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before I Delved deeply into this Discourse, it's sacrosanct to note that the Aim of this Write up isn't targeted at Anyone, but rather it's borne out of Personal curiosity, so it can rightly be deemed as my own personal Expression of opinions on the Above Subject matter
, since it's more or less becoming a thorn in the flesh of Social media sanity and serenity. 

Before I proceed further, I will love to expound and expatiate on what the original intentions, aims, motives and sacred goals of the Concept of Social Media as initially intended by its core proponents i.e Mark Zuckerberg, Social Media connotes or is meant to be a platform or a medium whereby people get to connect with their loved ones, associates, expressed their views on social, Economic, religious and political Issues, as they case may be, and in this process, Foster Communal bond and unity in a modern and technological advanced way, the Aim of social media was never to Produce 'Slay Queens ' or 'Slay Kings ', but rather it was to produce 'Brain Kings' and 'Brain Queens', but in Contemporary Society in General, and in Nigeria, in particular, the reverse is the case, as most young ladies now see social media as a platform to display their bodily 'Wares' and attract male customers to themselves, using platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and recently, Instagram for the propagation of their Sinister Enterprise.. 

This has resulted in a high level of societal Decadence and breakdown of sacred family values, most ladies borrow money to buy clothes, some even steal, some go to the extent of borrowing shoes and weave just to appear cute and TUSH in Their Photos, in order to attract their fans, sorry, customers.
The Male folks are not left out of the Sinister Groove, some borrow suits, cars, and display fake lives on social media, just to appear Affluent and capture the fancy of the vulnerable Girls, that they intend to bed, I once had a Neighbor in the former place, I used to stay in school, whose photos on social media platforms can give the impression that He is Heir Apparent to Aliko Dangote, but same Guy will come back from lectures and beg people for minimal kinds of stuff like Matchbox, Garri, clothes Hangers, thereby constituting a nuisance to those who stay in that environment

There is also another succinct example of a Dude (Name withheld) who was a senior colleague to me in school, from the same Department, extremely popular within the social Media metropolis in Uyo. 

He has been involved in several social media feuds, the recent one occurred due to him borrowing a suit and failing to return to the authentic Owner, the owner had to call him out on Facebook and a huge can of worms was opened, funnily, this same Dude has utilised the social media platform to con and scam several people, vulnerable ladies giving them the impression that He is high up the social Radar, it was later discovered that He is sharing a one room apartment with his brother in a street named Nelson Mandela in Uyo. 

One may ask why do these people, who are majorly youths indulged in all these senseless activities, the answer boils down to An Untimely Craze For FAME and popularity, borne out of the need to copy and emulate the lives of Celebrities mainly in the Music and Movie industry. Western celebrities and even Nigerian celebrities see social media platforms as Avenue to showcase their wealth, accomplishment, and successes, so they pictures of their cars, cheques and mansions etc thereby painting a Picture of Sucess, although most of them see it as an indirect means of telling the world that if they can make it, despite the unfavorable circumstances that surrounded their Growth, then others can make it too. 
As Applaudable, as this particular ideology, may sound, in the process, many of their Gullible and vulnerable followers who see them as idols, swallow and emulate what they see these celebrities do, Hook, line and sinker and they tend to forget that behind every GLORY, there is a STORY, and they are only been shown the Glory aspects and not the Story Aspects, this marked the Advent of people dressing up they way they see celebrities do in videos, in a bid to 'SLAY',social media slangs became Invented, Hip Hop culture crept into social media and certain folks ran amok, because the R n B artiste Banky W proposed to His fiance and the pictures flooded social media, many myopic people have copied that trend just to be seen as fellow 'Rave of the moment', when did engagement, that can be broken at any time, if any thing ulterior occurs between the two parties involved, became an Event for social media consumption, the Answer is Because 'Banky Did it'. 

It's equally pertinent to note that 85% of Social media users are under the influence of peer pressure and popular culture. 

This particular reason categorically explains why most of them prefer to post obscene and morally questionable things on their various respective timelines, all In a Bid to have increased visibility and generate excessive likes for themselves, and In the process assumed the seemingly important but authentically irrelevant status of social media 'celebrity'. This category rarely come up with Educative posts on Economy, society, politics, etc, so as to make their views known on areas and exchanged ideas with like minded individuals and in the process, broaden and widen their knowledge base. 

Africans, most especially the youths of the continent are more concerned with feeding their eyes than feeding their minds, we are more concerned with the respective opinions of our friends on what we wear, what we do, etc without knowing that this opinions only contribute but they don't form the fulcrum of the Definition of WHO we are and what we can DO. 
Social media has trained our minds to believed and think that the folks who look well fed, robust and elegant in the social media Arena are those with extremely overloaded Fat bank Accounts, but In most times, the reverse is the case, as even the Bible goes on to assert In proverbs 13:7 that the is 'He that pretends to be Rich but yet Had Nothing and there is He that pretends to be poor but yet had Great wealth'. 
Be it as may, it's still sacrosanct to note that there are few individuals on this platform who hate the UNHOLY bug of Social Media Rascality, and will never be infected by it, based on deep sense of conviction, evidently anchored on strong personal beliefs and a high sense cum level of self-esteem, I proudly belong to this category and I know you belong to this category too, because I don't need to come up with obscene posts to be seen as being relevant on social Media by a few individual with lilliputianistic  mindsets, ideologies, d tendencies, what is the meaning of 'Issa Mkpo', what is the meaning of 'Oiling' and all these obscene words that it's being celebrated on social media, what if after 15 years, your son or daughter, enter your social media account to see all these things and ask you their meanings, what will you tell them, think about these things before you embark on your inordinate quest.

Happy Sunday fellas, you can hook up with Unwana King On Facebook.  Hopefully, we get to keep him around for some time.
Don't forget to use the comment section and let me know what you think about this topic.
see ya.

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