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Update: Monday On The Vow (Episode 684-687)

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Amar is sitting on the bed thinking about Bharat and what he had said and he stars to tear up.  Divya comes and asks what's wrong and that is Bharat wasn't ready to come home and then Amar breaks out in tears. Amar and Divya embrace each other and then Amar says that Bharat has decieved them

Amar says that he deceived them and he loved him more than his life, his company was his company then but he says no, his company is now B- Venture, Amar says this while crying and asks why did he do this? Divya comforts Amar while he cries and Aniket then walks in and says that he must win. Amar looks up and Aniket says that he needs to win this battle, if Bharat has forgotten his relatives then so have they, he also says if Bharat isn't crying at his loss then why is he? He tells Amar not to forget that they are all with him on this and the entire family is with him. Amar looks down thinking while Divya looks at Aniket with worry. Amar then looks up after hearing what Aniket said and Aniket continues saying that they'll get a loan, they're from SGI ( Singh group industry ) and they will get a loan easily, then they will see who has the guts to stand up to SGI. Amar still looks at Aniket in shock and then starts thinking. Aniket continues saying that his "achai" should be his strength and not his weakness. Amar listens and thinks even more and wipes his tears away.

Bharat come down stairs and saw that the food on the table is untouched and asked if Aditi eat or not and the guy said that Aditi hasn't eaten at all this morning. Bharat goes upstairs and asks Aditi why she hasn't eaten anything and wonders if she is happy, and says that this house is hers and also tells her to make this her house. Aditi is sitting on the bed says in a saddend voice and asks how can she make this house when Amar and Divya are going through so much. Bharat cuts her off and tells her to wait a minute and tells her that she don't need to worry about them so much and asks if she know what they did. Aditi still looking down at the bed. Bharat also says that his mother was right that she care for Amar and Divya more than her husband and her getting worried for them. Aditi looks up at Bharat, she gets up and say yes she is very worried and to tell him the truth that she is worried seeing him in this state and in revenge mode. Aditi tells him that he don't even understand her pains and the day his eyes reveal it, then that day he'll realise that he is wrong. Bharat says that whatever he is doing, is right and if she don't like what he is doing then she can leave him and go to Amar and Divya. Bharat walks away but then Aditi says that yes she can go but then she would leaving her responsibilities behind staying here. She is fulfilling her job as a wife. Bharat again starts to tear up and walks out and Aditi cries.

Amar asks his assistant what the status of the loan is because they need to pay the employees as soon as possible, but the assistant says that for this new projet they can't get the loan because the bank said that their company has already taken out the limit for a loan. Amar is shocked he calls the bank and asks about the loan. The bank manager tells him that he can't take the loan out because he already took a loan of 650 core. Amar has a weird look on his face and the bank manager continues in saying that Amar have crossed the limit and it's impossible to take out some more money. Amar gets up form his chair says 650 core and asks how can the pass that much money without telling him then the manager says that on his sayings Mr. Bharat came and gave the loan sanctions to him and he even said that whatever Bharat is doing he is doing it by his order and he also said that Bharat took out this loan when Divya was sick. Amar is shocked and angry as he finds out about Bharat’s deceptive ways.

Meanwhile, Bhargav tells Bharat that Amar is leaving SGI and maybe leaving India by selling his hosue and what not and that they should tell the bank since they have such a big loan out on their name which means that if he leaves they will have to pay off that entire loan and he can tell that Bharat is worried for Amar. Bhargav wonders if they should tell the bank and Bharat says yes. He calls the bank and says that he heard the SGI take out a hefty loan and he also heard that the SGI is going through a rough time then Bhargav tells the bank manager they should get ther money back as soon as they can or else.. and with that he hang up

Aniket asks Divya if Amar come home last night and she says no. He said that he will do all the work that needs to be done then he will come home and he should be on his way. Someones is at the door, Divya goes to open it and it's Amar. She brings him inside and asks him why he need to do so much work in one day and asks if he even care for his health. Amar sits on the couch quietly thinking about what the bank manager was saying. Uma asks what's wrong and just then, Aniket sees an ad in the paper and says he didn't quite understand but he think he said something about Amar planning to run away because of the fact that the SGI is going down and everyone is shocked to hear this. The door bell rings and it turns out to be the banks lawyer and he come to give Amar a legal notice saying that without paying all his dues, he may not leave this country and he must pay the FULL 650 core in one week or else the bank will take his company and all his property.

Amar is thinking about what Bharat said and what the bank lawyer said. Divya comes and gives Amar all her jewellery that she hasn't worn and it's better if he sold them to get some money and that instead of keeping them in the closest it's better if they make use of it. Amar refuses and asks how can they do that, he can never do that no matter. Divya says that he is hers and this entire family and as long as they are all together what else do they need. Uma also comes in and gives Amar papers for land that could give them alot of money if they sold it. Amar says because of him she have to go through so much. Uma hugs him and Amar apologize to her. She tells hims not to worry and they have to sell this land and then he will see. They'll have the money. Aniket says that it's not his fault and it's because of Bharat. Aniket also brings a few things that they could get money from. Divya says that they will get out of this because and are all together like always. She adds that they just need Shabunaths blessing.

Bhargav is talking on the phone saying that Amar has nothing, the bank is after them and that no one in the market will help him either the person on the other side of the phone says that good but It's a woman. The girl says that she wants to see the singh family rot and ruined.

Aditi is reading the headlines in the newspapers about Singh Industuries.  She calls Divya and begs for forgiveness for what is happening. Divya tells her to calm down that she understands that she is not responsible neither is Bharat, and it's all Sindoora's doing. Aditi says she tried hard to convince Bharat and asks her to come and talk to him because he will listen to her. She pleads with her to come and then hangs up in tears.

Amar at the office making some calls and being frustrated by the negative answers.
He goes to a bank to ask for help. The officer says that the difficulties of Singh Industries is well known now and they can't offer him any help in this situation where brothers are fighting against each other. Later at home, Divya sees Amar on the phone and his frustration.

The news reports that soon the Singh properties will be auctioned. Bharat and his assistant are watching the news and are very pleased by what they hear. Next morning at Singh mansion, auctioneers have posted the notice on the property.  Amar and Divya see the notice and they are all saddened by this. Divya arrives at Bharat's house. The servant lets her in and goes to call him. Aditi comes out and is very happy to see her. She breaks down in tears and Divya comforts her. Aditi says she will go and call Bharat. She turns around and sees Bharat at the top of the stairs. He greets Divya and tells Aditi to bring tea or coffee for her. Divya stops her and tells him that she came to talk to him. He offers her a seat but she says she needs to talk. She asks him why he's doing all this for a small misunderstanding and that he will think that she is taking Amar's side because she is his wife but he should ask anyone else in the house if Amar would do injustice to him. He says he doesn't want to ask anyone anything, and whatever has happened has already happened. She says he's so close to him and she knows that Sindoora is behind all this. He stops her from speaking further about his mother. She says he will have to listen and she can't believe how he can fall in her trap. He have seen before what Sindoora has done to this family and he will soon realize that she is the enemy of the whole family. He raises his voice and tells her to stop then he goes back upstairs. Aditi breaks down again and Divya tells her not to worry as both tried to change his mind.  She says this is how Sindoora is, she's always trying to break up the family. She tell her not to worry that they will all live together again soon and to just have courage. She turns to leave and Aditi holds her hand. Divya kisses her on her forehead and gives her a word of hope before leaving. 

Night-time at Singh Industries. The family is trying to comfort Amar. He says he couldn't arrange the loan to save the house and it's going to be auctioned. He breaks down in tears.  Divya tries to give him courage, she says they will soon return to their house, she believes this strongly. Uma says as long as they are together they'll be okay and Aniket agrees too. Next morning, they are at the table to have breakfast. Divya joins them with Dia.  The servant announces that the bank people have come to start the auction.

The auction starts outside the house while the family listens inside. The house is priced at 85 crores to start there. The family holds hands inside. The property sold for 90 crores. The bank officer comes inside to announce that the new owner wants the keys now. Divya brings the keys and gives it to Amar. As he goes towards the door to hand it over, he has flashbacks of their happy time in the house. Bharat grabs the keys from his hand and all are shocked to see that he is the new owner.  He stares at them unflinchingly as he holds the keys.

Bharat has renamed Singh mansion as Sindoora Niwas. Amar tells Bharat that he is so angry, he is thinking and behaving like evil person, he never imagined he could become like this. He tries to warn Bharat about Sindoora that he really pities him, he have let Sindoora turn him to evil, and the day he realize what he have done it will be too late. He have burned all relations and hurt his brother all because of Sindoora. But Bharat does not believe any word that comes out of his mouth and asks him if he has anything else to say. Amar says she has turned him into a selfish person. She will pay for what she has done, and this he promise him. Divya tells Amar not to let Sindoora make him evil too and to leave it to God to punish Sindoora for her evil deeds. Aniket agrees with Divya and tells Bharat that he used to be so proud of him but now he is ashamed to call him his son. Bharat responds and yells at Amar and Divya to leave the house at once. Aniket says that Amar will not leave alone, he and Uma will also leave with them. Bharat didn't expect this from his father. They all go upstairs to pack their things and Bharat is left alone downstairs. He looks at the keys in his hands and walks into the house triumphantly saying he have fulfilled his mother dream. Divya and Amar are packing the suitcases sadly.  Tears come to her eyes as she looks at Dia. They leave with their belongings and stop by the puja room on their way out.  Divya gives Dia to Amar and she prays to Shambunathji.  She knows that some good will come out of this situation and she asks him to be with them as they leave. She's leaving the house in his hands now, and to please not let it be defiled and keep it pure as it always was.  The new sign is in front (Sindoora Niwas) falls as she says this. Amar and Divya come downstairs. Aniket and Uma join them. Bharat is waiting at the front door.  Uma is overcome with disappointment and appears to feel faint. She steadies herself. Bharat tries not to be affected by this and avoids looking at them. Aditi rushes in to stop them from leaving. 

Aditi asks them where are they going and leave her and their house. She is hysterical and begs them not to leave.  Amar tells her they have no other choice now. She tells Bharat that she has crossed all limits by what he has done. He avoids looking at her. Aditi pleads with them again to stay. Uma almost faints.  Bharat shows some reaction. Aditi asks Bharat to help them. He says he didn't want his father and Granny to leave. Divya asks Bharat to take care of his Granny and they take the blessings of Aniket and Uma. Divya tells Aditi that they can't do anything now and they have to leave.  Divya and Aditi hug each other. Amar Divya and Dia leave, taking one last look back. Bharat doesn't look and tries not to show any emotion. Aditi can't believe that they've left. Aniket and Uma are totally heartbroken. 

Amar and Divya are walking down the street. It is evening and they are still walking around for a place to stay. Some people help them to find a place and Divya pays the advance rent with all the cash they have on them. They enter their new home together. Divya tidies up as Amar holds Dia and they make their beds on the floor to sleep. At Singh mansion at the dinner table, Aniket is reprimanding Bharat for what he has done to Amar. Bharat tells Aditi to serve food to his father but he gets up and leaves. Amar and Divya are happily having their dinner together. Aditi leaves Bharat alone at the dinner table and he pushes his plate away in anger. Amar and Divya settle down to sleep. Bharat and Aditi also go to sleep without speaking to each other.  Amar looks at Divya and Dia sleeping peacefully and falls asleep smiling too.

Next morning at the office, Bharat is signing some documents. His assistant tells him that he should read the documents first but he tells him not to worry as he have read them so it's okay. The assistant gives a wicked smile as he watches Bharat signing away the document. Bharat is very tired he tells him to postpone today's meeting for tomorrow. He goes to the window and stares outside. The assistant asks him what's worrying him. Bharat says he's very worried for his mother, he doesn't know where she is or how she is keeping, and every time he tries to call her he doesn't get through.  The assistant has a strange look on his face because he is obviously in touch with Sindoora and is doing her bidding for her. Bharat says he will never forgive Amar for his mother's present condition. The assistant tells him not to worry that wherever she is she's fine and happy with what he has done, and Amar has vowed to take revenge on her so it's best if she stays away for a few more days. He tells Bharat not to worry that she'll return soon. Bharat turns to him and asks how come he is so confident and sometimes he feel that he know exactly where his mother is. The assistant becomes nervous and says how could he know where Sindoora madam is, but from what he do know of her, he is certain that wherever she is she's safe and if she's keeping away it's for a good reason. Bharat continues looking at him. The assistant says while she's away he should just enjoy his victory right now. Bharat turns away thinking to himself. The assistant says to himself that Mr. Bharat is right, he know exactly where Ms. Sindoora is and at the right time she'll come and his wait will be over.

Divya is preparing their meal but the groceries have finished. At night, Amar is having dinner. He tells her to eat also and she says he go ahead she have eaten already. He stops and asks her if she had been crying. She says just a little. He tells her that she shouldn't cry anymore and suggests her to lets them share the food like they always have, feeding her with his own hands. They enjoy there meal together.  Later, Amar is checking how much cash he has left while Divya is already asleep. Next morning at a construction site, Amar goes to find work and he gets a job driving a truck.

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Update: Monday On The Vow (Episode 684-687)


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