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How to Start a Blog – Step by Step Blogging Guide Online Free

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­How to Start a Blog – Step by Step Tutorial to become Blogging Genius :

Starting a Blog is not complicated or expensive. I think you don’t know that everyday some thousands are trying to make a blog in the online world. Some are becoming Blogging Pros and some are leaving the blogging job due to the lack of patience. And these days for every business or a person having a blog. If you are a blogging beginner & you don’t know anything about blogging , blogging strategies and how to earn money from blogs , I will help in each and every step with my online web tutorials.

Here with my blogging tutorials , you will get an overview and full information about blogging and the best digital marketing techniques .

# I . Why you need this Blogging Guide / Tutorial ( Reasons Behind Blogging Guide ) – How to Start Blog :

My name is Pavan Kumar Sake , and I am going to be your guide on your professional blogging journey and helps you in building a money making successful blog. First I started a blog in the year 2012 ( An Year of Dooms Day ). Everyone had a thought that something will happen on Dooms Day in 2012. But none happened but it happened in my blogging . I did several mistakes in blogging and now I got ideas behind blogging , digital marketing , Google Adsense and Most of all digital things , services. So I am here to help you to skip my mistakes in your blogging journey.

In Blogging if you know the rules well then you will be the Captain Jack Sparrow.

1.To Set Up your Blog Correctly ( Setting Up your Website Correctly ):

Here I will show how to start WordPress blog easily with responsive design so that everyone can access your website from any tablet , computer or smartphone. May be you are thinking “ Why WordPress ”, Because wordpress is the world’s most popular blog platform with ease functions , plugins , services etc.., With my step by step guides I will make you to create a blog with wordpress integration so that you will get the most out of it.

2.Having Passion for your topic – Selecting Interesting Niche

Coming to the Point , What is Blog ? – Blogging is about Sharing your knowledge all around the globe and making every reader into a pro of some topic. So Choosing a topic is crucial. This makes starting a successful winning blog.

3.Learning From Other People – Bloggers Help

Actually I was so lonely due to some reasons when I build a blog first time. I made lots of mistakes even without thinking. I don’t ask anyone about anything. Just trying to do on my own. And thus making some more mistakes because of that. Build a Blogger Band around you, it will help in your successful blogging voyage.

# II. Start a Blog Today – Why Should I do Now ?

I am remembering a quote : A Penny saved today saves Lives , Properties & Gives Hand in your needy days.

Likewise Making a Blog today makes you to know new things in blogging a day ahead. Actually Building a Website or Blog is so easy . It is not even complicated or expensive . Just follow the steps ahead and make yourself popular , knowledge sharer today.

Step By Step Tutorial to Start a Blog Easily – Just Four Steps to Start a Blog :

  1. Choosing Blog Name & Getting Domain Name For Blog
  2. Choosing Web Hosting & Integrating WordPress for Online Presence
  3. Customizing Blog Design & Layout for Better Visibility to Readers
  4. Writing Your First Post for your Awesome Blog!

Day by Day Internets population is increasing. These days Huge amount of people are online for several hours/day . So your blog may have potential readers. So it is the right time to start a blog today itself.

Benefits of Blogging :

1.Income – Earn Money From Blogging :

Really Blogging is so lucrative just like trading but in trading you may loss money but in blogging you don’t loss at least a penny. If you spend any money on your blog it will come back to your pockets by doubling or tripling or multiples . As a Blogger , if you do things correctly you will gain good amount of money into your bank accounts daily , weekly , monthly etc..,

2.Recognition –  Huge Popularity Because of Blog :

You won’t get paparazzi around you just because of your awesome blog posts. But Being as a Successful Blogger with the help of a Blog you can gain huge amount of fans around the world in your respective niche / Business. Many Bloggers will come and meet you , greet you in online too. So you also become popular because of your blog.

3.It’s Fun – Sharing the Fun of your Mind Beats :

Apart from the tangible benefits , blogging is fun to many & it’s a great way to share your knowledge & ideas to many like-minded people like your all around the internet globe.

Apart from all of the above content , you may have a doubt that Why don’t I make a free blog . If you are on with that thought you have to know the problems with free blogs , websites or services. Check Out Blogging Problems with Free Blog Platforms.

III. Problems with Free Blog Platforms – Weebly Free Version, Wix Free Version, WordPress Free Version , Blog spot etc.., :

As a blogger , you also have an option of setting a free blog at some websites. I know this sound really amazing because free food is always awesome but there are huge drawbacks of using a free blog websites.

Problem No.1 : Free is not “Free” – Nothing is Free in this world :

You may feel strange but it is real. Nothing is Free in Free Blogs. They will give you some blog space just because for their company or organization improvement. From Starting Point of Blogging , You start writing on your Free Blog Space which is offered by Free Blogs like BlogSpot , WordPress , Weebly , Wix etc.., . Then the real game begins :

Company sell your adspace

Some Free Blog sites may put some advertisements on your blogs without permissions according to terms and conditions of free blog site. They don’t provide you any control over the adspaces to remove or change. Other than that they don’t give at least a penny to you even company is making money from your blog content.

Company Sells “UPGRADES”

Yeah Of course Signing-up is free at free blog websites but after the usage of the platform you will realize that to make any specific changes to your blog like installing plugins you need to pay money. You may see offers like Get your Official Domain Name for Just $20/Year , Blog Design – $40 etc..,

Problem No.2 : No Profit From AdSpace – No Authority for All Ad Networks :

The Main Goal of Free Blog Websites is to make pennies from your blog adsense ad spaces but not for you specially. You don’t have any right to sell your own products / other products on your blog. You just can have money from adsense ads e.g: . In internet market selling adspace is the major revenue for many blogs. In Free Blog Sites you don’t have any authorities to publish different type of ad network ads to earn more money. To overcome this you need premium website with a specific domain name and hosting.

Problem No.3 : No Control Over Blogs & Websites –

Ex : , , . The listed Websites offers Free Blogs at first but if when you start using then you realize you can’t do any significant improvements to your blog. If you want to do any changes you need plugins , themes , services etc.., They will offer those to complete your activities. So you can’t do anything amazing with this Free Blogs.

Problem No.4 : Poor Security of Free Blog Sites –

Coming to the reality of Websites & Blogs , everyday some sites may get hacked. If you are using free blog sites your blog also may be in some others control for their usage so that you will never get your blog back. All your blogs content will be in vain.

Coming to the Overview , I am just recommending you to stay away from Free Blog Providing Platforms . Good News is Getting a Blog by Paying improves security against vulnerabilities , issues & it isn’t complex & expensive. More than that it is so cheap than Free Blogs because it is not having any hidden fees etc.., Here in this site (DIgitalsOnly) , I will show you my method to get cheap Blog With Best Domain Name & Hosting .

  1. The Best Method to Start a Blog with No Risks & Control ( No Fail Method ):

If you want to make a Website or Blog you need to know just two things :

1.Follow my Simple Step-By-Step Guides on this Site

I will show you a better blogging path & I don’t make you to step on any Blogging mistakes. And I will show you process of Starting Blog , Getting Best Domain , Web Hosting Service , Promoting Your Blog  & Making Money Blogging . Proceed to my next Guide to Learn more & earn more : Start Blogging Career Step 1

2.Contact me if You have any issues based on my website Categories , I will Personally respond to your email

Here my Blog ( DigitalsOnly.Com ) will Provide you step by step solutions , Guides & Tricks you need. But if you face any issues mail to me , I will response to you emails . Please don’t hesitate to Contact DigitalOnly at any time. One of my Best Passion is Blogging , I will have a talk with you about your issue.

If you feel that I missed something , just kindly let me know. So that Every Blogger will know all around the internet globe.

Go to the Next Step ==> How to Choose a Domain Name & Web Host

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How to Start a Blog – Step by Step Blogging Guide Online Free


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