of your WordPress blogs/websites.

With the help of Yoast’s, you can also write a custom title for your main sites, category, tag and archives pages.
 It also adds Open Graph meta-data, Twitter Cards, Sitemaps, redirections and tells search engines like google, bing when you update your site.
The menu of features for the WordPress SEO is exceptionally long. But the Yoast SEO plugin is the only way to complete your site SEO needs.

5: Optimize Your WordPress For Speed.

The Speed of a site/blog is a factor in search engine ranking, and Google officially made it. Speed also a part of audience or blog visitor’s satisfaction. The speedier people can browse your blog the more pages will be viewed. So Website or blog speed helps you to get top ranking on search engines and also help you to earn more from Affiliate network or Contextual advertising. Web speed directly impacts with your business results.

If you really want to speed up your WordPress site, then you must use these below plugins and tools.

  1. Choosing the right speed hosting: Better hosting Better performance. Recommended hosting for speed are Bluehost and Siteground.
  2. This website will help you to reduce the size of images.
  3. WP Rocket: WP Rocket is a paid plugin and indeed it the best plugin for caching. But it is paid alternatively you can try WP fastest cache or W3 Total Cache. Caching plugins will help your WordPress site by reducing the coding files, lazy image load, Remove query strings from static resources, SSL cache, and many more features. So it is important to install a caching plugin.
  4. Imagify: This is an automatic WordPress plugin which will help you minimized and optimize your site images.
  5. Jet Pack by WordPress: It is one of necessary plugin for WordPress users to control all the useful functions like the security of WordPress, speeds up the site, social buttons and much more.
  6. WP-Optimize: It is a great plugin for automatically cleaning your WordPress site database so that it will run at maximum performance.
  7. Check your site speed at these 3 best online tools>> Pingdom, GTmetrix, and PageSpeed Test By Google.

Note: If you follow my these 7 steps then I promise you will never face any issue about the speed of your site.

6: Optimized Your WordPress Site Images For SEO.

Optimizing of images for speed and search engines both are essential for your WordPress site better performance. 

1: Optimizing Images For Speed.

The first thing you need to make sure the images are superbly optimized for speed. Becuase speed is one of the most important factors of search engines nowadays. So in order to speed up your site images, you must use these tools. 

  • Imagify plugin: It is a great free plugin that automatically optimizes the images for speed.
  • Jetpack by WordPress: There is a function in this plugin that helps WordPress users to activate the image CDN to there WordPress site to reduce the load time of images.
  • Tinypng site. This site will help you to manually reduce the size of images.

2: Optimizing Images For SEO.

Optimizing of images for speed and SEO are very necessary. So now time to clarify how to optimize images for SEO.

You can use to optimize your site’s images for search engines is to use a descriptive title and alt tags to the image. These tags indicate the search engines to understand what your image is about. So it very useful to add these tags to your WordPress images.

So WordPress cms allow you to add alt tags and titles to your images for excellent SEO.

7: Add Social Media Plugin To Get Social Signals.

Social signals are another part of search engine optimization. Basically social signals are the counts of shares, likes, and love of a specific post or URL on social media platform generated by search engines to help in ranking in search results.

In order to gain social signals, you must install social media plugin to insert social media buttons below the post, sidebar and floating area of your WordPress site to help users to share easily by clicking on their favorite social media buttons.

The more shares, likes, followers, and loved you get from social media the more chances to get higher ranking in the search results.

My favorite social media plugins.

  • Social Warfare: Best one free and paid available.
  • Social Media Share Buttons & Social Sharing Icons (Ultimate Sharing): Free Plugin.
  • Social Media Share Buttons: Free

8: Make Internal Linking a habit For SEO.

Internal linking is a crucial SEO tactic for publishers. Making interlink to your own posts/pages is also useful for users.

Make Internal Linking a habit For SEO

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WordPress SEO Tutorial. The Game-Changing Guide 4 WordPress Users


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