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Does that seem like you on your Social Media sometimes? These modern times when expressions and long comments have been shrunk into emojis and like buttons, these tiny icons represent thoughts, both negative and positive. Like words, these tiny icons do make great imparts.

Words  have the ability to empower others or tear them down. That’s why it is wise to be weary of people who intentionally speak harsh words to hurt you. No matter how grounded or self confident you might be, certain words spoken by others can tear down that self confidence or be enough to turn an other words great day into a miserable one. Ever gotten off the phone or met someone, spoke with them and as soon as you hanged up the phone or leave their presence,  felt like you have just lost some good energy? It could be because they spoke unpleasant words to you or perhaps you yourself might have spoken some unpleasant words or half truths just to impress them or so you could measure up to them.

Taming your words requires making a diligent Effort to measure  your words. It also mean being able to examine your own heart for jealous streaks that prevents you from celebrating others. Hit that like button on their social media page. Let them know that they are doing a great job when they demonstrate efforts to do positive things and to improve themselves. You do not have to belong to a niche to encourage others. In this case, you are will be helping to build them up and making someone else’s life better. You will unknowingly remain in that person’s book as someone who encouraged them when they needed that encouragement the most.

One thing I have tried to do and hope to continue to do is to let my children and those around me know how much I appreciate them. For my children, I hope this deliberate effort build them up and encourage them to do better at whatever is expected of them. When you speak words of encouragement and appreciation into someone’s life, these words motivate them to live up to these positive words and they are encouraged to get better at doing those things. This is the very reason why I find it difficult to belong to any clicks or group or have relationship with someone who deliberately and the word is deliberately, only notice the negatives in you and never say any positive words to build you up.

Next time you are tempted to roll your eyes and quickly scroll past the post of a friends who is making a positive effort on your social media, hit that like button, leave a comment and encourage them of their great efforts. You might be next in line to receive some encouragement for your next effort. Don’t tear them down, Build them up……

What are your own experiences with how we encourage others?   Share your experiences…..


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Hit that Like Button Already


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