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Whizzco Review 2018- Content SSP for Publishers

About Whizzco- Whizzco is one of the first Content SSPs that help publishers make the most of their ad Revenue by displaying targeted Native advertising through cutting-edge machine learning. Think of a place from where you can manage all your native ad networks, integrate them all and make them compete against one another for the maximum ad revenue from native. Publishers have been looking for a similar solution for long and Whizzo is the answer for them. In a nutshell, Whizzco is the first content SSP (Supply Side Platform), one place to manage your entire sponsored content.

Whizzco provides a single widget for publishers that want to generate better monetization. It offers 100% fill rate across all geographies and is dedicated to total transparency.

Whizzco Product Offering

Today, SSP and mediation platforms are everywhere from display banners to video ads, except for content recommendation networks.  As a content publisher, you don’t have much choice but to choose only one content network at a time. The issue is no network has much demand to cover worldwide traffic with reasonable rates and to display a high diversity of content.

Some networks are better in India, some have the highest rates in the US, while others have better rates on Mobile than on Desktop.

Whizzco’s widget displays the highest paying campaigns in each country. It pulls all relevant campaigns from the content partners and calculates the best performing campaigns based on Geo, Platform, User ID, CTR, and rates.  The results are higher RPM, more diversity, quality control and one dashboard with real-time reports.


Whizzco uses cutting edge technology for optimization and tracking. Their optimization technology is based on machine learning algorithm. The tracking is done in real-time and allows Whizzco to compare the real data (clicks) to the network data and find discrepancies, which have a high impact on revenue.

Advantages of using Whizzco

Publishers can make use of Whizzco’s product offering to maximize its ad revenue without worrying about signing up with individual native ad partners.

  • Complete optimization and mediation of all native ad networks
  • AI quality filter for aggressive content
  • Network integrity (click tracker)
  • Timely payments
  • Running content recommendations from multiple ad partners
  • Quality and diverse native ad recommendations

Disadvantages of using Whizzco

Whizzco is one of the first content SSPs and thus it offers a lot of opportunities and challenges and I hope the team is working effortlessly in getting things done in the right way.

  • Minimum payout is $200 which is a bit higher for entry level native publishers.
  • The product is at a nascent stage and further optimization is reduced for publishers to maximize the revenue.
  • Not all native ad networks are currently live with Whizzco. (however, the major ones are live)
  • Whizzco doesn’t offer the capability to integrate in-house native ads or direct/sponsored native ads.

Whizzco Publisher Requirements

All publishers who are applying to the Whizzco platform should ensure the follow

  • Your content should be of superior quality, clean and should have a neat web design
  • You shouldn’t have pornographic content, content related to software privacy or host content which have copyright infringements.
  • Your website should have a minimum of 10,000 page views per day or at least 100,000 US page views per month.

Whizzco Product Types – Standard and Premium

Whizzco offers two product types for publishers who are looking to increase their ad revenue from native ads.

Standard- for publishers up to 5 Million page views per month- you get one JS code with all content networks inside and one dashboard to view earnings and reports.

Premium- for publishers with more than 5 Million page views per month – Optimization as a service – The publisher works directly with each of the networks. Whizzco provides one widget which optimizes between all tags. The publisher gets money from the networks and pays to Whizzco for the service.

Current List of Content Distribution Partners

Here is the list of the content distribution networks which are currently integrated with

Taboola, Revcontent,, Adskeeper, Mgid, Earnify, Adnow

Expected Integrations – Much more in the pipeline

Whizzco Dashboard Overview

Whizzco provides an intuitive real-time reporting for its publishers which are updated with a lag of 1-2 hours. The dashboard helps you create your own native widgets which can match the style of your website to provide a truly native experience. Additionally, you can place a number of widgets on your site. We would recommend you start with placing three ad units on your website. One widget on the sidebar (1 column x 6 rows), an in-article widget (2 column x 2 row) and an after content native styled widget which can have customized based on your visitor platform (desktop or mobile). This arrangement will help you maximize your ad revenue. Also, you can use a plugin like Q2W3 Fixed Widget which can fix the sidebar widget ad and ensure higher click-throughs.

Whizzco dashboard currently offers the following stats —

  • Ad Network Providers— You can view the revenue across a channel of native ad networks like Taboola, Revcontent,
  • Geo— This graph shows the top 5 geos that are receiving the maximum revenue on your website.
  • Platform— Provides a revenue breakdown of the platforms like desktop, mobile and tablet and how much each of the platforms is making.
  • Sites— List of top 5 websites under your account

How to Create a Native Ad Unit using Whizzco?

Signup to Whizzco by clicking this link here. Wait for a day or two for your account to get approved. It might take a bit longer depending on the duration for their partners to approve your website. Once done, you will be notified via email.

Head on to the dashboard, under Properties section on the left, you can see My widgets, click on the link which will take you to my widget section where you can create a new widget.

Whizzco offers intuitive customization for your native widgets to match the look and feel of your website. You can change the background color, font family, layout, grid and border. Additionally, you can also filter the rating of the content ads. Once you work on these settings to make it look similar to your site layout, go ahead and copy the javascript ad code and paste it on your site where you want the widget to appear. On the right, you can take a look at the widget demo as you keep customizing your Whizzco widget.  

Once ads start showing up on your widget, give it some time for the data to start collecting and roll back to your dashboard in a few hours to see the performance of your Whizzco widget.

How Long does it take for Whizzco Optimization Algorithms to Start Working?

Since the tool is powered my algorithmic learning, you need to give Whizzco at least 100,000 impressions per widget and a period of a week for the optimization to start analyzing the best performing ad units. So, you can expect a gradual increase in your overall revenue as the product slowly understands your audience and shows the best-optimized ad types on your website.

Whizzco CPM Rates 2018

Whizzco’s optimization algorithm offers higher CPM rates for its publisher partners. The technology help publishers to maximize revenue across all native ad networks and content recommendation networks. We have been testing Whizzco for about a week on one of our website which gets most of the traffic from India. After testing, we found that the network CPC is around 1.5 cents. Publishers who have traffic from India are expected to earn anywhere around 1 cents to 3 cents depending on the traffic quality and reputation of the website. Websites which are in regional content are expected to further see a reduction in CPC due to lowered advertiser competition.

Whizzco’s CPM rates for US traffic will be in the rate of 10 cents to 50 cents and would highly depend on the nature of the website and the targeting audience. Since the ads with the highest CPC is shown, you can expect higher revenues with Whizzco.

Overall, your website CPM will be highly relevant to your website audience and content niche. You can expect your page RPM to be anywhere from 30 cents to 10 dollars. Thus to wrap, Whizzco offers the following to maximize your native ads CPM.   

  • Increase CTRs of native ads
  • Show High CPC ads
  • Display Quality ads and varied ad content

Whizzo Earnings Report

Here you can take a look at the overall revenue of my website. Once you’re logged in to your account, you can see your earnings report on the dashboard. The earnings report gives you an overview of total revenue, add CTR, CPC, eCPM and more for you to have a comprehensive understanding of the product. Just Signup using this link and get started with Whizzco.

Whizzco Payment Proof

Whizzco offers its publishers a monthly payment. Since the network is in a beta stage, it has currently not offered any payment to the publishers. We will update with the payment proof once we have a payment screenshot once we receive the payment from Whizzco.

Whizzco Revenue Share

Whizzco offers a competitive revenue share of 80/20. As a publisher, you retain 80% of the revenue which you’re making from Whizzco’s content partners. Whizzco takes 20 per cent revenue cut for the optimization service it is offering publishers to maximize their revenue.

Whizzco Payment Cycle and Payment Methods

Whizzco offers monthly payment to its publishers. If you haven’t reached the minimum payment threshold of $200 for the month, the earnings would be accrued to the next payment cycle. The payment is NET 30. Whizzco is currently offering Paypal and Wire as the preferred payment options to its publishers.  

Wrapping Up

With 100s of SSPs across display and video, there is no denying the fact that SSPs help publishers maximize their ad revenue. However, getting approved across all networks can be a big hassle for mid-sized publishers since every native ad network has its own traffic minimum which publishers need to adhere to signup with these individual networks. Whizzco solves this issue with its direct partnership across an array of native ad networks and you only connect with one contact source. In terms of ad quality, your website gets a varied and rich quality of native ads since the best ads across any geography is picked and thus RON campaigns are mostly eliminated, giving your users a better experience. So, if you’re doing more than 10,000-page views per day, go ahead and signup with the network and start increasing your ad revenue asap. Try Whizzo.

Whizzco Review 2018- Content SSP for Publishers
Whizzco- Native SSP

Whizzco is one of the first Content SSPs that help publishers make the most of their ad revenue by displaying targeted native advertising through cutting-edge machine learning.

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Whizzco Review 2018- Content SSP for Publishers


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