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11 Unique Baby Shower Guest List Sign-In Ideas

11 Unique Baby Shower Guest List Sign-In IdeasI absolutely love Baby showers!  I have been to tons have thrown quite a few.

My favorite ones are those which have a different and unique element to the party.  Whether it’s decorations, theme, games or whatever.  I like one of a kind things!

Sign-ins for a baby shower might be something that easily gets overlooked.  However, it is a great way to create delightful memorabilia that can be looked at and cherished for years to come.  It’s a fantastic way to show the mother-to-be you are thinking of her beyond her special day.

I’ve gathered 11 fabulous unique baby shower guest list sign-in ideas for you to consider the next time you are hosting a baby shower.  This list is in no particular order nor for any specific baby gender.


If you want something that flows a little better with a baby shower than just a regular old guest book, consider having your guests sign a onesie.  Onesies can be bought in any plain color, so it allows lots of options to choose from when selecting one that matches the theme.  Although this probably isn’t an article of clothing the mom-to-be would want her child to wear, it makes for a great memento that can be put away in a baby’s keepsake box.

Large Wooden LetterLarge Wooden Letter

This type of sign-in can be used even if the parents haven’t decided on a name.  Knowing it is great, but it’s not a must.  You can always use the first letter of the parents’ last name (assuming it will be passed on. . .be sure to check beforehand!).  Make sure you purchase pens that can write on wood.  A great alternative to regular pens would be to use paint pens.  The letter can already be painted and guests sign it with coordinating colors OR you can purchase an unpainted letter and let the signatures be the splash of color needed.

Are You My Mother? by P.D. Eastman Reading Book

This suggestion kind of reminds me of school years when you would get your friends to sign your annual.  When selecting a book for guests to sign, try to find one that matches the theme you are throwing.  If you can’t find one that coincides with the theme, ask the mom-to-be for suggestions.  She is sure to have some favorites or ones that she would love to read to the baby.  Make sure you purchase more than one copy or a selection of books.  That way if guests run out of signing room in one, they can choose another.  Have a selection of various colored pens for guests to sign with to add some extra color.


Diapers make for a great guest sign-in, especially if you are throwing a diaper themed baby shower.  But honestly, this can be used for almost any theme.  Since the one(s) being signed will not be worn by the child and kept just as a keepsake, it doesn’t matter the size you purchase (although I would suggest you buy large diapers so more guests can sign each one).  It is also a good idea to have extra ones on hand just in case guests run out of room.  Give any diapers you don’t use to the mother-to-be so they can be used when the baby gets bigger.

Guest Thumbprints

Guest Thumbprints

An adorable and creative way for guests to sign in is by allowing them to place their thumbprints on paper to create a beautiful picture.  Buy one color of paint or a variety of colors to create your vision.  Not only can you make balloons on strings, bumblebees, a tree, a stork, raindrops, and birds just to name a few, there are tons more options for this.  You might not be able to create everything in the picture you want with a thumbprint, so you may need to print out (or draw) other items in order for a complete picture to be created.  When everything is said and done, you can get the picture framed for the new mom so she can hang it in the baby’s room.  Don’t forget to purchase baby wipes for guests to remove any excess paint from their thumb!

Sonogram Picture

Using the baby’s sonogram picture is a nice way to give baby shower guests a peek at the little bundle of joy to come.  Make sure to get a decent size picture printed, large enough to be placed on poster board or matboard.  This way guests are able to sign around the picture, and you or the mother-to-be can have it framed so it can be hung up.

Picture of the Mom-To-Be Pregnant

Picture of the Mom-To-Be Pregnant

This is a very sweet and sentimental idea that can accommodate any type of shower.  You can display a picture of just the mommy-to-be or, depending on your shower type, have a picture of her posed with the father-to-be, siblings and/or grandparents.  The picture doesn’t necessarily need to be one taken by a professional.  You can use a candid photo that is very flattering.  It is also recommended you purchase a decent size print so you can place it on poster or matboard.  This will give guests plenty of room for signing and allow it to be framed.

Puzzle PiecesPuzzle Piece

If you are throwing a baby shower for a mother-to-be who loves puzzles, then this is a wonderful idea for your event!  There are endless puzzle selections for you to choose from.  If you are planning on giving the finished puzzle to mommy, glued together and/or framed, ask her what theme she is planning on doing the baby’s nursery in and look for something that coincides.  As far as the signing of the puzzle, try to estimate how many guests will be attending the shower and attempt to find a puzzle that has that many pieces.  This will prevent an excess number of pieces without signatures.  If you can’t find a puzzle you like that matches the number of guests, you can always allow guests to write multiple messages.

Baby Shoes

If your guest list is on the rather small side or if you don’t mind purchasing several shoes (that will more than likely not be worn), then having guests sign baby shoes is a unique and fun way for the mom-to-be to remember who came to her baby shower.  With this idea, you have several color options available.  And if you really like the idea but not the expense of it, consider making baby shoes out of colored paper and have guests sign them instead.


Most people might not even think about using a map (or several maps) for guests to sign, but if you are throwing a shower with a travel theme or if the parents enjoy traveling (or anything of that nature), this is a fabulous idea!  Use a map of your state, the country or even the world.  Whichever one fits your baby shower!  This is also perfect for parties where lots of people are coming from different states or countries.  Guests can sign the state or country in which they live.  Be sure to place the map(s) on a sturdy and large enough table where it can be rolled out.  Consider using sticky tack on the back of the map so it remains flat and in one piece.


Use wooden block from a Jenga game for guests to sign.  It can be a very unique and sentimental gesture for a mother-to-be who loves games or this game in particular.  You can simple have guests sign the block, but an even better idea is to let guests decorate a block and place their signature on it.

Do you think these unique baby shower guest list sign-in ideas are good?  Which one is your favorite?

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11 Unique Baby Shower Guest List Sign-In Ideas


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