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ZaraLouUBlogs: BABY review – Baby Wings Bucket Bibs and Cutlery

‘BABY WINGS’? ‘That’s not make up’ you say? Well I do have kids, and I have, on occasion written some baby related reviews – Baby Wings being a good stack of these because their products, quite frankly are awesome!

Now until now Baby wings had only dabbled in the Dummy strap market (which I have reviewed here and here) and with my little Bunny ‘A’ at that moment in time pretty much glued to her dummy – these straps were literally a godsend.  Now we’ve moved on from the dummy stage, we still haven’t gone past the whole ‘messy eating’ phase.

Bunny indeed, is one of the messiest, muckiest eaters I have ever witnessed.  Aided by the fact that she was pretty much 80%-90% baby-led weaned, hands get into everything…EVERYYYTHIIIING.

Bunny indeed, LOVES food.  She also loves hearing mommy repeatedly tell her not to apply her food to her hair (Unless its banana or avocado…those ingredients of course make great hair masks) Alas, her clothes DO NOT love food.  I have lost so many tops and trousers to ‘mommy’s own Tag Bol’ or lasagne, ‘cheezymato’ chicken skewers (I’m sensing a theme here) it’s unreal, and there’s only so much my purse can take in replacing said lost clothes – soz Primark, I’m even broke enough for you guys at times! – And that’s where Bucket bibs come into play.

Prior to my dabbling’s with Baby Wings own bucket bibs, Bunny was using two different branded bucket bibs.  One by a very well loved baby brand, the other by a smaller known company sold through Aldi stores special buys.  These both did an ‘OK’ job, but the bucket collapsed all the damned time, therefore leggings/jeans ruined as a minimal thing each time we ate Bunny’s favourite meals.

With the Baby wings bibs, you receive 2 bibs and a heat reactive spoon and fork for a nicely priced £13.98 from Amazon (Prices correct 19/10/2017) making this set totally and completely ideal for the baby who is beginning to wean – I mean come on we know HOW messy those misadventures can get!

The cutlery provided is soft touch, the fork is flexible so you can be assured there will be no issues with hurting your baby – especially prodding gums most likely sensitive due to teething (Unless you’re bunny when your first tooth arrives at 15 months…) and the spoon the same too.  Both of them change a milky white hue when the food is too hot, enabling you to gauge when your babies next mush mess is ready to lock and load and engage all up the walls. SUIT UP!

The bibs themselves are AMAZING in quality, they’re pretty thick (Especially when compared with my very popular brand named one) but flexible to roll up and take away – they’re also soft enough around the neck to not give any uncomfortable whinges, another issue I find with some bibs.

Each bib comes adorned with a little character – one being a duck, the logo for Baby Wings themselves and the other an astronaut cat (Which bunny has dubbed ‘Space Marie’ after her favourite Aristocats snuggle toy) the designs are unisex and Bunny was rather happy pointing away at the characters, making appropriate animal noises to each one she wore.  My FAVOURITE thing about these bibs is the design, the back isn’t flat, it’s sculpted to a baby/toddlers chest shape which then avoids the bucket collapsing entirely! BRING ON THE TAG BOL, BRING ON THE MESS! Because all of it was effortlessly caught! – THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN THOUGHT THROOOOOUGH! *massive claps* the only downside which wasn’t a downside at all, was my crafty daughter then would stuff all the food she didn’t want to eat into the bib and present me with an empty plate yelling “DONNNNE” – hilarity ensues.

The back clasps are soft, I can’t say I’ve seen them like this before, but the double button makes great for me when my daughter shifts about a lot – her older ones would eventually fall off, this system on the baby wings ones prevented that issue, the good part is they are not too stiff to pull off if there’s any ever need to (Just don’t show your kids that because food WILL be up the walls then)

Overall I’m super impressed with the new Baby wings Bucket bibs set, this company keep wowing me with their extra thoughts put into each product they make and I really hope to see more from then soon! Especially before my toddler is no longer a toddler! (Although I won’t miss the tantrums *cough*)

You can buy the Baby Wings Bucket bib set here via amazon stores – you can also check Baby Wings on their social media channels – Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

That’s it for now babylicious cuties!

Feel free to check my Social media channels below and I’mmmmmm outta here!







The products in this review were kindly gifted to Bunny from Baby Wings, all views are mine and Bunny’s messy own

This post first appeared on ZaraLouU, please read the originial post: here

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ZaraLouUBlogs: BABY review – Baby Wings Bucket Bibs and Cutlery


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