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Update: Tuesday On Love Oh Love (Episode 124-126)

Everyone congratulates. The host says that they have seen no company successing at a rate Khandlwal industries did. Suket says his dad kept its base, he followed his principles. Raj says that Akshit now follows Suket. He once rejected a project. Akshit explains that the land belonged to some orphans and Suket has always taught him to follow all the principles in life. they head for the ceremony.

Akshit goes to touch Bhawna’s feet. She holds her hand back, but Avni holds it and places it on his head. As he stands up, he wishes him and gives his hand in Bhawna’s. Akshit smiles and goes to his seat.

Suket holds his hand to remove the fold from Akshit’s coat. Arpita comes and sits on her chair in between them; he poses to be taking the glass of water. The host calls him to give away the award. He announces that the award goes to Akshit Su… Akshit! Akshit goes up. Suket gives him a card along with the award; he had cut Suket from his name on the card. Akshit is heart-broken.

Avni brings the bouquet and tells him to see something. Dad his work, now its your turn. Akshit comes to the dice and says he wants to thanks his dad for the award, he became so emotional but want to say that he want to praise him because of himself so he removed Suket from my name. But I am Akshit Suket Khandelwal. He says that whatever he got in life is because of him, he is his teacher, his mentor, his everything. He says that today I reject this award to take this award from my name and I want to receive this award not as Akshit but as Son of Mr. Suket.

Everyone praises him, Suket smiles looking at him. Someone says that everyone should have such a son, Suket leaves. Avni thinks everything went well, she is sure dad must also be happy. She thinks it is the good time to give him the thanks giving gift.

She finds him and says that your watch isn’t good, you must change it. He says everyone likes his watch, and it is his lucky charm. He goes to sit on the table everyone was sitting on.

Avni comes there and in a quest to hold the glass she pours water on Raj’s wrist watch. She excuses him; he says no worries as my watch are water-proof. He goes to attend a call. She holds his hand, and takes mobile from him. She tells him to take this watch away, he gives her his arm. She gives him the gift and says we both like this watch so now you will wear it. She says you teased my a lot. He holds her hand and kisses it. She runs away.

Everyone appreciates Akshit’s speech. Pratab appreciates Akshit’s watch. Raj comes and says that he also got a watch from someone, which is priceless from him and gives him clues about nearness of his goal.

Raj goes to distribute some vouchers among the guests. Some people stood there, one of them asks who this guy is running around Suket. Another says this is the brother-in-law of Sheru caterers and must be with Suket on some special recommendations. He does nothing except wandering around. Avni comes to them and tells them that guy they are talking about is the son of a huge cement company owner and runs the biggest company for catering in town and is personal assistant to Suket. He is talented and hardworking so no one dare talk about him like that.

They apologize, Raj comes to Avni says that if she favours him like this people will think she loves him. She says let them think if it is like that is reality and runs away.
In the morning, Sanvri is making preparations. Pratab asks what is she doing. She says she is preparing for the new guest. Pratab tells her that she must stop hoping for anything until they get a call for interview. Sanvri excitedly tells him that she has even chosen a kid.

The owner tells Jija and Jiji that he will discuss with the committee before coming to any decision about them.
Bauji takes a leave from Avni to be leaving for some prayers. He tells Akhsit to keep his award with those of Suket’s, and instructs Avni to look after it that it isn’t removed from there. Bauji leaves. Arpita brings the award, Akshit is urged by Avni to place the award there. Suket comes and stops him. Avni prays that everything went well.

Suket comes to him and says that yesterday he did so bad to him, he took his sir name from him. He feels bad that Akshit still didn’t take him wrong. He says he can keep his award here with his and that he also has a gift for him. He asks for Akshit’s hand, as he brings it forward Suket places keys in it and announces that it is your new home. Now you will live away from here in a new house.

Everyone is shocked to hear Suket telling Akshit to live separately. Akshit argues, Suket says this is your reward. Suket says that yesterday you talked about me, my anger, my forgiveness; you selected this platform to ask for me for an excuse in front of everyone, and you thought I will forgive you for what you did to me. And you said you learned everything in life from me; when did I teach you to tell a lie, it still pains me. Until you remain in front of my eyes neither I nor you will remain in peace. He tells him that he fulfilled his responsibility as a dad by giving him this house, now as a son he must leave this house in peace.

Suket begins to leave, Akshit runs to stop his way and tells him to give him whatever punishment he wants to give him but not set him apart of them. Suket says you lie that you love us, you only love your wife for whom you lied to us, and so you should just leave this house. Suket goes upstairs, Pratab says this is all wrong, and goes upstairs. Akshit is upset, Arpita tells him that dad is angry so he said this all, he will forget this all in a while; don’t worry; we won’t have to leave this house.

Akshit says that we will go, if he wants so we will go from here for sure. If this is our punishment, he accepts this. He tells her to go packing, and looks at the family photograph of his family. He recalls his parents appreciating him at every step f life. Arpita cries as she sees Akshit broken.

Avni begs Suket in his room, to think again about his decision. He says firmly that he took the decision thoughtfully and the decision is right. Pratab says that if something is injured, it is treated not thrown away. Pratab says that the decisions taken hot headed are always wrong. Suket says that he didn’t take the decision over night, he was just waiting for the papers of the new house.

He says that none of them has an idea what he himself is going through, it is very painful seeing them after what they did to them. Bhawna cries hard, Suket says that his decision is hurting her a lot but their deed hurt them more than this that is why she is with him today. Pratab says that this will increase his pain even more, and one day he will regret this. Avni begins to speak but Suket scolds her to go to her room.

After Suket goes away Sanvri asks Bhawna did she know about Suket’s decision, why didn’t she stop him. how can she let Akshit go, if one should go away it is Arpita. Arpita listens to this.

Akshit packs the luggage, Arpita goes away crying as he looks at her. Akshit takes the luggage. Downstairs Sanvri urges them to stop Akshit and don’t let him go. Arpita comes to Avni and tells her that her family will remain the same. Akshit comes downstairs; he comes to Suket and begins to touch his feet. Arpita stops him and says that he doesn’t need take these blessings as he isn’t going anywhere.

Akshit argues that they decided that they will abide by dad’s decision. Arpita says that we shouldn’t look down upon Sanvri Bua ji’s decision; she is right when she says I should go as I am responsible for all the problems in the family. She says as we decided, we should not stay together now and I should go away from this house. Akshit recalls what she said to her in the bedroom.

Arpita now speaks to all; she says that someone has been right that lies never see the right fate. She says it was me for whom Akshit took such a step, family is always larger that love. She can’t take from Akshit his family. She tried that she can compensate for her mistake but her fate couldn’t get her their love. The happiness that left their home after her arrival will return when she will go back. She touches Suket’s feet but he backs up.

Bhawna also doesn’t keep hand on her head. She comes to Sanvri but she looks away, she still touches her feet. She comes to Pratab, he stops her from bending. Avni asks Bhawna to stop Arpita; she comes to Akshit and asks him to stop her. Avni stops Arpita, but she doesn’t. Bhawna calls to stop Arpita. Everyone looks at her; Bhawna comes to her and says you won’t leave alone.

Arpita says that it is all her fault, she must leave. Bhawna says that you didn’t come to this home alone, Akshit brought you here. Akshit also did the wrong, why should you take the blame all alone. Arpita asks Akshit who will he chose if he has to from his family and her. he doesn’t say anything. Arpita says that if Akshit lives without his family they wont be able to stay happy ever. Sanvri comes and urges Bhawna to let Arpita leave this house if she is willing to go and accepts her fault. Bhawna says that when she came into the family we all opted her, then why shouldn’t we all share the blame of their fault.

Akshit says that they should let Arpita go as all the problems in the family are because of their marriage. Sanvri urges Bhawna that there is no place for her in the house. Bhawna looks at Suket and says that if it is so then there is no place for her in this house as well. She takes Arpita and begins to leave. Suket shouts at Bhawna to stop. He asks does she understand what she is doing. She is favoring Arpita in front of him.

Bhawna says she is only fulfilling her responsibility. She says if Akshit wants to fulfil the responsibility of a son before a husband, she must fulfil her responsibility as a mother-in-law. Suket says that she must not forget that she is his wife; Bhawna says that before anything she is a woman and begins to leave. Suket says that she can leave house if she wants to but she must remove the sindoor from her ‘maang’. They were all shocked, Bhawna cries while Arpita leaves.

Avni asks Akshit how he let her go. How could he forget about all the promises they gave to each other. She says if even dad forgives him, she won’t ever forgive him. Akshit tells her to stop. Avni says that she respected him but as Bauji said respect has to be earned, he has lost it today. Akshit says that before Arpita he promised his parents never to tell a lie and be honest to them always. He can’t make everyone happy, and he preferred his family. Arpita is gone, Avni says that the right decision is yet to be taken, and she will take it.

Raj says that Avni called to tell him. Arpita’s mom complains to Raj that we didn’t know this all was going on there. she says that they did wrong and they got the punishment. Raj says that Arpita got punished alone. Arpita says that had Akshit to stop her, he would never have let her go. She tells them that Bhawna said to go along her, but Akshit told her to leave the house. Raj says that how can he even think about it, he took promises to her. Now Raj will fight for her sister.

Raj comes to home and shouts Akshit’s name. Suket says that he told him not to come here often. Raj says that today he has come here as a brother. He says that he wants some answers here, Akshit comes there and asks what answers. Raj says that he wants to forget today that he is elder and sister’s husband, because he forgot the promise he gave to Arpita. Akshit says this is my personal matter. Raj says it was personal when Arpita was here, but now its her family’s matter. Raj says that you forgot to fulfil the promises and relations with her sister. Raj says that Akshit will have to live with her, and drags him there. Sanvri comes in way and deters that she will call police. Raj says that he is ready to go to jail if this is the cost of saving his sister’s marriage. He says that Arpita respected and loves you all more than as much as you people did. How can Akshit tell her to leave the home? Akshit says that it was arpita’s decision, he didn’t tell her to go. Avni was shocked, Akshit says that he also don’t understand this that how can she do this. He recalls that Arpita said to her that she will leave him, as all the problems are because of her. Akshit tells him that she wanted to stay with him till award function, because she didn’t want to hurt the repute of the family. He hoped that dad will forgive him but it didn’t happen. Avni says that she sacrificed for family’s repute; Akshit says that he loves him only because she cares for others more than herself. He leaves saying Arpita went away but he won’t ever leave this house. Suket tells Raj to leave now.
Raj asks why Arpita did so.

Suket was in his bedroom with Bhawna and Avni. He says that this shows that the family bond is stronger than love. Love is hollow, it leaves while family stays firm together.
Jiji says that they did all because of love. She couldn’t see her love defeated, so she went apart.

Suket says that love is weak, its foundations stands hollow.
Jija says that love can never be weak; it will remain there as such.
Suket says that love can never be trusted. That is why love marriages aren’t allowed in the family.

Jiji says that they will meet anyway as love is eternal.
Raj is firm in decision that he will bring Akshit and Arpita together. Avni says to him that it is impossible saying her father’s attitude. She argues, he puts finger on her mouth and asks did her heart beat fasten, and she forgot everything. She nods and let go of herself. He say that when only a touch of love can get you so far, what cant it do then. This is the power of love. He tells her to free herself and feel the power of love. they must believe in love and will return Akshit and arpita’s love. we can do this because we also love each other. She is worried, how will they do it. He says that they must begin from their past. She understands.

Raj gets Arpita to coffee shop, saying she was upset so he brought her here. She recalls the place and sees the collage with their picture. Raj comes and asks her if she is alright. She excuses herself to go to washroom. Avni thanks Akshit that he came here for her project work and says she will treat him with thanks giving coffee. Avni sees him and asks if he is ok. He nods. They come into the lounge; raj was there and asks how did they come here. Avni says that they heard the coffee here is too good. Arpita also comes there, she says they must leave here. The manager comes and greets them. raj asks do you know them, they say that they used to come here as special customers. He goes to send them special. They sit on separate seats; Avni and Raj leave them alone.

The waiter brings the coffee. She mistakenly puts sugar in the coffee. She says to the waiter that she was making coffee for him and asks him to give it to Akshit. Akshit asks the waiter to give the pastry to Arpita. The waiter urges them to sit together. Raj and Avni saw them peeking through the wall and hope they come closer.

Some goons arrive in the lounge, they discuss that there is an old couple who are going to get separated soon. Their love story which began in the same café is going to end here too. Raj assures Avni that Akshit will also dislike it the way she is. Akshit thinks this is another drama by Raj and Avni. Raj comes and beats the men, he hugs Arpita and says that her brother is along her.

He says to Akshit how can he watch this all, they said so much to him and Arpita and he kept listening. Avni also blames Akshit. Akshit shouts that it is enough, he didn’t ask Arpita to leave, she herself left him. He asks Raj to take her home as she is unwell, and also tells Avni not to bring him to such places again.

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Update: Tuesday On Love Oh Love (Episode 124-126)


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