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Coastal Style

I know that I write a lot of Coastal styled rooms but because I live right near the beach, it gives me inspiration to right about it, so somethings may be a repeat from other coastal style post I have written about. When designing or planning to make a coastal styled room, remember that you are trying to make a room based around the coast and seaside. When I think of the coast, I think of the ocean is tranquil under the waves, the sand and the ocean Colours such as shades of blue that the ocean produces when the light bounces against.

When incorporating Colour to a room, try only have two accent colours, they maybe a bold pop of colour such as coral pink or even some orange. Also try and think of the mood that you want the room to because every colour release a certain type of mood, for example turquoise makes me feel tranquil, black means gloomy and lavender makes me feel sensual. The coral pink works well and compliments the blues and whites that are in the room. Most people would use blues and whites and wouldn’t add anymore colours to the room. Adding a neutral background to the room means that you can always change your style over the year. When using coral pink to add to the room, I would suggest that you add it through cushions which then you can then blend it into other cushions to your sofa. Using softer and more neutral colours on the wall such as beige and light cream means that you are able to make the colours stand out more. Painting the walls white allows light to bounce of the wall and still make the room feel light and airy. Placing a variety of textures and tones to the room allows it to have a different dimension to the room rather than it be a one dimension room. I believe that choosing colour schemes are very important in any style of room because you then design from that.

When thinking of the flooring I would say that you should use wooden flooring or carpet which should either be a white colour or a sandy colour. I would use a white wooden laminated flooring because it allows you to keep within the nautical and coastal theme. This also allows you to have the pop of colours that catch eye. By having a bland background you are allowing the colours to stand out and not blend in.

When adding furniture into a room, you do have to look at the materials that they are made from as well as its appearance. When choosing furniture I would say try and find furniture which is made from wicker, cotton, denim, wood such as natural wood (oak), striped fabric, and etc. You may want to add patterns on the fabric of your furniture so a normal pattern that you see in a typical coastal themed room is the stripe fabric which colours are normally blue and white. They may also use a canvas fabric which would normally be plain but have pillows on it to have more dimension and add a bit of colour to it. You may want a glass top table but it might be wooden framed. You might want to give the furniture a weathered look.

When adding objects into a room, you have to make sure that the objects go with the room and style. Adding objects and accessories to the room such as boats, seashells, drift wood, sculptures and etc. When adding artwork or anything to the room , I would suggest that you add paintings or picture of the ocean, beach, one of piece that make the room unique or they maybe of family memories.  You may choose all of these and that’s okay because that makes your room unique. When positioning the photos or paintings try and use a variety of things and in a collection. You should try and make them into the eye catching thing in the room, so by putting the photos or painting either landscape or portrait and putting them together and spacing them about 15cm apart from each other, this will make it unique and you would have create a unique thing for your room as nobody else will have the same thing as you.

You may want to incorporate old vintage maps which gives the room some character.  Adding shelves (which can be white or be made from wood) to the wall allow the room, it allows more space for you to add you to display things. Adding mirrors to the wall allow light to pass through the room, this allows the room to feel lighter and more bigger than it actually is. The lighting in a room is just as important as everything else, I would choose candles and lanterns to place around the room to give more light to the room. Using fish ornaments and ornaments that are centred around the coastal theme can be added to the room. Don’t go over bard and put every ornament on show because you still want the room to feel light and have lots of space, so keep the ornament limit to about 15.

Thank you for reading.

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Coastal Style


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