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Clock-In:-10 Work ethics and ways to enhance your career and get you promoted

No matter where you work or what you do, most workers want some form of Promotion or advancement at their place of work. Most workers who strive to get this recognition and advancement are often met with some disappointment. They become stagnant with little to no promotions for their efforts. We discuss some key items to keep in mind while trying to climb up the Career success ladder. Some of these key items we usually take for granted or do not even consider when making choices that affect our careers.

Make it personal

When it comes to what you do either for income or for any other reason, make it person. Most full time employees spend more time at their places of work than at home. For such a valuable time spend at work, make sure to take active role on the job and what ever part you play. It will be a big career mistake to threat your place of employment and work as someone else’s problem.  Having such an attitude will show in your work.

Acquire new skills and certification

It is always a smart choice to acquire some new knowledge and skills instead of being content with having  the bare minimum. What are the advantages of doing this? You might think acquiring new skills means having a piece of certificate that says you have done so and so course; but it goes way beyond that. It again goes to the end result as evident in what type of work you produce as an employee of that company. Acquiring those certifications, taking a course or two as well as learning new skills and applying them to better perform your job will put you in a good lime light for future promotions.

Build your network

Having a relevant network helps in your career advancement. People feel comfortable working with people they share they same values with. It also helps because you are most likely to know about certain opportunities with your company or others. Building your network takes time especially if you are just starting out in your field of work. Begin to build your network gradually by using various platforms and events. Your classmates are a great place to start. They can introduce you to their friends and you can do the same for them. Once you make a connection, maintain this relationship. The number one important rule about networking is not making them feel as though they are being used or you only connect and reach out to them when you need a favor. A constant but professional relationship is important. Also bear in mind to genuinely care and show interst in the other person. Sending a congratulatory note to them for a promotion, work anniversary, a publication and so forth will show them that you are not only after your own self interest. No ones likes to feel like they are being used.

Take up more responsibilities

Leadership is more of serving others than being served. It is only appropriate to take on more resposibilities if the situation allows you to. If there no such opportunities, improve upon existing production efficiencies. Find a more efficient way of using your time  and completion of tasks. When you figure a much better and more efficient way of production, go out of your way to share with your team. There is enough knowledge to go around.

Be a great team player

Being a great team player goes beyond not being involed in work place politics and from disagreements. Being a great team player also entails avoiding hoarding of information for yourself. Be generous with your knowledge and skills. Work with your supervisor to schedule and share what you know with your team in training sessions, meetings or seminars. A great team player also means giving credit to others for their contributions, suggestions and efforts. If you are involved in a project and a team member makes a great contribution, don’t steal that suggestion or credit for yourself. Look out for others and mention what ideas they contributed and how it helped your project. You will not only win credibility but you will also be building great relationships that could become a key instruments for your career growth someday.

Ask for feedback

One of the best and courageous things you can do for your career is to know where you stand in terms of expectations for you and for your advancement. Make your supervisor know that you are genuinely interested in getting feedback about your work and that you want to take steps to improving on your performance. Don’t take these critisms as personal attacks when they are made known to you instead, take steps to implement them where needed. If there are some difficulties that are making it impossible for you to meet certain goals, explore alternative routes with your supervisor.

Keep in touch with your best references

We can all agree that there have been a supervisor or two we worked with that you had a great relationship with and an ease with compared to others. These could probably be supervisors that made you comfortable and even motivated you and are readily available to put in a good word for you. One of the best things you can do for your career is to keep constant communication with such contacts and always make it a point to update them on where you are in each stage of your career. This could also include your mentors and college professors. We can all agree that not all jobs or employment go so well. In such circumstances when you want to change careers or even want to go for higher positions, you have alternative references.

Create opportunities for yourself

Don’t be boxed in a particular position or job, neglecting to look around you. Ever workedd for someone who doesn’t want you to connect with others? that sure is a red flag. Go out of your way to get to know people in other departments and companies. Not only is this going to help you expand your network, it will also help you know where the opportunities are.

Don’t shy away from asking for promotions

One of the biggest mistakes that most people make in terms of their careers is not asking for advancement. You can make the mistake of thinking that asking for a promotion or a raise could come off as aggressive. It is alright to make your intentions known if there is a position opened at your work place and you are interested in being considered for such a position. The worse thing that couldn happen is that you get a no and stay in your current position. Don’t be afraid to ask. You may never know.

Seek other opportunities 

It’s alright to seek opportunities elsewhere. Making a change can be tough moreso if you are in a company that you love or get along with everyone. Sometimes, the upward mobility just isn’t there. For such situations and more, don’t just settle. Sometimes you have to move in order to go higher. There is no need for guilt when it comes to personal growth..


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Clock-In:-10 Work ethics and ways to enhance your career and get you promoted


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