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We were drinking Champagne in the city streets

Your eyes so blue I couldn’t see straight

I know I won’t see you this way

Anytime after tonight

That’s the part where it kills me

It’s the time when

The alcohol stops messing with my head

And my heart gets Drunk instead

Not the fun, can’t wait to see you again

Type of drunk

More or less,

the I’m gonna bawl my eyes out

Kind of night, drunk

Because I know when this

Drunken fever wears off

I’ll be left with a hangover

I can’t forget

A pounding head

Where aspirin as a relief

Doesn’t exist

The same kind of hangover

No amount of Gatorade and excessive diner food could ever fix

I won’t be able to deal

With the present

Because presently,

you’re not here

I hate this empty bed

I’d give anything to see your “ I hate mornings and everything at the moment” 8am stare

These blank emotionless white walls

I wish I could take back everything we said

Replace them with our future instead

Making better of all those fights before bed

The awkwardness laid there with us

Making sure we’re reminded

That we have zero clue what’s going on in the other’s head

Love wasn’t enough when we always thought it was

The last 6 months when we let the feelings fade and killed our own romantic screenplay

That took us 2 years

To write, star and direct

That’s a lot of fucking work to just let it become a wreck

I know I won’t the be the same

Not in the love drunk kind of way

More so the thoughts in my brain

I won’t think like I used to

You made me look at life in a different way

I thought love was up and we always promised to not be the reason for the each others tears on the ground.

But here I am now

The floor is wet and I’m looking everywhere but I don’t see you around

Just your famous trail of bobby pins and blonde hair

Found seemingly everywhere

Left on the bathroom counter

Wrapped around our picture frame

Sewn into all my shirts

Entwined in my hairbrush

Forgotten around the seam on my heart where It’ll forever hurt

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